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2010 04-13 nmrr-status

2010 04-13 nmrr-status






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  • Operational vs Admin

2010 04-13 nmrr-status 2010 04-13 nmrr-status Presentation Transcript

  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 1 Current Status of NATO Metadata Registry and Repository  Lynda Dallas U.S. Mission XMLSWG, Chair 22 April 2010
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 2 WG Transformations  Revisions in WG structure occurred in 2004  Resulted in creation of the XML Management Services Working Group (XMLSWG) under the Information Services Sub Committee (ISSC) of the C3 Board  NATO and DISA MOU allowed XMLSWG (under the NATO C3 Board) to utilize a Namespace within the U.S. MDR for the last 3 years
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 3 Issues Originally Raised to the ISSC  Status of developing an approach to identify NATO XML Services  “XML Services” is a very ambiguous and all encompassing term.  Should be defined perhaps as NATO XML Registry Services.  Not all of the “Big Picture” interrelationships are defined.  Operational Registries  Interrelationship with National Registries,  Federation of Registries  Role in NNEC  Primary Service is the Registry warehousing capability itself.
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 4  Funding for 2008 work on Registry was not approved!  200k€ request not funded.  90K€ in NC3B POW is enough to continue NC3A support, but not development for the registry.  Funded development work will focus on the Program of Work funded by ACT for development of Operational concepts of the registry.  US Registry is NOT the final solution, but without funds, no development or procurement of a NATO Registry is possible!!!  ISSC Requested XMLSWG to develop a project plan for the future NATO Registry (NMRR) Background on Establishment and Operation of Registry
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 5 Background on Establishment and Operation of Registry XMLSWG developed 4 Possible Courses of Action for ISSC Consideration: COA-1: Centralized NMRR COA-2: Distributed System COA-3: Federated without NATO instance but with a NATO Interface COA-4: Federated with NATO instance And NATO Interface Any COA may be: a) run by NATO b) run by Host Country c) run by contractor
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 6 Background on Establishment and Operation of Registry (Continued) Technical Syndicate made the following recommendations: •Federation of multiple registries is required to efficiently support NNEC. •A NATO owned NMRR is required to support NATO COIs and achieve interoperability on NATO operations. •The hosting and administration of the NMRR can be accomplished by NATO, by Host Nation or by contractor.
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 7 2008 Timeline for NMRR Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec NATO-US MOU Requirements for NMRR Cost/Benefit Analysis Of Possible Options ISSC #4 Agreed Reqmts End 2007 2009 Funding Approved ISSC #5 XMLSWG #6 XMLSWG #5 120 days 2009 Contract Prototype 2006/07 NC3B User / Functional Requirements Selection of Option and Agreement to Request Funding Preparation of Funding Package for Board Consideration Issue Call for Bids ACT POW Lessons Learned We Are HERE and preparing a specific plan
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 8 2009-10 Timeline for NMRR Jan 09 Jun 09 Jan 10 Jun 10 NATO-US MOU NMRR Development 2009 ACT User / Functional Requirements We Are HERE and ACT re-assessing funding situation ACT funded ACT Prototype planned industrialization via CP 150
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 9 Status of NATO Namespace Manager Position  Official VNC post created by the DIMS in 2007  Post advertised to all nations three times from 2007-2009  NO NATIONAL NOMINATIONS!  Announcement closed since no nation indicated interest in filling the position.
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 10 Current Status of the NMRR  NATO Namespace is fully functional within the U.S. Metadata Registry and Clearinghouse and available for additional NATO XML entries.  NMRR is a beta prototype, funded by ACT and managed by ACT cell at ACO and developed by NC3A  XMLSWG pursued the federation of the NMRR and national registries from U.S., DEU, and ESP.
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 11 Status of NATO METADATA REGISTRY & REPOSITORY (NMRR) Documents  Policy for XML Registration and Namespace Management  Custodian:DEU  APPROVED BY ISSC  Directive for XML Registration and Namespace Management  Custodian:DEU  APPROVED BY ISSC  Guidance for XML Registration and Namespace Management  Custodian:DEU  APPROVED BY ISSC  Guidance for XML Naming and Design  Custodian:USA  APPROVED BY ISSC-Needs to be updated  XMLSWG Handbook for use by XMLSWG members  Custodian:ESP  U.S. MDR VERSION 7.0 UPDATE is an annex  NC3A Technical Documents
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 12 Current Status  NATO under an extreme funding crisis.  Hosting of meetings outside NATO has been stopped  NC3B staff travel to support WG meetings curtailed for FY 2nd Quarter  ISB staff has questioned whether NATO requires its own registry, yet acknowledges a registry is a bedrock of net centricity  Some NATO organizations questioning the expense of implementation of net centricity
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 13 NC3A Funding Cuts Impact of cuts to NC3A funding to the XMLSWG  Chair of the Technical Advisory Syndicate  Technical Analyses Documents  Federation Specification  Administrative NMRR User Requirements  Administrative NMRR Functional Requirements  Administrative NMRR Architecture and Design  Development of the ACT-sponsored beta prototype- NMRR
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 14 Namespace Management  NATO Namespace Manager  LTC Robert Hunt  NC3 Staff, ISB Division  VC to the XMLSWG  Namespace Managers’ Forum  Syndicate of the XMLSWG  Chair-Greek Delegate to the XMLSWG  NMRR Administrator-Ms. Georgina Beck, ACT
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 15 Meeting Schedules  11th Meeting of the XMLSWG, 4-7 May 2010 at NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium.  Including Technical Syndicate and Namespace Managers’ Forum  12th Meeting of the XMLSWG 13-16 Sep 2010 in Athens, Greece  Location subject to NATO budget constraints
  • NATO/EAPC UNCLASSIFIED 16 ISSC (SC/5) - Questions 16 050121-CDB-19 Questions?Questions?