Mix LinkedIn and Content Marketing to Influence Buying Decisions


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Instructed by Kristina Jaramillo.

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  • Mix LinkedIn and Content Marketing to Influence Buying Decisions

    1. 1. LinkedIn Marketing Training: How to Effectively Mix LinkedIn Marketing with Content Marketing to Influence Buying Decisions Presented By: Kristina Jaramillo New York Times Recognized Social Media Expert
    2. 2. Today You Will Learn
    3. 3. Why You Should Listen to Me Today • • • I’m a New York Times recognized social media expert whose articles are featured on Forbes.com, MarketingProfs, Entrepreneu r.com, RainToday – and in websites like Website Magazine I’ve completed hundreds of LinkedIn profile makeovers for small business owners, consultants, CEOs, CMOs, Pre sidents, Vice Presidents as well as sales, marketing and business development executives I get results – With my support MPi gained 20% more registrants for their latest webinar, a B2B video creation firm just gained a 600% return on their social media investment – and a content development firm increased website and blog traffic by 300%, plus much more
    4. 4. Here’s a Detailed Explanation of What We’ll Cover Today:  Why you need to be engaging more on LinkedIn – and why you need to think more strategically on how you can use LinkedIn for lead generation.  10 reasons why most B2B companies’ LinkedIn marketing efforts fail to generate their desired outcomes  How to increase the lifetime value of your existing clients using LinkedIn and content marketing  The biggest LinkedIn profile mistakes that 98% of business leaders, small business owners and B2B marketers are making  How to turn your “boring” resume-looking LinkedIn profile into a marketing tool that resonates with your targeted audiences and demonstrates your thought leadership. I’ll even show you LinkedIn profile examples to model  What it means to be a LinkedIn Influencer – and the actions you need to take  How to integrate content marketing into your LinkedIn marketing campaign – and I’ll show you real case studies and examples
    5. 5. Why You Need to Be Engaging More on LinkedIn
    6. 6.  85% of B2B Marketers say LinkedIn is the most effective social network in delivering content  Asked which social media tool had the greatest potential to help their firms, 41% of small business owners chose LinkedIn. More CEOs chose LinkedIn than chose Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest combined.  LinkedIn is the “social platform of choice” for companies in the Inc. 500, the index of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. 81% of these firms use LinkedIn, compared to 67% on both Facebook and Twitter.
    7. 7.  92% of the media can be found on LinkedIn – that’s more than any other network  LinkedIn members have more trust in the business information they receive on LinkedIn! In fact. 82% percent of LinkedIn members have confidence in the business information that’s distributed on LinkedIn – compared to 28% on Twitter and 23% on Facebook  More than 80% of LinkedIn’s members either have the power to make buying decisions or the power to influence buying decisions
    8. 8. LinkedIn Stats & Trends That Will Shock You & Provide Insight Into Why B2B Organizations Are Failing to Drive Demand, Generate More Leads & Influence Buying Decisions
    9. 9. Shocking Statistic #1: According to a recent grassroots study from the 50,000 member strong B2B Technology Marketing community on LinkedIn: • 71% of B2B Marketers use content marketing for lead generation • Only 50% of B2B Marketers use content marketing for thought leadership and education
    10. 10. A recent LinkedIn report shows, the old ways of communicating (static editorial calendars, gating content with lead generation forms) don’t work in social media.
    11. 11. 2nd Shocking Statistic According to the B2B Technology Marketing Group Study only 25% of B2B marketers use content marketing for customer retention!
    12. 12. B2B Video Content Marketing Creation Firm Re-Attracts Past Client By Mixing LinkedIn Marketing with Content Marketing & Submits $36,000 Proposal
    13. 13. 3rd Shocking Statistic A Content Marketing Institute Study shows that 64% of B2B marketers rate case studies as the most effective content marketing tactic
    14. 14. Yet, Most B2B Marketer’s LinkedIn Profiles Are Resume Based Rather Than Driven By Case Studies and Results
    15. 15. Let Me Show You What I Mean About Having a LinkedIn Profile That is a Marketing Tool Driven By Case Studies Let me go “live” onto my screen and show you the LinkedIn profiles of: • Randy Kobat – VP of Sales for • Mike Agron – President and CEO of • Chris Goward - CEO of
    16. 16. 4th Shocking Statistic 90% of Inc. 500 companies use at least one major social media platform. But just 44% of Inc. 500 companies maintain a blog. “This low number is a surprise since blogs drive social media, content marketing and search.”
    17. 17. Your Blog Is Your Backbone to Your LinkedIn Marketing Efforts • B2b companies that maintain blogs generate, on average, 67% more per month than non-blogging firms. • Senior decision makers are 2X more likely to have engaged with product/industry news and 11.5X more engaged with thought leadership content
    18. 18. 5th Shocking Statistic Successful B2B organizations are implementing at least 13 different content marketing tactics.
    19. 19. Now, the question is – how many of these content marketing tactics did they integrate into their LinkedIn marketing strategy?
    20. 20. Last Shocking statistics from an Eloqua study… • Companies cited three top reasons for using social media: creating brand awareness (83%), encouraging social sharing (56%) and gaining trust and followers (55%). Under one third (32%) said they use it for lead generation. • Most companies (43%) admit they have no strategy in place for incorporating social media into demand generation.
    21. 21. Let Me Show You How to Move From Doing Brand Maintenance to Becoming an Influencer That Generate Leads Let me go “live” on the screen again – and show you…  How we attracted 20% more participants for MPi’s latest webinar by using an integrated LinkedIn marketing approach  How I’m integrating a number of content marketing and PR strategies with LinkedIn marketing to build my firm’s client base, attract new white label partners and get more publicity! Let me show you the strategic approach I take!
    22. 22. Move The Needle
    23. 23. How to Move the Needle & Become an Influencer    When you’re an influencer, you can engage your target audience, provide them value and get them to make a change – either in their minds or their actions. Your messages and discussions resonate with your targeted audiences. When they have a problem in your area of expertise, they think of you. Think beyond numbers. It’s not about how many connections or group members you have. It’s not about how many conversations you share. It’s not about how often you check your news feed. It’s about connecting with the right people, causing change and getting them to take action which means you need a strategy! Move The Needle
    24. 24. Key Takeaways 1. Create a strong LinkedIn profile that’s driven by results and case studies. Show decision makers, influencers and the media why they need to connect with you. 2. Create your own LinkedIn group and community to avoid having “dead connections”, heighten engagement with prospects, generate demand and increase the lifetime value of your clients 3. Start providing thought leadership content, case studies and best practices so you have content for prospects in different buying cycles. 4. Most importantly, take a strategic approach. Create your LinkedIn plan and test and measure everything.
    25. 25. Download my interview with LinkedIn’s Senior Content Marketing Manager for even more information on integrating LinkedIn with content marketing: http://www.FreeLinkedInMarketingTraining.com