Facebook Marketing Fundamentals


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Instructed by Kylie Bartlett.

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  • Social media is not its own function. Social media is a communication tool, like a phone and email, that serves the purpose of critical business functions, including PR, marketing, lead generation, customer service, market research, recruitment.
  • Social media is not its own function. Social media is a communication tool, like a phone and email, that serves the purpose of critical business functions, including PR, marketing, lead generation, customer service, market research, recruitment.
  • Facebook Marketing Fundamentals

    1. 1. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS A cheeky 5-step strategy for growing your business with Facebook
    2. 2. Who is Kylie Bartlett?
    3. 3. 1 3 52 4 Plan Profile Present Publish Promote THE 5-STEP PROCESS
    4. 4. PLAN Start with the end in mind 1
    5. 5. Step 1: Plan If you fail to plan…. you plan to fail! You need: • A blueprint, plan, map to follow for consistency, effectiveness & efficiency • To know who your key stakeholders are • A wish list, set of realistic goals, set targets • To be able to track, monitor and measure your efforts (that, that you can measure, you can manage)
    8. 8. Obtaining Key Stakeholder Buy-in
    9. 9. GOALS and KPIs
    10. 10. Having a ‘presence’ in social media is worthless unless you do something with it. Before you start tweeting, pinning, status updating, you need to work out what you hope to achieve by doing this. Your business doesn’t plug into social media, social media plugs into your business. Social Media Goals and Targets The best place to start with setting social media goals and targets is to look at what your current business goals are. Its then just a matter of working out, how can social media assist you in achieving these goals.
    11. 11. Social Media Goal Examples Build brand awareness Elevate your voice and influence in the marketplace Generate additional leads Generate additional sales Strengthen relationships with customers, prospects and influencers Understand your buyers needs better Increase traffic to your website Improve customer service Improve search engine rankings Attract top talent and become an employer of choice
    12. 12. Using social media, in and of itself is not a goal….Attracting more leads, acquiring new customers, expanding your reach, building your brand are… These are goals! Here’s an example of attaching targets to your goals Social Media Goals and Targets Goal: 10,000 likes in 12 months Target: 10% of likes to buyers
    13. 13. Once you’ve established key goals, you must also then establish targets per goal, so you’re able to measure your success. Here’s a list of targets that you could use to measure your goal outcomes: Number of times your business and brand is mentioned online Number of social interactions Number of sales conversions driven via your social media channels Number of positive mentions, reviews and shares % of $ saved or generated as a result of social feedback Number of customer inquiries resolved Number of candidates driven from social media Increase in hits to your website via social media Increase in database/subscribers via social media Social Media Targets
    14. 14. Tactics & Platforms
    15. 15. Your Mission is to Create a Ubiquitous Footprint What’s Justin thinking?? Latest video clips Latest music I want to win Justin concert tickets
    16. 16. Blogging Weblogs (blogs) have burst onto the content scene because the technology is such an easy and efficient way to get personal and business view points out into the marketplace. A blog is an online article that once posted can be found by anyone in the world. Blogging provides experts and wannabe ‘web celebs’ with an easy way to make their voices heard (attract attention), in the web-based marketplace of ideas. The readers of your blog can repost the blog onto the social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Blogs are found in search engines by the key words that have been tagged by the author. Keywords are primary words your blog post is discussing.
    17. 17. PROFILE Who is your ideal date? 2
    18. 18. Creating an Online Business Persona (Character)
    19. 19. Business Persona On your road map, your answers the following questions: What are your business values? What is your brand personality? How do you communicate your brand? What’s your brand tone? Which famous person/brand do relate most to?
    20. 20. The Kylie Bartlett Brand Persona Values: Authenticity Intelligence Community Personality: Dynamic Engaging Bold Communication: Punchy Provocative Controversial Tone: Metaphoric Strong Conversational Famous Celebrities and Brands: Pink - Rough around the edges but still perceived as being talented and credible. Aston Martin - fast, sexy, history with tradition that has evolved slowly. Bad-boy edge of refined history.
    21. 21. Analysing Your Ideal Date
    22. 22. Male or female? Age and demographic? Married, single, divorced? Children? Occupation? Located - local, national, global? Income range? What industry do they work in? What do they do on weekends? What car do they drive? What websites do you visit on a regular basis and why? Do you subscribe to any blogs? If yes, which ones and why? What magazines (on or offline) do you read? What communities (both on and offline) do you belong and contribute to? What TV shows do they watch and why? What radio stations do they listen to and why? What social media platforms do you use and why? What are your special interests, hobbies and activities? Who is Your Bob and Betty?
    23. 23. Hi I’m Bob 42 year old Married to Tiffany 10 year old daughter Lucy who goes to Melbourne Grammar MD of chain of restaurants around Melbourne Live in Port Melbourne Earn $250,000 pa plus bonuses Dines in Melbourne CBD and has breakfast in Albert Park on the weekends Holiday’s in Noosa Read’s the Age and Herald Sun on his ipad each morning Subscribes to BRW, Epicure On LinkedIn but doesn’t really know how to use it Member of the Albert Park Golf Club Goes to the gym and loves running The Tan 2 days per week Geelong Cats Fan
    24. 24. Keyword Research
    26. 26. PRESENTATION Pimping out your page 3
    27. 27. Facebook Branding
    28. 28. Facebook Branding
    29. 29. What is your Brand Story?
    30. 30. What’s your brand story and brand message? What is your editorial mission? What emotions does your brand sell? People buy brands that make them feel a particular way. What’s that feeling in your business? What value does your brand add? Why should your target market care about you?
    31. 31. What is your Communication Strategy?
    32. 32. A communication strategy looks at the entire audience and customer experience and takes the audience/customer on a journey, helping them get to where your brand would like them to get to. For example, if a brand wants to convey ‘freedom’ to 25 – 35 year olds its important to initially determined what that target market finds ‘sets them free’. How can your business provide them with things that make them feel like they freedom? How can you then tie your brand to your communication strategy and create an emotional connection between ‘freedom’ and your business.
    33. 33. PUBLISH Give and you shall receive 4
    34. 34. Publishing You need to be publishing remarkable content, in the form of videos, blogs, articles, white-papers, podcasts that builds your credibility and your authority within your industry and niche. I’m going to show you how to create a content-calendar so you always have 4 weeks worth of strategic content in stock and you’re not just publishing anything for the sake of getting content out on the social web. Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of your publishing should be remarkable content and the other 20% spruiking your wares.
    36. 36. 30-DAY CONTENT AND EDITORIAL CALENDAR MONTH: April 2014 Core theme/brand story: The Easter Egg Blues My 5 niche topics: Diet and Nutrition Mindset Exercise Self care Recipes Content types: Blogs Videos Info-graphs Podcasts/Audio Photos/Quotes 5 products to promote: Free cookbook Group boot camp Online challenge Free seminar Goal setting template 5 customers to showcase: Jenny Mary Sally Jane Anne 5 influencers in my niche: Michelle Bridges Jess Ainscough Ashy Bines Tyler Tolman Kris Carr Communication Channels: Blog Slideshare Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Pinterest WEEK MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY WEEK 1 Diet and Nutrition Blog Exercise video Promote free cookbook Showcase Jenny Share info-graph WEEK 2 Mindset Blog Exercise video Promote group boot camp Share Michelle Bridges blog Share photo/quote WEEK 3 Self Care Blog Exercise video Promote online challenge Showcase Mary Share info-graph WEEK 4 Recipe blog Exercise video Promote free seminar Share Jess Ainscough blog Share photo/quote
    37. 37. PROMOTE Making sure you score 5
    38. 38. Facebook Competitions
    39. 39. TheWebCeleb TheWebCeleb TheWebCeleb