3 Major Social Networks You're Missing Out On


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Instructed by Kelsey Jones.

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  • 3 Major Social Networks You're Missing Out On

    1. 1. The 3 Major Social Networks You're Missing Out On Kelsey Jones Owner MoxieDot
    2. 2. Today You Will Learn How to utilize Pinterest, Snapchat, and Vine both individually and as a combined strategy with your entire social networking presence.
    3. 3. • Owner of MoxieDot, a search and social agency that specializes in crafting great content and social media campaigns. • Managing Editor of Search Engine Journal • Recently published The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Marketing, available at http://is.gd/snapchatmarketing • Kansas City Metro • Kansas State University grad- Go Wildcats! About Me, Kelsey Jones
    4. 4. Agenda 1. Why the visual revolution is taking place 2. Basic background on these platforms from a marketing perspective 3. How to utilize these brands together and with other social media platforms 4. Examples of what other brands have done 5. Future trend outlook
    5. 5. Why the visual revolution is taking place • As online content has focused on shorter posts (like 140 chars. on Twitter), we expect more info in less time, and images can do that. • Images can tell a more emotional story faster. • Images get more engagement: 40% of people respond to visual information over plain text (Source: Hubspot via Zabisco) Image: Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr
    6. 6. Snapchat Marketing Dossier • Temporary Images are good for driving immediacy and a sense of secrecy. • Examples: Coupons, New Products • Contests: Having users add your company on Snapchat can create a stronger engagement level. • Answering and being playful is key.
    7. 7. Pinterest Marketing Dossier • Amazing traffic driver: Shareaholic reports that Pinterest generates more traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. The key is how you use it. • Great cross-promoter: 98% of Pinterest account holders also have a Facebook or Twitter account, according to PriceGrabber. • Time of day matters. Found better engagement (repins, shares, comments) during common downtimes- after dinner, lunch, and in the morning before work. • Utilize the website metrics for your own website, and verify Twitter and website URLs.
    8. 8. Vine Marketing Dossier • Since it is Twitter’s “baby”, integration with Twitter is easy. • Embed Vines in company Twitter feed or blog posts. • Community engagement is HUGE: revine user posts, like and comment on posts. • Like Snapchat, personality is key. • Huge with adults and teens.
    9. 9. How to utilize these brands together and with other social media platforms • Announce and remind users that you are on Snapchat, Vine, and Pinterest via occasional reminders that have interesting call to actions. E.g. attaching an image you’ve pinned recently with the caption, “Find more at our Pinterest account: pinterest.com/username” • Drive your existing social media networks, website/blog, and email lists to promote visual contests through these three platforms • Repurpose content in a new, visual way (e.g. a blog post on new paint colors could also spur tons of great visual content. Make everything congruent. Same logos/bios/language. Image source: Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr
    10. 10. Examples of what other brands have done • Threadless assigns one employee a social network to manage (source: Inc) • Forever 21 gave a popular YouTuber teen control of their Snapchat account over the holidays to drive followers and engagement. • Trident gave popular Vine users the opportunity to create content on their channel using their theme song. It was then also premade as a 6-second TV ad slot. (Source: Fast Company)
    11. 11. Future Trend Outlook • These visual networks, along with Instagram, as now in the millions of users and will only continue to grow as the learning curve continues to decrease. • Users will enjoy engaging with brands IF they continue to be fun and creative. • Repurposing content and sharing content across platforms will continue to become much easier.
    12. 12. Move The Needle
    13. 13. Move The Needle • Create a company account on Vine, Snapchat or Pinterest and post 5 images or videos. • Create an editorial calendar for when updates on “the visual 3” should be taking place. • Create a giveaway or campaign that integrates Pinterest, Vine, or Snapchat with other major social networks to raise awareness. Choose Your Homework:
    14. 14. 1. Vine, Snapchat, and Pinterest are all booming social networks that many companies and marketers aren't yet taking seriously. 2. With millions of users, these visually centered social networks are underutilized and by following best practices to fully engage, marketers can get more exposure in a fun and creative way. 3. Don’t use these networks if you aren’t going to do it properly– you will receive negative feedback. 4. Give back by liking, sharing, and commenting on other users’ content in a supportive, positive way that isn’t salesy or cheesy. 5. Allow employees some creative freedom when it comes to visual content, as this often gets the most engagement. Key Takeaways
    15. 15. www.onlinemarketinginstitute.org Thank You! Learn more at