Webinar: Mercado laboral actual y tendencias del mercado futuro

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El pasado jueves 17 de octubre organizamos un nuevo Webinar de Desarrollo de Talento, sesión online organizada por el Servicio de Carreras Profesionales cuyo objetivo es ofrecer herramientas para …

El pasado jueves 17 de octubre organizamos un nuevo Webinar de Desarrollo de Talento, sesión online organizada por el Servicio de Carreras Profesionales cuyo objetivo es ofrecer herramientas para mejorar la empleabilidad de los alumnos y antiguos alumnos

En esta ocasión trataremos qué nos ofrece el mercado laboral en la actualidad y sobre todo qué busca de un profesional. Adicionalmente tendrás la oportunidad de conocer el programa de gestión del talento de una multinacional líder en el sector de hidrocarburos. ¿Cuáles son los perfiles más solicitados? ¿Qué sectores son los más activos en la actualidad? ¿Influye el papel de los líderes a nivel interno en las empresas? ¿Qué buscan las empresas en sus empleados? ¿Por qué retener talento? ¿Qué cambios se acercan en el mercado laboral? ¿Menor demanda de empleo y mayor oferta de profesionales?

Juan Manuel Delgado, HR Advisor Lead / Talent&Development Manager BP OIL Spain&Portugal en BP OIL y José Díaz Canseco, Socio- Director de The Human Touch y profesor de EAE responden a estas preguntas.

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  • 1. WEBINAR: MERCADO LABORAL ACTUAL Y TENDENCIAS DEL MERCADO FUTURO Juan Manuel Delgado, HR Advisor Lead / Talent&Development Manager BP OIL Spain&Portugal en BP OIL José Díaz Canseco, Socio- Director de The Human Touch y profesor de EAE Business School. Online Business School 17 de octubre de 2013 Partners académicos
  • 2. “Mercado laboral actual y tendencias del mercado futuro” Madrid, 17 de octubre de 2013
  • 3. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 4. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 5. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 6. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 7. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro Lo que cuestan los “ni-nis”: 15.735 millones € al año (1,47% PIB)
  • 8. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 9. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro Salidas de talento.
  • 10. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 11. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 12. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro Salidas de talento.
  • 13. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 14. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro En los próximos años dos factores serán los determinantes para el crecimiento de las empresas: la innovación y el talento.
  • 15. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro * 2012 BCG/WFPMA
  • 16. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 17. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 18. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 19. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 20. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro Innovación y el Talento Los costes salariales y logísticos de los países emergentes provocan el regreso de diversas industrias nacionales y extranjeras que habían abandonado España en busca de mayor competitividad.
  • 21. Mercado laboral actual y tendencias de futuro
  • 22. BP & TALENT MANAGEMENT Juan Manuel Delgado 10/17/2013
  • 23. For more than 100 years, BP has been discovering energy… • We are BP ` • Organization • Focus on Refining & Marketing • Future of Energy • BP Moving forwards 23
  • 24. Our Values 24
  • 25. BP at a glance BP is one of the world's leading international oil and gas companies. We operate or market our products in more that 80 countries, providing our customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items. Number of employees 85,900 (at 31 Dec 2012) Sales and other operating revenues $375,765 million Replacement cost profit $11.4 billion Proved reserves 17,000 million barrels of oil equivalent Service stations 20,700 (at 31 Dec 2012) Refining and Marketing Active in 73 countries Exploration and Production Active in over 30 countries Refineries (wholly or partly owned) 17 Refining throughput 2,354 thousand barrels per day 4
  • 26. BP & Brands 4
  • 27. Our operations and our people 27
  • 28. Integrated model 2 Finding oil and gas Developing and extracting oil and gas 3 Moving oil and gas 1 Selling fuels and products 5 Investing in renewable energy 4 Making fuels and products 6 28
  • 29. The Refining & Marketing Segment BP’s product & service-led arm R&M’s strategy is winning sustainably in the fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals markets in which we choose to compete by building sustainable competitive returns and enduring growth. Refining & blending Storage Distribution Sales & Marketing We will achieve our strategy by delivering the 5 R&M priorities and working in a way that lives the BP Values and Behaviours of Safety, Respect, Excellence, Courage and One Team. Safe, compliant & risk-managed operations Build capability & live Values & Behaviours Portfolio quality (cash margin capability) & integration Operating cash flow growth & attractive returns Efficient use of resources & excellent execution 29
  • 30. R&M operates three business models Fuels Integrated refining, marketing, logistics, supply, optimization and trading linked to global markets Lubricants High growth, high return global business leveraging brand, technology and relationships Petrochemicals High growth, high returns with leading technology – Asia focused with strong global market shares 30
  • 31. R&M: 12 Performance Units operating across 73 countries SAM Fuels US East of Rockies Fuels Value Chain Refineries BP US Northwest Fuels Value Chain US Southwest Fuels Value Chain Rhine Fuels Value Chain Texas City Refinery JV Iberia Fuels Value Chain Petrochemicals sites PTA sites Acetyls sites PX sites O&D 3 Business Models in R&M • Lubricants • Petrochemicals • Fuels** Southern Africa Fuels Value Chain Australia/New Zealand Fuels Value Chain ** includes Global Fuels SPU, Refining, trading and optimization and the Fuels Value Chain SPUs. See slide notes for more details) 31
  • 32. Four key drivers of the energy future • GDP growth • Urbanisation • Demand mgmt. Demand growth Supply challenges • Significant resources • Infrastructure • Non-conventionals • Local pollution • Climate change Environmental constraints Security of supply • Import dependence • Resource competition 32
  • 33. Non-OECD economies to drive consumption growth Billion toe Billion toe Non-OECD OECD *Includes biofuels 14
  • 34. TALENT MANAGEMENT PLAN PROCESSES / Questions SPA / Accountability Leadership Team Line Manager HR OUTCOMES Employee CONFIDENTIAL – BP INTERNAL USE ONLY 3 4 Complete People processes (performance), keep PDP updated and establish a direct, honest & constructive conversation about professional carrier with the managers. DISTRICT MANAGER SOUTH & WEST Jose Ignacio Corpas DISTRICT MANAGER CENTER, EAST, NORTH WEST Laura Peña SENIOR RTM Luis Caño RTM Teresa Gomez Mª Angustias López Erasmo Nuñez José Pedro Martín Antonio Gordo Victor Balas TBD Spain Based Iberia Logistics Operations Manager DISTRICT MANAGER NORTH EAST & BALEARES Joan Seguí DISTRICT MANAGER CANARIES & B2C PROCESS EXPETISE Isabel Ayo RTM José Manuel Perez José Mª Brillas Ildefonso Boto Alberto Palao SENIOR RTM José María Siu RTM Ángel López José Miguel Pascual Ricardo Ubals Teresa Losada Bienvenida Falaguera José Antonio Martin RTM Eugenio Hernández Javier Domínguez B2C CONTRACT & REBATES ADMINISTRATOR Cristina Muñoz B2C PROCESS PERFORMANCE IMPROVING & DOCUMENTING Mar Ortiz Level F Accountabilities  The Iberia Logistics Operations Manager is accountable for storage & handling and secondary transport activities for the Iberia FVC SPU. Its main goals are to provide a world-class logistics service to the Iberia FVC MS&L through achieving and maintaining high operational integrity, operational excellence, optimal business processes and effective customer relationships.  This job holds professional expertise in the areas of deployed S&OR, Asset operation, Engineering and Technology incl. IT systems, and in overall assures permanent compliance of all developed activities with applicable legislation and BP standards, this way ensuring the creation and maintenance of a Safe, Progressive and Challenging work environment that supports the delivery of Iberia FVC MS&L and other supported businesses targets and strategies. Detailed Activities  Manage all aspects of logistics operations within Iberia geography including monitoring of performance as well as continuous analysis and improvement of key Logistics processes.  Manage Safe Operations as per BP’s HSSE and Group S&OR agenda incl. Operational risk management as per GDP 3.1, ensuring asset operational integrity and asset security through implementation of adequate BP standards by competent staff  Ensuring and monitoring the maintenance of required capabilities ( incl staff skills and competencies ) across logistics operations in Iberia.  Ensuring and monitoring the application of Engineering and Integrity standards across logistics operations and BP assets in Iberia.  Ensuring Logistics 3rd party contracts are adequately managed across Iberia, including mobilization, execution and monitoring of defined service levels provision in a cost effective way and in full compliance with BP contractual requirements and applicable standards  Guarantee the delivery of a reliable and consistent service in line with business needs – ensuring alignment with supported Businesses in order to deliver effective ‘order 2 delivery” processes in support of their marketing offers and financial profitability.  Maintain Logistics DOA’s and other internal controls - following BP group stds - required to support business financial and operational targets/plans  Coordinate the interface of Logistics activities in the two countries with FVC and other supported business as well as with functional areas like S&OR, HSSE, Finance, HR.  Establish and maintain transparent performance management processes enabled by clear data, as well as by innovative ideas to deliver continuous performance improvements.  Under guidance of Iberia FVC MS&L Strategy, contribute to define Logistics participation and drive its implementation across the Iberia logistics operations  Develop and contribute towards FVC Strategic Portfolio and Assets optimisation projects, including those driven by acquisitions and / or divestments, and its implementation within Logistics.  Proactively share best practices – from S&OR, Engineering, Techonology and Processes - across Iberia, from Logistics in Europe networks as well as from any other internal or external relevant contributions  Manage Logistics leadership team agenda, acting as Coach and Leader within the Iberia Logistics teams. Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality (HSSEQ)  Implement, without exceptions, BP’s Operating Management System, OMS, to ensure all our operations are safe, responsible and reliable with the clear objective of zero accidents and no arm done to people or environment  Consistently achieve and exceed the highest HSSEQ “Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality” standards and comply with all legal requirements applicable to our organization or that we subscribe. B2B REP Beatriz Boris B2C SUPPORT & PROCESS EXPERT Nuria Nombela Time Allocation & Location Madrid Time allocation or Lisbon SP 50% Core Competencies  High HSSE awareness with leadership skills & coaching experience  Strong analytical skills, and disciplined compliance to standards  Good commercial skills to drive performance improvement  Experience / ability to work and behave federally  Strategic thinker able to challenge the status quo  Proven ability to lead and deliver outstanding performance  Strong People Management skills to attain maximum performance from a diverse team  Proven Team Leadership skillsSound Educational background  Education : Technical / Engineering degree or equivalent work experience  Languages : English, with at least one of Spanish and Portuguese UNREALISED POTENTIAL GROWTH 7 4 NEXT GENERATION Key - 1 High potential / promotion headroom Further growth initially in role or laterally SPU Leader Reached full potential Move out of position Diverse Too early to call or no data In role > 2 years Name Vacant position UNDER ACHIEVING KEY 8 5 (Date) HIGH IM PACT (Date) (Date) Include date incumbent is expected to move (Date) (Date) (Date) (Date) 2 Role Role Role Role Role Role Role Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Role Name Emergency Below Expectations Meets Expectations 6 Exc. Expectations Name Name Name Name Name Ready 0-2 yrs HIGHLY VALUED Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Ready 5+ yrs EFFECTIVE 9 Name Ready 3-5 yrs UNDER PERFORMING Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name Name 3 Exceptional In Year Performance Key Exceptional performance CONFIDENTIAL Competences and Capabilities Assessment, 9 Box Grid matrix, PDP, Succession plan, People sessions, D&I Update. These pages are designed as pre-set title slides. Cut and paste the desired title slide into your presentation and type in your ow n details Participate in definition and proposal of the development plans. Take advantage of the different actions proposed by BP. PO 50% Experience  The candidate should have a mminimum of 5 years experience in Logistics and /or Fuel Value Chain management Head count control exercise, Organization reflection, Charts, Job descriptions, High Upw ards Potential (+2 levels) 2 Provide Define and Implement the Assessment & coordinate with assessment Talent LT the people • Do we have the right people in process to its Management strategy, know the right place? team. Confirm tools, assist well his/her • Do they have the competences that people managers in the team, assess that we need in our organization? are right for process and their • What potential do they have? Do each job. verify the we have an D&I plan embedded? competencies & Evaluate its deployment of skills and • Do we have a plan to make them performance & evaluate their reach future positions? our D&I policy, potential. performance & potential. Manage Manage and Decide on Internal Development relationship with safeguard the Special talented people, talent programs Assignments, • What is the right plan for them to inform about (Design the integrate and grow? special programs reward model, boost BP • How to accelerate this internal and ensure that propose “Talent & growth? development training Governance • How to guarantee they reach actions are actions, ...). boards”. their full potential? defined. Monitor the progress. Coordinate Set business Keep updated authorization of needs, join External Recruitment contact with external recruitment strategic • What is the best option to recruitments. panels and partners “capture” talent abroad? Decide on the propose final (recruitment • There is a need for the future priority, integrate candidates agencies, or is an immediate and boost “Talent according talent business requirement? Governance management schools,…) and boards”. requirements. coordinate talent People Portugal Based Potential • Do we have the right organization • What kind of roles do we need? Logistics Immediate Supervisor–Iberia Head of Supply & Logs RETAIL OPERATIONS MANAGER SPAIN Martin Thomsen Potential for grow th (+1 level) Organization 4 Draft – for discussion purposes only Organizational Design FOM Spain B2C Develop at current level 1 Challenge constantly the organization, analyse alternatives and define the roles we need. CONFIDENTIAL – BP INTERNAL USE ONLY 1 Draft – for discussion purposes only Boost and Collaborate with Propose Support the line managers, improvements in reflection about the organization BP organization reporting possible improvements in and updated job and preserve the organization descriptions & the details of competences this information. and the content of their job. required. PROGRAM A EM ERGING LEADERS BP Emerging Leaders, CAPS programmes and development & training offer. future leaders programme Biographical Interview Briefing Amy Talbert, Head of Resourcing, R&M and C&F Graduate Program, Future Leader Program and External recruitment.
  • 35. …and now to the Talent Programmes: • • Iberograduates future leaders programme 35
  • 36. Spain & Portugal Iberograduate Programme Características del Programa: El programa está diseñado para reclutar jóvenes profesionales con talento y favorecer su desarrollo profesional para que se conviertan en los futuros líderes de BP en España y Portugal. Son parte esencial del programa las asignaciones en áreas tan diversas como marketing y refino en BP España y Portugal, la asunción temprana de responsabilidades y la exposición a trabajos con un elevado componente de relación con el cliente. Buscamos:  Jóvenes profesionales que hayan realizado estudios universitarios de ciclo superior y los hayan completado con un master en negocio o similares.  Personas con potencial y motivación para desarrollar una carrera profesional en BP España y Portugal  Experiencia de trabajo de al menos 2 años, preferiblemente en un entorno internacional.  Nivel avanzado al menos en castellano e inglés. Portugués deseable. Ofrecemos:  Apoyo explícito para favorecer un desarrollo profesional a puestos de liderazgo en BP España y Portugal.  Remuneración atractiva y excelentes beneficios sociales. Seleccionamos jóvenes profesionales con talento Si estás interesado, por favor envía tu solicitud antes del 31 de octubre a través del portal de empleo de BP en internet. RecursosHumanosEspana@bp.com Ref: Iberograduados 2014 BP Oil España 36
  • 37. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS! Partners académicos