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This Oneupweb Digital Distillery webinar examines some of the history of content marketing, and how that history has evolved, particularly in the B2B space. While good content marketing will involve aspects of social media, SEO, and of course research and analysis, this webinar focuses primarily on improving lead generation for B2B companies.

Before beginning their content marketing strategy, businesses should take stock of their existing content, so they see what can be reused.

Businesses must understand their audience and craft engaging, useful content that establishes a diplomatic, two-way relationship. Unlike in the past, today's conversion doesn't happen when buyers take orders from sellers. Be helpful, not spammy, and your content marketing will result in better self-qualification and lead generation as you move toward conversion.

After the content strategy has been cemented and implemented, companies must consistently test (with an analytics program or otherwise) to ensure they're optimizing for the best performance and goal conversion.

Want to read more? Check out our Driving Inbound Leads white paper at http://www.oneupweb.com/insights/white-papers/.

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