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Ezwim Smart Telecom Management MNC & TTM
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Ezwim Smart Telecom Management MNC & TTM


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Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. Ron van Valkengoed rvanvalkengoed@ Creating operational excellence
  • 2. Today’s agenda
    • Market Challenges
    • Ezwim proposition
    • Ezwim service outline
    • Ezwim facts & figures
    • Online demo Ezwim services
  • 3. Enterprise Challenges
  • 4. Facts on telecom costs
    • Total telecom spend went up:  18% in 2007 compared to 2006 .
    • The data cost category has more than Doubled since 2006 to reach 8% of Telecom Costs.
    • Roaming costs are on a steady  however roaming continues to represent an important cost category representing 31% of telecom cost
    • Private use of Mobile phones is common:
      • 30% of calling cost is private.
      • Holiday destinations top the roaming country list in July and August .
      • January 1st – Happy New Year – is the no.1 SMS volume day.
    • Private usage of the company mobile is on the rise:  8,3% since 2006.
    • Source: Ezwim Telecom Monitor 2007
    Next Annual Ezwim Telecom Monitor expected in Q1-2009
  • 5. Market Need
  • 6. About Ezwim - Our proposition
  • 7. Market proposition Key Drivers Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Telecom Service Management (TSM) Cost are High and Increasing Service Management Complexity Driven By
      • Mobile Data
      • Roaming
      • Personal Spend
      • Fragmentation
      • New Services
      • No Standard Processes
      • Manual Handling
    Market Need
      • Insight
      • Allocation
      • Reduce Usage
      • Standardization
      • Automation
      • Reduce Overhead
      • 15 – 40 %
      • savings on
      • telecom spend
      • > 50 %
      • savings on
      • overhead
    Cost / Benefit Ratio Ezwim Proposition
      • 1 ÷ 7
    Source: Ezwim Analysis
  • 8. Key functionalities
    • Telecom cost analysis Information on telecom spend and usage across all levels of the organisation (country, site, cost center, end-user). Telecom usage analysis and trend reports offer comprehensive insight into telecom spend over time. In addition any custom-analysis can be made on request.
    • Exception reporting User definable watchpoints immediately expose potential abuse or exceptional costs.
    • Access on all levels Access rights can be given on multinational, country, site, cost center and on end user level.
    • Split Billing & Cost Allocation This enables companies to ensure costs are placed where they belong. Implementation and reinforcement of corporate policies on private spend, as well as allocation of costs to departments or cost centers will become easy.
    • Fleet management TTM allows to keep the user and inventory administration up-to-date with minimal effort. Any inconsistency with the operator data will immediately be signalled.
    • Telecom Service Management Workflow management service that automates standardized processes so they can be executed efficiently.
  • 9. Ezwim MNC Portal Service outline United Kingdom Nether- lands …… .. USA France Fixed / mobile provider MNC Portal ™ Ezwim service International dashboard Consolidation Currency conversion SLA reporting Fleet/service management Local dashboard Cost allocation Split billing Fleet/service management Monthly operator data Ezwim service Provider service IMAC & SLA management Fixed / mobile provider Fixed / mobile provider Fixed / mobile provider Fixed / mobile provider Ezwim Total Telecom Management ™ service outline
  • 10. About Ezwim - Facts & Figures
  • 11. About Ezwim
    • Ezwim delivers Telecom Management services to enterprises and Online Telecom Manager services to operators using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) set up.
    • Ezwim’s solution, Total Telecom Management (TTM), (Telecom Expense Management & Telecom Service Management) helps you to manage your telecom resources more effectively regardless of the number of operators or end-users involved.
    Our clients Ezwim Facts 99,8% Service Uptime | > 70 Blue Chip Customers | > 1.000.000 End Users | > 1 Billion Call Detail records processed per annum © Copyright Ezwim 2008
  • 12. Thank you