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Trying to get your pet product or pet care service in front of more buyers and pet owners? You're not alone. Oneupweb gives 5 steps to start a content marketing strategy to reach your customers, a look at today's pet-owner and their behaviors, and an editorial calendar template to start mapping out your content needs and topics.

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Oneupweb :: Content Marketing & Today's Pet Owner

  1. 1. FIND US ON 877.568.7477 • ©2014. Intellectual property owned by Oneupweb® . Reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Content Marketing & Today’s Pet Owner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Persona: Meet Maryanne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 5-Step Content Marketing Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Editorial Calendar Template . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 About Oneupweb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Sources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
  2. 2. FIND US ON 877.568.7477 • ©2014. Intellectual property owned by Oneupweb® . Reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 1 THE U.S. PET INDUSTRY WEATHERED THE ECONOMIC RECESSION... with much greater ease than other retail sectors, averaging an overall 3.4 percent annual growth from 2008 through 20131 . The strength and resiliency of the pet in- dustry is good news for pet companies, and the total consumer expenditures are estimated to increase from $55.53B in 2013 to $67.56B by 20181 . At the same time, the industry’s sustainability has made it an increasingly crowded and competitive space, making the challenge of driving demand for your brand more difficult than ever. With U.S. pet owners continuing to spend more on their beloved creatures, pet com- panies must be poised to reach and attract as much of this audience as possible. The widest reach is available through content marketing—but where to begin? Content marketing is more than simple, traditional search engine optimization and it is different from overly-promotional sales copy. Let’s take a quick look at what content marketing is, what it means for the pet industry and how it can help you reach today’s pet owners. 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 36B 40B 44B 48B 52B 56B 60B Amounts (Billions) PET INDUSTRY GROWTH (SINCE 2009) Source: American Pet Products Association (APPA) |
  3. 3. FIND US ON 877.568.7477 • ©2014. Intellectual property owned by Oneupweb® . Reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 2 WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING? At its most basic level, content marketing is a marketing technique involving the creation and distribution of branded creative that are specifically relevant, helpful and timely to your target demographic. Content marketing is all things content and content is practically all things, including articles, videos, webinars, infographics, white papers, blog posts, social media content and more. If it can be created, shared and disseminated, and if it’s created specifically for the purpose of attracting the attention of your target audience by playing towards that audience’s interests and pain points, then it’s content marketing. It’s one of the most effective marketing tactics available. Your marketing efforts are practically useless without great content. So how can you leverage it to grow your brand? Let’s take a look first at some of the traits and behaviors of today’s pet owners. PET-PARENTING: A LOOK AT TODAY’S PET OWNER Pet-parenting continues to be the dominating trend among pet owners. Since 2005, more and more pet owners raise their pets much in the same way as they would raise a child, rewarding their pets in human terms, spending money on premium diets, and seeking out specialized products and services (like custom pet clothing or pet therapy sessions). Bob Vetere, President and CEO of the American Pet Products Associations, points to pet owners’ growing concern in the health and wellbeing of their pets, forecasting that “Health and wellness-related themes represent the most powerful trends across all segments of the industry and will continue to do so.”2 Despite generalities, surprising differences exist between varying pet owner demographics. Consider: »» Two-person households spend the most on pets; single persons living alone spend the least 3 »» Households with more human mouths to feed spend fewer dollars on their furry friends 3
  4. 4. FIND US ON 877.568.7477 • ©2014. Intellectual property owned by Oneupweb® . Reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 3 »» Households earning $93,800 per year or more spend four times as much on their pets than households earning $18,558 or less 3 Income demographics and buying habits are relevant to framing content around purchasing decisions, but content marketing should also address consumer pain points. Like the differences that exist among pet owners of varying household sizes and income levels, pain points vary depending on the kind of pets an owner cares for and where they live, among other things. For example, consider dog owners. The American Humane Association estimates 37 to 46% of U.S. households own a dog (that’s 43.5 to 54.1 million households). 4 With the growing trend toward pet parenting, many of these owners are likely concerned with protecting their pets against common ailments. But the question then becomes what common ailments? Dogs in southern states tend to be more susceptible to heartworm disease, flea and tick infestation, whereas dogs in the southwest suffer from Valley Fever4 . Dog owners in the southern states will respond more positively to content centered around com- batting a flea infestation than they would to caring for a dog with Valley Fever. 2B 6B 10B 14B 18B 22B Amounts (Billions) Food Supplies/OTC Medicine Vet Care Live Animal Purchases Grooming & Boarding 2013 2014 (Estimated) 2013 ACTUAL & 2014 ESTIMATED SALES (U.S. MARKET) Source: American Pet Products Association (APPA) |
  5. 5. FIND US ON 877.568.7477 • ©2014. Intellectual property owned by Oneupweb® . Reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 4 Likewise, city dog owners do not have the luxury of wide open spaces as their rural dog owner counterparts. City dog owners might care about better ways to exercise their dogs or keep them active than rural dog owners would be. It’s all about knowing your audience. The more specific and relevant you can be to your particular pet-owner demographic, the more effective your content marketing efforts will be. Knowing the particulars of your target customers enables you to create powerful and useful marketing personas —portraits of your ideal customer. Armed with those, you can begin creating content specifically geared towards this persona’s motivating behaviors. But that’s not enough—as we discuss below, content marketing is a concerted effort. It takes careful planning and execution. PET PERSONA: MEET MARYANNE Maryanne is a young, 28 year-old millennial. She cohabitates with her boyfriend, Sasha, and they both live in an upper middle class loft in downtown Chicago. Maryanne is an up-and-coming securities broker; Sasha is making a name for himself as a freelance artist, averaging a modest income, depending on his workload. Together, they earn a little over $90,000 per year. Maryanne and Sasha have been with each other for a long time. Marriage has come up every once in a while, but the two are content, for now, to live together and care for Daisy, their lovable Mal-Shi. Daisy is a small toy dog crossed between a Maltese and a Shih Tzu. She’s an energetic dog who will occasionally play the role of lap dog when she isn’t chewing on her chew toy or running with the other dogs in the local dog park. Maryanne tends to baby Daisy, and Daisy has developed a case of separation anxiety. Maryanne has come home several times to Daisy digging at the carpet in front of their front door. “Daisy is a little diva. She loves to be pampered and I love seeing her happy. When I found out what was in the majority of dog food, I switched to a healthier diet—Sasha and I don’t eat that way and neither should she.” “I don’t know what to do with Daisy when Sasha and I aren’t there. She just gets so stressed out. We thought about another dog, but one is enough. We’re also so busy; it’s hard to always be there for her.”
  6. 6. FIND US ON 877.568.7477 • ©2014. Intellectual property owned by Oneupweb® . Reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 6 5-STEP CONTENT MARKETING PLAN So, where should you begin your content marketing strategy? What follows is a simple, 5-step plan designed to jumpstart your content marketing efforts. 1. Know Your Audience. Your own customer data and the general socio-economic status of your business location is a great place to start. Are the majority of your customers homeowners? Do they live in rural areas? Do they come from single or multiple households? Are they primarily dog owners? Cat owners? Etc. 2. Address Your Buyer’s Primary Concerns. Here again, your own data can help frame the conversation. If you’re a boutique pet store whose specialty is gourmet pet food, your customers probably care specifically about what their pets eat, the ingredients in their pet foods, and what they can do to ensure their pets remain healthy, strong and active. Dietary tips, menus and other content created around these concerns would work well in this example, rather than focusing on things like price-volume benefits geared more towards the cost- conscious pet owner. 3. Audit Existing Content. What are you currently offering your customers? Where are the content gaps? Determine what you can still use, what you can reuse or repurpose and what you need to create. 4. Create an Editorial Calendar. Content marketing involves several moving parts and pieces. Between determining and creating the actual content, you need to know where each piece of content should “live” (be it in a blog, an email or simply as a post on your social media channels) and how it should be dissem- inated to your audience. This also requires knowing where your audience is online—what sites they frequent, where they interact and what they do. (There’s an editorial calendar template provided at the end of this article.) 5. Measure and Refine Results. One of the beautiful aspects of digital marketing is the availability of key metrics and analytics that help you identify which pieces of content are the most and least effective. At least monthly, review your content marketing efforts, refining them to make adjustments and improvements. CONCLUSION The future continues to look bright for the pet industry—keep your business on the path to success by harnessing the effectiveness of a strong content marketing strategy. 1 2 3 4 5
  7. 7. 877.568.7477 • | ©2014. Intellectual property owned by Oneupweb® . Reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. MONTH CONTENT THEMES/TOPIC EDITORIAL CALENDAR TEMPLATE CONTENT SHARING & PROMOTION January February March April May June July August September October November December EXAMPLE Pets are Therapeutic! Indoor Exercise for Pets See us at the Global Pet Expo! x x x x x APPA Feature Brand Feature/ Theme Seasonal Topic Industry/ Product Updates Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Blog Other
  8. 8. FIND US ON 877.568.7477 • ©2014. Intellectual property owned by Oneupweb® . Reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 8 ABOUT ONEUPWEB Oneupweb has been an innovator in digital marketing for nearly 20 years, creating integrated online marketing strategies that incorporate web design, search marketing (SEO and PPC), social media, inbound marketing and more. Heralded by an independent research firm for their leadership team, work ethic and solid experience in optimizing complicated sites, Oneupweb has been named a Top 25 Search Marketing Agency by Advertising Age for five consecutive years, and CEO Lisa Wehr is recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Oneupweb is a privately held company located in Traverse City, Michigan. For more information on Oneupweb, please call 231.922.9977, visit DROP US AN EMAIL GIVE US A CALL 1.877.568.7477 SEND US A TWEET JOIN US ON FACEBOOK
  9. 9. FIND US ON 877.568.7477 • ©2014. Intellectual property owned by Oneupweb® . Reproduction is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. 9 RESOURCES: 1. prosper.html#.U1k1i1dCq5J 2. pets-should-rise-nearly-five-percent.aspx 3. 4.