WAL-MARKT: Case Study
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WAL-MARKT: Case Study




A Look at the Past and the Future



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WAL-MARKT: Case Study Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Value Guess Speaker Mr. Sam Walton Born: March 29 1918 to his parents Thomas Gibson and Nancy 29, Lee Walton near Kingfisher, Oklahoma.Mr. S Sam Walton Mr. Tong Walton Born: Aptil 29, 1981 to his parents Mr. Chaiyot and Malee Walton near Pratunam, Bangkok. He obtain master degree from Harvard university, beforeMr. Tong Walton Continue doctoral degree from Oxford, England. WAL MART
  • 2. 1950 Bentonville, Arkansas Nowaday Wal-Mart’ campaign WAL MART
  • 3. Sam Waltons original Waltons Five An exterior of a typical Wal-Martand Dime, Bentonville, Arkansas. discount department store. An exterior of a typical Sams Club store in Maplewood, Missouri, a suburb of the St Louis St. area.An exterior of a Wal Mart Neighborhood Wal-MartMarket in Winter Springs, Florida. WAL MART
  • 4. Biggest Corporation in the worldใover 1,000 Wal-Mart Supercenters in the United States. WAL MART
  • 5. What Wal-Mart sell? WAL MART
  • 6. Where product come from? WAL MART
  • 7. Respect for the individual employee Service exceptionally to the customers Strive for Excellence Good QualityQuality Value + Customer C t Good Value + Satisfaction Good Service = Service WAL MART
  • 8. Wal-Mart Service WAL MART
  • 9. 1. Commit to your business.2. Share your p y profits with all y Associates,, and treat them as p your partners.3. Motivate your partners.4. Communicate everything with your partners.5. Appreciate everything your associates do.6.6 Celebrate Success, find humor in failure Success failure.7. Listen to everyone in your company and customer.8.8 Exceed customer expectation expectation.9. Control expenses better then your competition.10.10 Swim Upstream Upstream. WAL MART
  • 10. StrengthSt thLow PriceWeakness WAL MART
  • 11. WAL MART
  • 12. Wal-Mart Strategy! WAL MART
  • 13. Robert E. Rector and Kirk A. Johnson. Understanding Poverty in America.Retrieved from the World Wide Web, January 5, 2004.http://www.heritage.orgTarget’s Home Web Site. Retrieved from the World Wide Web, August 7,2007 http://www.target.comWal-MartWal Mart tops Fortune’s list of America s most admired companies. Fortune s America’s companiesRetrieved from the World Wide Web, May 2, 2003.http://www.Wal Martstores.com.http://www.Wal-Martstores.com.Wal-Mart’s Home Web Site. Retrieved from the World Wide Web, August 6,2007 http://www.walmart.com.WAL MART STORES INC – WMT Annual Report (10-K) ITEM 1. Retrievedfrom the World Wide Web March 29, 2006. http://sec.edgar-online.com WAL MART
  • 14. รายงานวิเคราะหสถานการณ Wal-Mart และคูแขงขัน Marketing Management g gคณะพาณชยศาสตรและการบญช จุฬาลงกรณมหาวทยาลยคณะพาณิชยศาสตรและการบัญชี จฬาลงกรณมหาวิทยาลัย
  • 15. Supported by Onion Head Siriporn Pongvinyoo mrkokung@hotmail.com