“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Benjamin Franklin                                             ...
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Harts Pub 12 mths on Twitter


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A twelve month campaign using Twitter to re-launch Harts Pub in Sydney's historic Rocks precinct.

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Harts Pub 12 mths on Twitter

  1. 1. “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Benjamin Franklin A ‘follow strategy’ identified several target Planet’s account manager was then able toThe re-opening of Harts Pub audience groups, including connoisseurs of beer ensure that Harts Pub replied with, “Try ain Sydney’s historic Rocks and people interested in craft beer. A larger paddle” - a reference to a popular craft beer target group included people living and sampler.precinct created the working in Sydney’s CBD and visitors to Theopportunity for a new, yet Rocks. Harts Pub management had built apowerful, word-of-mouth business which offered fabulous food but alsocampaign using social media. the signature of ‘craft’ beer - beer brewed by privately-owned, independent brewers including In March 2010, Harts Pub re-opened its The Rocks Brewing Co.doors under the ownership of The Rocks In this example, a customer at Harts Pub Keeping in mind the limited budget, itBrewing Co, an independent brewer of craft tweets their choice and a picture. Harts Pub would be a waste of time and money to simplybeers. acknowledges by re-tweeting: ‘yell and sell’ using Twitter. One Small Planet met the new owners and There were, of course, lunch specials andtalked about the use of real-time, web-based events like Halloween and the Brewers’ Feast tosocial media for marketing - in this case the use be promoted, but the key to social media isof Twitter. sociability - it is the engagement with individuals With a limited marketing and promotional that gives social media its power. Facebook andbudget the new owners engaged One Small Foursquare check-ins promoted meet-ups andPlanet to embark on a personalised awareness tweet-ups with, to date, over 1000 check-ins bycampaign designed to save the owners both nearly 400 people on Foursquare and nearlytime and money by capitalising on the new 500 check-ins on Facebook.media tools available to them. And that’s not all. One Small Planet created a Twitter account Utilising the best social media toolsfor Harts Pub - @HartsPub - which would available, the account manager then enabled astrategically manage, monitor and engage on system of 24-hour monitoring any mentions ofbehalf of Harts Pub but carefully crafted to Harts Pub whether or not the mentions use theensure that all Twitter ‘conversation’ was strictly @HartsPub name or simply Harts Pub.in keeping with the brand and personality of This meant that Harts Pub, via their OneHarts Pub. Small Planet account manager, could now One Small Planet account managers In both of these examples, a customer has engage with people live and in real time.thoroughly researched the client and scripted been engaged and acknowledged - a powerful In this example, @franksting tweeted,the tweets to be sent from the @HartsPub step in customer loyalty. “Harts Pub has been found”. One SmallTwitter account. “Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without a beer.” Henry LawsonNow it’s Anzac Day 2011: 12 months on and the new Harts Pub has over 2000 followers on Twitter, nearly1000 fans on Facebook, over 1000 online newsletter members & is often fully booked out for lunch and dinner. In December 2010 & January 2011, we brought The Ashes to Sydney! A young American woman with the Twitter name of @theashes found herself in the midst of a media & cricket frenzy when we flew her to Australia to watch a test cricket match. We made Harts Pub her ‘local’ and a backyard cricket match and BBQ was live tweeted and live streamed to an international audience via livestream.com