Mobile Search: Little Changes Can Go a Long Way


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Instructed by Jonathan Kagan.

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Mobile Search: Little Changes Can Go a Long Way

  1. 1. Mobile Search: Little Changes Can Go A Long Way Adapting Mobile Search Ads To Improve Performance Jonathan Kagan Associate Director, Search Marketing Digitas
  2. 2. Failing to adapt for the mobile landscape will ultimately hurt your bottom line 2
  3. 3. What Goes Into Mobile Search?
  4. 4. About Me • Associate Director of SEM for Digitas • 8 years in search marketing • Worked in nearly every vertical • Google & Bing Certified • Clients range in size from $2K annually to $30 million annually • 2013 Recipient of Google’s Search Excellence Award
  5. 5. Agenda • Ad Copy • Sitelinks & Extensions – – – – – Sitelinks Location Extensions App Extension Click to Call Day Parting • What Should I do Next? • Mobile Site Experience
  6. 6. Editing Ads for Mobile • Some of the easiest adjustments to make are: • Using the word “phone” • Adjusting the display URL to be device relevant • Making CTA’s device specific Performance from change – Credit Services Client saw a: • 62% increase in CTR • 43% decrease in CPC • 50% decrease in CPA Addition of mobile specific ad copy 6
  7. 7. Sitelinks & Extensions Sitelinks: The extra little blue links you just recently noticed showing on another advertisers mobile ad Why Should I? – Advertisers get to include additional links to each ad – Helps advertisers occupy a little more of the “real estate” on the SERP – Consumers get the perception they can “pick their own path” – Google data indicates that when present, CTR increases, as much as 30%* Availability: Yes TBD (possibly Q2) Tablet Relevant: Yes Yes, browser only 7 *Google, 2/2013 Our Clients: Home Appliance Client saw a 600% increase in CTR when Sitelinks are visible
  8. 8. Sitelinks & Extensions Location Extensions: When the mobile ad tells you where the competitions business is located Why Should I? – Link Google Places location to the ad unit, and display a map of the location – An absolute must for driving foot traffic – As much as 52% of consumers who searched for a business on a mobile device visited the location shortly after* – Google data indicates that when present, CTR increases, as much as 10%** Availability: Yes Yes Tablet Relevant: Yes Yes, browser only 8 *Drivers of Local Mobile Engagement”, 11/2011 **Google, 2/2013 Our Clients: Restaurant Client saw a 52% increase in CTR when Location extensions are visible
  9. 9. Sitelinks & Extensions App Extension: When the mobile app icon shows in the SERP and you can click to download it Why Should I? – Ideal for when your app is a better experience than your mobile site – Easy way to increase mobile app downloads (great for those who get paid for ad space on them) – Google reports a 7% increase in CTR when app extension is present* Availability: Yes No Tablet Relevant: Yes No 9 *Google, 2/2013 Our Clients: Home Appliance Client saw a 8% increase in CTR when App extensions are visible
  10. 10. Sitelinks & Extensions Click-to-Call: When you click a mobile ad, and it dials a phone number Why Should I? – Frequently call centers have a better conversion rate than a website (especially a mobile website) – Gives searchers that often desired “human touch” – Better tracking of search to call user path – Google reports a 7% increase in CTR when app extension is present* Availability: Yes Yes Tablet Relevant: Yes Yes, browser only 10 *Google, 2/2013 Our Clients: Travel Service Client saw a 40% CVR when using mobile Click-to-Call
  11. 11. Click-to-Call Reco’s CTC can be an excellent way to tie your online traffic to your offline conversions, but there is some legwork needed on your end to make it happen What To Do • Dedicate a unique phone # to the effort Why You Should Do It • Easy and accurate way to measure CTC success • Run on non-brand exact and phrase match keywords only • Reduces the number of customer service based calls • Make sure your ad has a CTA to encourage the call • Helps take advantage of the better CVR from calls • Note and analyze content of call • Learn what searches are encouraging customers to call 11
  12. 12. Sitelinks & Extensions Day Parting: When your ad, only shows at certain times of the day Why Should I? – Save’s precious budget – Helps avoid time with less qualified traffic – Ideal to flight with radio/TV – Customize ads for certain times of the day Our Clients: Several of our clients are very ROI/CPA focused, so performance is tracked down to time of day and day of the week. Late night hours, when sales are typically lower, campaigns are paused, for others, the ad copy is adjusted, to align with the consumers thought pattern at certain times of the day. 12 *Google, 2/2013
  13. 13. The Site Experience • Always use a mobile optimized website for the destination URL – Failure to do so, often leads to a poor user experience – If a mobile experience is not available, do what you can for click alternatives: • Click-to-Call, call function only • Location extension with CTA for foot traffic • App extension with download function only 13
  14. 14. The Site Experience When developing a mobile site, keep the following in mind: What To Do Why You Should Do It • Minimize the need for personal information or registrations • Collect what is needed for a sale, to prevent abandonment • Keep it connected and aligned with the desktop site • Ability to access profiles on mobile for expedited checkouts • Make information concise and to the point • Screen size; it just isn’t ideal for reading large a lot of text • Make the conversion process as easy as possible • Mobile shopping carts have a 97% abandonment rate* 14 *Marketing Daily, 10/2012
  15. 15. What Should I Do Next? With little effort, basic adjustments in the appearance of your ad can lead to big improvements in efficiency, and positive results to your bottom line Quick Changes • Make sure your ads are visible • Only the first 2 positions get visibility • Introduce device specific ad copy • Phase out old copy slowly, don’t just delete it • Implement an extension • Determine which will produce the most value for you (ie foot traffic = Location extensions) 15 Simple change that can lead to big results st (or 2nd), then If you’re is an1extension for you There not may as well not even try almost everyone
  16. 16. The Take Away Mobile Search is Not Rocket Science • Ultimately, you know your business better than anyone else, and know what is best for your bottom line • All you need to do is adapt your business needs, to the consumer mindset of what creates confidence and a positive experience when using their phones for search 16
  17. 17. The End Question? Email: 17
  18. 18. Move The Needle
  19. 19. Thank You