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Google Analytics to Die For - 2013
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Google Analytics to Die For - 2013



Grant Merriel's presentation at SEM Trends 2013 about - Google Analytics to Die For

Grant Merriel's presentation at SEM Trends 2013 about - Google Analytics to Die For



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    Google Analytics to Die For - 2013 Google Analytics to Die For - 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • CAUTION! English is Being Used
    • ME
    • Twitter.com/GrantMerriel Facebook.com/GrantMerriel au.Linkedin.com/in/GrantMerriel ONLINEEDGE.COM.AUGrant Merriel
    • No Affiliation – Just an awesome discount ProxyRack.com: Thanks to YOU!!!
    • EASY installation: (On HTML, CMS or E-Commerce) FILTERING availability: (‘Filtering’ / ‘Segment’ / ‘Delete’ data) It’s FREE: (Free, Free, Free and … Free) Simple NAVIGATION: (‘Filtering’ / ‘Segment’ / ‘Delete’ data) NEW features & updates: (Always improving with new trends) MULTIPLE synchronization: (‘SEO’ / ‘AdWords’ / ‘Adsense’ / ‘E-Com’) GA Overview: Advantages
    • (not provided) results DON’T show: (if a user is logged into google product) Profile IDs (UA-1232323-1): (easy to find ‘other’ clients websites) JAVASCRIPT must be executed: (if not, the visit is not counted) NO time on site for last pages: (GA cannot execute a new timestamp) No CRAWL bot data: (no crawl bot data & navigation info) User REFRESH is a page visit: (same with and ‘back’ visits to pages) http://www.whorush.com/ GA Overview: Disadvantages
    • Keyword: (‘Search Tems’ entered in Google) Visits: (amount of page viewers / users) Page / Visits: (average page views per viewer / user) Average Visit Duration: (average time spent on the website) % New Visits: (new visitors in comparison to returning) Bounce Rate: (viewer leaving on the page they landed) GA Overview: Important Terms
    • GA Navigation: Side Navigation
    • • IMPORTANT: GOOD FOR: • CURRENT information of ‘visitors’ • How many people onsite • Geolocations • Traffic sources they came from (Organic, Paid, Direct) • Pages they are viewing right now GA Navigation: Real Time
    • • IMPORTANT: GOOD FOR: • TECHNICAL information of ‘visitors’ • Geolocations specific to your marketing • Computer internet browsers • Mobile phone systems (Ideal for development and deep data) GA Navigation: Audience
    • • IMPORTANT: GOOD FOR: • DETAILED information of ‘visitors’ • Organic: keywords, pages, bounce rate, etc • Paid: keywords, cost, impressions, pages, etc • Campaigns: UTM parameters tracking (COVERED) • Landing Pages: Pages visitors hit first GA Navigation: Traffic Sources
    • • IMPORTANT: GOOD FOR: • NAVIGATION information of ‘visitors’ • Exit Pages: leaving after correct action? • Events: visitors who complete action (COVERED) • In-Page Analytics: navigation % breakdown (For better results – Integrate with Webmaster Tools) GA Navigation: Content
    • • IMPORTANT: GOOD FOR: • SALE / LEAD information of ‘visitors’ • Goals: visitors success path (COVERED) • Funnel Visual: image and % navigation breakdown • Transactions: keyword, product, value, etc (All functions need to be setup before working) GA Navigation: Conversions
    • • Surveys • Support Tickets • Trial • Newsletter • Registration • Buy-Now • Checkout • Thank-You • Contact-Us • Success Leads Shop OtherSignUp X% GA Goals: Conversions / Success Pages
    • Landing Page Sign-Up Page Success Page Success Page Cart Page Billing Page Shipping Page Payment Page Thank You Page Single Goal: Sign Up Goal Funnel: Shop Goal Funnel: GA Goals: Setup Styles & Funnels
    • Goal Setup: Name / Type: Destination URL / Funnel: Profile > Admin > Profile > Goals > ‘Create A Goal’ GA Goals: Set-Up
    • GA Goals: Proxy Rack – Goal Funnels 1. Sign-Up 2. Paid Subscription
    • Profile > Side Navigation > Conversions > Goals > ‘Overview’ GA Goals: Reporting
    • Profile > Side Navigation > Conversions > Goals > ‘Goal Flow’ PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS: 609 (DIVIDED BY) SIGNUPS: 1,152 (TIMES ‘100’ FOR %) CONVERSION RATE: 52.86% GA Goals: Reporting
    • 20 MAX goals per profile (be selective with what you apply goals to) Only SHORT URLs in setup (always test new goals that are made) /url/link.html NOT http://www.example.com/url/link.html Assign a goal VALUE (relevant to value of ‘sale’ / ‘lead’) QUICK CALCULATION • % of sales from leads • Divide ‘Average Sale Value’ with above % BEST items for Goals (the are the most common and best to track) GA Goals: Tips & Hints
    • • Download • Reviews • Comments • PDF • Podcast • Video • Play • Exit • Social Media • Navigation • Contact Buttons Videos OtherDownload X% GA Events: or ‘On Click’ Tracking
    • BASIC CODE: _trackEvent(category, action, opt_label, opt_value, opt_noninteraction) REQUIRED: • Category: Top Level Action (‘PDF Download’, ‘Lead Generation’, etc) • Action: What the visitor does (‘Download’, ‘Email’, ‘Play’, etc) NOT REQUIRED: • Opt_Label: Where event was (‘Footer’, ‘Right’, ‘Middle’, etc) • Opt_Value: Monetary or Random Amount (Usually = ‘1’) • Opt_Noninteraction: ‘True’ (if someone click, does not count as bouncing off site) GA Events: Code Breakdown
    • BASIC CODE: • _trackEvent(category, action, opt_label, opt_value, opt_noninteraction) ON CLICK CODE: • onClick=“_gaq.push([BASIC CODE])” FULL EXAMPLE: • <a href=“/download/seo.pdf” onClick=“_gaq.push(*‘_trackEvent’, ’Call to Action’, ‘5 Minute’, ‘Home Page’, ‘10’, ‘true’+);” target=“_blank”> Download </a> NO BACKEND SETUP REQUIRED (Google Analytics automatically allocates data) GA Events: Button Tracking Setup
    • UTM’s UTM’s UTM’s Category: Choose Plan Action: Click Opt_Label: Left Category: Choose Plan Action: Click Opt_Label: Middle Category: Choose Plan Action: Click Opt_Label: Right GA Events: Proxy Rack – Sign Up
    • Profile > Side Navigation > Content > Events > ‘Events Flow’ GA Events: Reporting
    • Track POP-UP actions (events on ‘close buttons’ and ‘cancel’ buttons) Comparing CTA’s (which ‘Call to Action’ and ‘A/B’ test is best?) Track SCROLLING as an event (view below the fold and reading all the blog) Monitor all OUTBOUND links (control volumes of exiting users) http://dave-taylor.co.uk/blog/scroll-reach-tracking-in-google-analytics/ GA Events: Tips & Hints
    • • Emails • Comments • Content • Banners • Referrals • Affiliates • Profiles • Shares • Newsletters • Articles • eBooks Author Social OtherAdvert X% GA UTMs: or URL Tracking
    • BASIC CODE: ?utm_source=Source&utm_medium=Medium&utm_campaign=Campaign REQUIRED: • Campaign: Overall View (eg, August or 10% Special) • Medium: Method to Arrive (eg, Email or Display Marketing) • Source: Last Location or Advertiser (eg, WickedFire or KaiserTheSage) NOT REQUIRED: • Content: Testing 2 content variations (eg, Top CTA or Bottom CTA) • Term: Paid Search ONLY – Not required if AdWords & Analytics are synced UTM URL BUILDER: • https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033867?hl=en GA UTMs: Code Breakdown
    • BASIC CODE: • ?utm_source=Source&utm_medium=Medium&utm_campaign=Cam paign FULL EXAMPLE: • <a href=“http://www.example.com/get- sales.html?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Paid&utm_campa ign=Social” target=“_blank”> Example </a> NO BACKEND SETUP REQUIRED (Google Analytics automatically allocates data) GA UTMs: Button Tracking Setup
    • <a href=“ http://www.proxyrack.com/?utm_ campaign=banner&utm_source= bhw” target=“blank”> GA UTMs: Proxy Rack – Source Tracking
    • Profile > Side Navigation > Traffic Sources > Sources > ‘Campaigns’ UTM REPORTING AND GOAL FUNNELS GA UTMs: Reporting
    • CASE SENSITIVE tracking (‘banner’ & ‘Banner’ are different campaigns) DON’T FORGET THE - “?” (between main URL and UTM tags) ORDER is not needed (UTM tags can be in any order within the code) UTM’s can be SEEN (Use bit.ly to shorten / hide them) http://www.convertcase.net/ just use: ‘lower case’ DO NOT USE: ‘CAPITAL CASE’ href=“http://www.proxyrack.com/ ? utm_campaign=banner&utm_ssource=bhw” 1. ‘utm_source’ 2. ‘utm_campaign’ 3. ‘utm_medium’ 2. ‘utm_campaign’ 3. ‘utm_medium’ 1. ‘utm_source’ GA UTMs: Tips & Hints
    • • Uses Wildcards and Metacharacters • Manipulates data to extract specific results • Ideal for goal funnels and unique data queries • ONLY for reporting on past / previous data NOTE: Must set ‘Matching RegExp’ in the traffic filters GA RegEx: Regular Expressions
    • • Advanced Segments compliments uses of RegEx • Allows custom reports / filtering on data sets Google Walk through Video - http://youtu.be/Q1aCmHYkIsI GA RegEx: Advanced Segments
    • GA RegEx: Advanced Segments
    • • . Match any single character Pr.xy: Proxy and Pr5xy • * Match zero or more of previous Pro*xy: Prxy and Pr3xy • + Match last letter or more Pro+xy: Proxy and Proooxy • ? Match zero or one of previous Pro?xy: Prxy and Proxy • | Match either options Prooxy|Proxy: Prooxy and Proxy GA RegEx: Cheat Sheet – Wildcards
    • • ^ Match start of data results eg, ^Proxy: ProxyRack not RackProxy • $ Match end of data results Rack$: ProxyRack not Racks GA RegEx: Cheat Sheet – Anchors
    • • () Creates possibilities for data set Prox(y|ies): Proxy or Proxies • [] Creates lists for data sets Prox[xyz]: Proxx and Proxy and Proxz • - Extends [] list for data sets Prox[d-g]: Proxd and Proxe and Proxf and Proxg GA RegEx: Cheat Sheet – Grouping
    • • Changes Regex to Normal proxyrack.com: proxyrack.com and www.proxyrack.com • TIP: Use to filter IP Addresses GA RegEx: Cheat Sheet – Other
    • Spelling / Language: “.” Prox.s Proxy and Proxis and Proxies Branding / Domains: “?” proxy ?rack proxyrack.com and proxy rack IMPORTANT: CANNOT use RegEx in any filters besides ‘Matching RegExp’ GA RegEx: Useful Examples
    • Product & Service URLs: “*+” /proxy15[3-5] /proxy153 and /proxy154 and /proxy155 Finding EVERYTHING: “.*” /proxy/.*.php /proxy/index.php and /proxy/access.php Category & Sub-Cat URLs: “^” ^/proxy/ /proxy/1.html and /proxy/ip/rack Conversion & Goal URLs: “|” thank|success|confirm /thank-you.html and /success/ and /confirm.php GA RegEx: Useful Examples
    • Apply to FILTERS & GOALS in GA (automatic data set reports) URL extensions – “” (use on poor URL setups: ‘pageid’ or ‘cat’) Use support FILTERING (include / exclude / dimensions / goals / pages) http://www.lunametrics.com/blog/2013/06/24/google-analytics-regex-tool-webapp/ Create BULK data set RegEx (great for keyword lists) GA RegEx: Tips & Hints
    • TOP TIPS
    • ABOVE </head> for GA Code (executes the js first) 100+ Sites? Use More Gmail’s (Allocate ‘admin’ to main GA login) EXCLUDE home/office IP address (don’t distort data from your visits) SYNC Adwords to your GA (Always turn ‘on’ – “Auto-Tagging”) https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3207171?hl=en-AU&rd=3 GA Top Tips: Common Items
    • COMPARE dates to last year (removes seasonality) TYPE your navigation in Search (saves time searching for it) EXPLORE goal & e-com tracking (easily find converting keywords) EXCLUDE your brand in data (good for SEO success tracking) GA Top Tips: Filtering & Comparing
    • Measure LARGE data sets (decisions from the ‘masses’ not a ‘few’) Track USEFUL data sets (only track data that will improve your site) Be filter & goal SELECTIVE (don’t fill analytics with useless data filters) TEST new goals, funnels & UTMs (execute data report and check in 24 hours) GA Top Tips: Data Sets
    • ORGANIC – Always show this (Shows keyword tracking) API – Keyword Tracking (use API’s for automated keyword reporting) CONTENT – Keyword drilldown (find pages that users land on with keywords) GA Top Tips: SEO https://developers.google.com/analytics/ KEYWORD – Second Dimensions (always select ‘Keyword’ for tracking)
    • E-COMMERCE TRACKING http://bit.ly/17vuWxg GA Top Tips: Additional Resources ADSENSE REPORT SYNC http://bit.ly/1aLxIjy ADWORDS REPORT SYNC http://bit.ly/12Mvnf7 WEBMASTER SYNC http://bit.ly/12kzaBn
    • PROXY RACK DISCOUNT 50% off ALL Packages RECURRING Expires: 20th of July 2013 Promo Code: OnlineEdge No Affiliation – Just an awesome discount ProxyRack.com: SEM Trends 2013 Receive:
    • Twitter.com/GrantMerriel Facebook.com/GrantMerriel au.Linkedin.com/in/GrantMerriel ONLINEEDGE.COM.AUGrant Merriel