Wellbeing Autumn 2012


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Seniors Workshop report in Wellbeing Newsletter

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Wellbeing Autumn 2012

  1. 1. Autumn 2012 Wellbeing Message from DerekWelcome to the autumn edition to assisting senior Australians to However, we don’t believe theof Wellbeing, Australian Unity age in place, we are pleased that Government’s announcementRetirement Living’s newsletter. the Government has committed to goes far enough to support olderApril 2012 marked a significant increase home care packages, in Australians, so together with themilestone for aged care reform with time providing seniors with more Retirement Village association andthe announcement of the Federal flexibility in choosing the setting leading Age Services Australia, weGovernment’s ‘Living Longer they wish to age in. For current and will be advocating for continuingLiving Better’ package. future residents of Australian Unity reform into the future. Retirement Living communities, I hope you enjoy reading ourWith Australian Unity Retirement this reform should translate toLiving‘s strong reputation as autumn newsletter and I look improved access to services within forward to keeping you updatedan integrated service provider, our retirement communities.combined with our commitment with all the latest news from Derek McMillan our villages. Chief Executive – Retirement Living Latest newsAustralian Unity Built in 1888 by Archibald Cook,Welcomes Morven Manor one of Mornington’s pioneers, ‘Morven’ was a gift for his sonRetirement Village William Sym on his marriage toAustralian Unity is pleased to Ella Louise Allchin. Enthusiasticannounce the acquisition of gardeners, the young coupleanother village to its growing converted their five acre block intoportfolio – Morven Manor parkland famous for its collectionRetirement Village. Situated in of Australian shrubs and plants,Mornington and ideally positioned including the stately Norfolk Pinesclose to Main Street and the beach, that were used as a navigating aidMorven Manor is now Australian in Port Phillip Bay for 100 yearsUnity’s second village in the and are still a prominent landmarkMornington area. today.Morven Manor comprises 86 In 1951, ‘Morven’ was purchasedindependent living units and a by the Brotherhood of St. Laurencewide range of community and as a holiday home for elderly people needing a sea change. and renamed it ‘Morven Manor’. We would like to welcome therecreational facilities for residents Changing hands again in 1970, In 1980, Morven Manor was residents of Morven Manor toincluding a library, medical Mr and Mrs Thomas Telford purchased by Mr and Mrs Colin Australian Unity.consulting suite, hairdressing purchased and restored the house Johnston to establish one of thesalon, theatre and billiards room. as a luxurious reception centre first retirement villages in Victoria.Features Art-in-therapy Seniors Recipe: Gardener’s technology Zucchini corner workshops sliceWellbeing – Autumn 2012 page 1
  2. 2. Latest news – continuedThe creation of The art therapy sessions have her role in facilitating holistic careart-in-therapy provided a number of positive for residents. outcomes for residents. “I provide aged care andImagine the frustration of notbeing able to express yourself due “They have also developed rehabilitation expertise to helpto a medical condition. Beverly increased confidence and pride in residents adapt to their changingSmith at Wahroonga Aged Care their achievements and become abilities so they can still do thingswas determined to defy the odds, more social with fellow residents,” they like. My role also involvesand use innovation to initiate a she says. creating care plans for eachprogram that enables residents The sessions are different every resident, continually assessingto use creativity to express time and residents have thrived in their health and wellbeing, as well Masks created during art-in-therapy sessionsthemselves and engage in the day creating various pieces of art work as liaising with their respectivewith successful results. disease. His medical condition such as face masks, mosaics, bark families,” she says.Beverly, a clinical care manager, limits him from being able to paintings and face collages. speak and show any emotion. NBN connected atsaw an opportunity to make a “Such activities allow residents to Peninsula Grangedifference to the lives of residents Vicky has been teaching him to use the creative part of their mind Peninsula Grange in Mornington,who are isolated by dementia or use eye contact and respond to which enriches their experience. It Victoria is the first Retirementcognitive difficulties. She then hand signals to communicate. This gives them a feeling of wellbeing Village in Australia and the firstcompleted a successful grant has enabled him to use these new and independence, as well as an greenfield site in Victoria to beapplication and received funding skills, to gradually interact with opportunity to make something to connected to NBN. Residentsfrom the Greater Monash GP the others in the group and also share with their family members of Peninsula Grange are nowNetwork. with other staff. when they visit,” says Beverly. utilising the network andWith the funding in hand, she “He was inclined to disconnect Residents noticeably enjoy the experiencing the benefits of fastercommissioned Vicky Kingston, himself from people, but since the art group as they are able to use broadband connection.a professional counsellor and art therapy sessions he has become their imagination and creativity,pastoral carer, to come once a more engaged. For instance, one of as well as experience Vicky’sweek for art-in-therapy sessions to my colleagues was mimicking the enthusiastic style of counselling,enhance residents’ wellbeing. actions of a cricket bowler during which promotes fun, laughter a test series, the resident, who is“Since Vicky commenced running and mutual respect. “Her energy a huge cricket fan, responded byart therapy sessions it has made a is contagious – Vicky really letting go of his walking framesignificant impact not just on the fits in with Australian Unity’s and pretended to hit the invisiblebehaviours and isolation of those wellbeing philosophy. She is very National Broadband Network ball. We (staff) were all so happyresidents but their involvement in compassionate as well as practical to see him interact with us.everyday life. and brings out the best in people.” His family, who regularly visit“An example of the benefits of him, have also noticed a great Beverly is pleased to see theart therapy is with one of our improvement in his mood since art success of the art therapy programresidents who has Parkinson’s therapy,” explains Beverly. because it is an important part of Crossword puzzle Across Down 1. Madman 1. Milestone 4.  Tough trousers 2.  Branched horn 7.  Flight attendant 3.  Rugged peak 8.  Country bumpkin 4.  Singer/actress, Garland 9. Me 5. Rouses 12. Unwarranted 6. Earth 15.  Reflex response, reaction 10.  Noxious vapours 17.  Via the mouth 11.  Flat-bodied lizard 18. World-weary 13.  Without import tax (4-4) 21.  Passed (law) 14. Provoked 22.  Greater in years 16. Vocation 23.  Camp lavatory 18.  Type of unarmed combat 19.  Stag or doe 20. Letters The answers to this crossword are available at www.australianunityrl.com.aupage 2 Wellbeing – Autumn 2012
  3. 3. Events – Seniors’ technology workshopsAs technology changes at a rapid This is the fourth year the popularpace, it can be a challenge to keep workshops have been held and theup with new products and learn benefits for locals are clear. “I’vethe language. So when we invited come every year and they are justlocal seniors to attend the annual so useful,” one lady said. “Theseseniors technology workshops at workshops help me to connectWillandra Village, the response with my kids and grandkids. Iwas strong. can follow the conversation at theOver 350 enthusiastic seniors dinner table now!”attended the popular workshops For those of us who are cautiousheld as part of National Seniors about trying to master newWeek and proved that they don’t technology without guidance,want to be left behind in the professional photographer, Peppertechnology revolution. Through Ingham, who led the sessionsthree informative workshops over has some sound advice. “Don’tthree days, participants learnt be afraid to have a play with thethe basics of how to use a mobile settings in your mobile or digitalphone, take professional images camera – you won’t break it. Andwith a digital camera and how to the beauty of digital cameras, orconnect with family and friends even taking a picture on yourusing social media. phone’s camera, is that you can Denise Tomlinson welcomed over 350 attendees across three days at the Seniors’At the end of the sessions, technology workshops always delete a bad image and takeparticipants teamed up with tech- another.”savvy helpers who were on handto answer specific questions and finding friends on Facebook and Skype to make phone calls with “ ’ve come every year and I uploading pictures to the computer a webcam, demonstrated with they are just so useful”teach users how to use their phone to sell items on eBay. a live Skype call from presenteror camera. Questions ranged The highlight of the social media Brad Keeling to his daughter in thefrom how to type a text message workshop was learning how to use USA.and store contacts in a phone, to Fine dining at Lifestyle Manor Bondi Construction update Sienna Grange for completion in July 2012. Services rough in and internal Construction of Stage 3A consisting plasterboard are 90 percent of five units has commenced with complete and landscape works an anticipated completion date of have commenced. The community June 2012. New roads to allow for centre will incorporate a games a further 22 units have just been room, multi-purpose rooms, completed. library, gymnasium and casual dining room facilities with associated bar and kitchen. “The ambience, Victoria Grange the food and Stage 5 consisting of 18 terrace the friendship” homes is close to completion and a brand new display is now Lifestyle Manor Bondi residents and their guests dined on twice roasted duck with sour cherries completed and available to view. Construction of the CommunityPam Petherbridge, resident at trout with lime mayonnaise and Sienna Grange construction Centre superstructure is completeLifestyle Manor Bondi, reported dill butter sauce; and spinach and on track for a late 2012with great excitement of the first and ricotta crepe with sundried Peninsula Grange opening.fine dining evening at Lifestyle tomatoes and pine nuts, all with a Construction of Stage 2 comprisingManor Bondi saying that “the further accompaniment of Greek of 16 units is well underway, withambience, the food and the salad or roasted vegetables and red brickwork and plaster completedfriendship all were to the fore.” or white wine. For dessert there for all units, internal finishesPam arranged dinner for 44 was strawberry mousse and apple 40 percent complete andguests with catering by Di crumble with cream. The evening landscaping has commenced.and Peter Torok from Bassetts drew to a close with tea, coffee and These units are expected to beCatering, which she describes as chocolates served, marking the end completed in May 2012 and this“sensational.” For main course, of an enjoyable event. will make a total of 35 villasresidents and guests dined on a We look forward to reporting on complete at Peninsula Grange.choice of twice roasted duck with future dining events at Lifestyle Construction of the brand newsour cherries; marinated ocean Manor Bondi. Community Centre is on program Victoria Grange constructionWellbeing – Autumn 2012 page 3
  4. 4. Recipe: Zucchini slice Gardener’s cornerRita Pasquale of Greglea Villagein Penshurst, New South Wales,shares her recipe for zucchini slice.Ingredients:4 large zucchini1 large onion4 lean rashers of bacon¾ cup grated cheddar cheese1 cup self raising flour¾ cup oil Add salt and pepper to taste. Autumn is an ideal time for Now is also a good time to make6 eggs Pour into well-greased pan. Bake garden maintenance and new plants from cuttings of shrubsSalt and pepper optional in moderate oven for 30 to 40 improvement such as pruning or natives such as banksias and minutes. back roses, planting your spring grevillea. Remove the lower leavesMethod: flowering bulbs and annuals, and pot into small containers ofGrate peeled zucchini, chop the If you would like to share your improving soil condition or good quality potting mix. Afteronion and bacon. favourite recipe and see it mulching garden beds. It’s also a approximately three months your featured in Wellbeing, please email great time to plant vegetables that plants should be fit enough to beCombine zucchini, onion, bacon villagenews@australianunity.com.au will grow throughout winter such replanted into your garden bed.and cheese, flour, oil and eggs. as beetroot, capsicum, carrot and cauliflower. Getting to know you In each edition of Wellbeing we ask an Australian Unity resident questions that reveal a glimpse of their life. My name is Barry McOrist. What music always makes you I live at Victoria Grange, happy? Vermont South, Victoria. Good choirs singing Methodist hymns. What is the best thing about village life? Favourite pastimes? Our beautiful, well designed Golf, painting and reading poetry spacious home, happy and to residents in aged care. friendly residents and the If you could invite three people to security. dinner who would they be? Where did you grow up? Billy Connelly, Geoffrey Archer Cudgewa then Heidelberg. and John Howard. What is your happiest childhood What was your first job? memory? I started work at Tourism Victoria Singsongs around the piano with and was there for 37 years. family, relatives and friends. What was your favourite radio show growing up? “Yes What”. Barry McOrist, resident at Victoria Grange Retirement VillageShare your newsIs there news from your village that is not featured in the newsletter? Make sure you let us know what’s happening by emailingvillagenews@australianunity.com.au or post a letter to Retirement Living Wellbeing, Level 5, 114 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205 About Australian Unity In the financial year ending 30 June It has grown organically by 2011, Australian Unity’s revenues continually evolving and Australian Unity is a national were in excess of $1 billion. providing the services and healthcare, financial services and The company employs around products needed by the retirement living organisation, 1,400 staff nationally. communities it serves, as well providing services to more as through successful strategic than 560,000 Australians, Australian Unity’s history as a mergers and diversification into including some 300,000 members trusted mutual organisation dates new business activities. nationwide. Over ten thousand of back 170 years. Australian Unity Building, Melbourne our members have been with us for more than 50 years!Some images used in this newsletter are computer generated images. Actual units and villages may vary from the images shown in this newsletter. Prices correct at time of printing and are subject to change.Australian Unity obtained the prior written consent of residents regarding the publication of their written testimonials, stories and/or photographs in this newsletter. Australian Unity Retirement Living Services LimitedACN 085 317 595 Level 14, 114 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205.Wellbeing – Autumn 2012 page 4
  5. 5. Properties for sale – www.australianunityrl.com.au/propertiesVictoria 395,000 From $ 398,000 $ $ 285,000 From $ 485,00-595,000Peninsula Grange The Oaks Geelong Grove Victoria Grange431 Racecourse Road, Mornington 23/110 Hull Road, Croydon 22/50 Barwarre Road, Grovedale 502-514 Burwood Highway,Brand new homes featuring Contemporary two bedroom villa Bright and spacious two bedroom Vermont Southgenerous dining and living areas, with bright, spacious living areas unit with low maintenance Just released – two bedroombuilt-in robes, modern appliances and paved courtyards. backyard. apartments which will offerand private outdoor areas. Phone 03 9802 1647 Phone 03 5244 0822 light and spacious interiors andPhone 03 5975 5267 include large balconies and secure basement car parking. Phone 03 9802 1647New South Wales SO LD 460,000 $ 150,000 $ 85,000-200,000 $ $ 130,000Constitution Hill Elderslee Greglea Karagi Court24/1 Centenary Avenue, 71/15 Bias Avenue, Bateau Bay 6/192 Penshurst Street, Penshurst 41/1 Yakalla Street, Bateau BayNorthmead Recently renovated one bedroom Serviced apartments now Refurbished one bedroom unitGround floor two bedroom unit unit peacefully positioned available. Designed for easy living peacefully positioned at the rearwith north facing outlook and towards the rear of the village including a kitchenette, living area, of the village. Large glass slidingpositioned close to the entrance and surrounded by landscaped bedroom and ensuite bathroom. doors open up the living area toof the village and the community gardens. Phone 02 9579 6444 the balcony with views over thecentre. open lawn and mature trees. Phone 02 4332 6950Phone 02 8868 9090 Phone 02 4332 6950 166,000 $ From $ 895,000 $ 465,000 From $ 340,000Kiah Lodge Lifestyle Manor Bondi Mt Eymard Sienna Grange28/15 Anne Findlay Place, 24-32 Flood Street, Bondi 16/502 Moss Vale Road, Bowral 506 Oxley Highway, Port MacquarieBateau Bay Located in the heart of Sydneys Fully refurbished two bedroom, Brand new homes featuringNorth facing ground floor one prestigious eastern suburbs and two bathroom cottage featuring generous dining and living areas,bedroom unit securely positioned only moments from vibrant Bondi light-filled open plan living areas built-in robes, modern appliancesand thoughtfully designed for Junction, brand new two and and a modern kitchen. and private outdoor areas.convenient living. Features a large three bedroom apartments are Phone 02 4862 2977 Phone 02 6581 1322north facing, covered patio area. available now.Phone 02 4332 6950 Phone 02 9389 2777 From $ 95,000 $ 420,000 $ 735,000The Governors Willandra Village Willandra BungalowsRetirement Resort 22/81 Willandra Road, Cromer 34/51 Little Willandra Road,166 River Park Road, Spacious two bedroom unit newly CromerPort Macquarie renovated throughout and offering Ground floor two bedroom homeServiced apartments now a functional design with the benefit in a unique position next to aavailable. Designed for easy of a fenced courtyard that is ideal lovely lawn and garden area andliving including a kitchenette, for a small pet. includes a large, private courtyardliving area, separate bedroom Phone 02 9971 8035 and garage.and ensuite bathroom. Phone 02 9971 8035Phone 02 6581 1322Wellbeing – Autumn 2012