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We specialize in identifying, nurturing and qualifying B2B leads for high-tech companies wishing to expand into international markets and rapidly increase overseas sales.

We specialize in identifying, nurturing and qualifying B2B leads for high-tech companies wishing to expand into international markets and rapidly increase overseas sales.



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B2B lead generation process 09112013 B2B lead generation process 09112013 Presentation Transcript

  • B2B LEAD GENERATION OneBusinessAvenue.Com Identifying leads Nurturing leads Qualifying leads Success Based Lead Generation
  • GROWING YOUR BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS OneBusinessAvenue.Com  Our mission is simple. Enable B2B vendors to expand their businesses into international markets.  We specialize in identifying, nurturing and qualifying B2B leads for high-tech companies wishing to rapidly increase overseas sales.  We know how to do it and do it well, because we’ve been opening the door to global markets for over 20 years. SUCCESS BASED BUSINESS MODEL: PAY PER QUALIFIED LEAD
  • WHAT IS B2B MARKETING? OneBusinessAvenue.Com Company promotion of products or services to other companies, organizations, or government agencies, rather than directly to consumers. Most organizations budget B2B marketing around lead provision to the sales team. Marketing Leads Sales
  • B2B & B2C – WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? OneBusinessAvenue.Com  B2B products and services may require a more significant investment.  B2B products and services are often complex, requiring a steep learning curve.  The B2B evaluation process can be extensive, perhaps including a Request for Proposals (RFP) or an on-site evaluation (PILOT).  The purchasing decision often involves multiple individuals from different departments and levels in the organization.  When targeting businesses, your campaign need to focus on logic. When your audience is individual consumers, the decision to purchase is more emotionally based.
  • MAIN OBSTACLES IN B2B MARKETING OneBusinessAvenue.Com  Conventional B2B campaigns such as trade shows and seminars are becoming more expensive and less effective. Cost per lead becomes questionable when ROI is considered.  Internet B2B marketing using standard campaigns such as organic search (SEO) or paid search (PPC) are long term, highly expensive investments.  Social media is a great tool for brand building and content delivery to existing customer base, but will not necessarily generate new business.
  • WHAT IS THE MAIN B2B CHALLENGE? OneBusinessAvenue.Com In most cases, the right contact person in your target organization will not find you, you must invest in locating him.
  • AVERAGE ALLOCATION OF B2B MARKETING BUDGETS OneBusinessAvenue.Com 7% 7% 8% 9% 9% 9% 10% 12% 13% 13% 16% 21% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Marketing automation Virtual events / webinars Telemarketing Social media SEO Public relations Direct mail Print advertising Email marketing Paid search PPC Website design Trade shows MarketingSherpa 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report
  • PRIORITY #1: LEAD GENERATION OneBusinessAvenue.Com 18% 36% 44% 45% 57% 60% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Lead hand-off and management Lead qualification and scoring Lead nurturing Branding, reputation and awareness Converting qualified leads into paying customers Lead generation MarketingSherpa 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report
  • THE STEPS WE TAKE TO GENERATE LEADS Identifying leads Nurturing leads Qualifying leads OneBusinessAvenue.Com
  • In order to build the campaign database, we use automated search applications using sophisticated algorithms to gather relevant information that openly exists on the web. AUTOMATED DATA SCARPING OneBusinessAvenue.Com The Web Automated search applications Competitors Partners Products Catalogs Pricing Creating leads database Identifying leads We target multiple websites to capture information on the target customers, channels, personnel, products, catalogs, contact information and more.
  • Since we’ve been doing business internationally for a long time, we’ve built up an extensive list of agents and channels that will gladly assist in developing promising opportunities. Our network operates in dozens of countries, and enables approaching both channels and organizations in the local language and culture. GLOBAL NETWORK OF LOCALS AGENTS OneBusinessAvenue.Com Identifying leads
  • ADDITIONAL TRAFFIC GENERATORS OneBusinessAvenue.Com Identifying leads Content Is King Social Media Presentations Videos Blogs
  • When identifying leads, our goal is to channel them to the landing page. The landing page provides the option of filling out a contact form or joining the remarketing list. LANDING PAGE Explainer Video Company, Product Info Download Presentations Whitepapers Case Studies Contact Us OneBusinessAvenue.Com Identifying leads
  •  Once a potential lead visits the landing page he is targeted  Potentials lead’s details are kept for 1.5 years  When the lead later visits his regular news sites, YouTube or any other website in the Google network, he will see your ad!  Ads should be changed periodically for new promotions, products, whitepapers, etc., calling for action. RE-MARKETING CAMPAIGNS OneBusinessAvenue.Com Potential lead Visit the landing page Exposed to campaign ads Revisit landing page Fill form becomes a lead Nurturing leads
  • NURTURING THE LEAD OneBusinessAvenue.Com B2B lead nurturing focuses on educating qualified sales leads who are not yet ready to buy. The key to successful lead nurturing is to deliver content that’s valuable enough to keep your audience engaged. VIDEOS WHITE PAPERS PROMOTIONS NEW PRODUCTS CASE STUDIES Nurturing leads
  • THE VIDEO ADVANTAGE OneBusinessAvenue.Com 70% 30% 70% OF B2B CONTENT MARKETERS USE VIDEO Nurturing leads  Visitors who view sales videos are 85% more likely to convert than visitors who do not.  The effectiveness of video on a website surpasses text and audio by a ratio of 5:1.  More than 60% of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product they plan to purchase, and 37% will watch three or more minutes.  With proper optimization, video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x.
  • PREFFERED SOCIAL MEDIA FOR B2B CONTENT DISTRIBUTION OneBusinessAvenue.Com 39% 61% 80% 80% 83% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Google + Youtube Facebook Twitter Linkedin Source: BtoBonline Nurturing leads
  • Once the lead’s email is obtained, we use email marketing to nurture it, providing the lead with fresh content on a regular basis. Optimally new content is sent once or twice a month: case studies, references, press releases, etc. DIRECT EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Nurturing leads OneBusinessAvenue.Com
  •  Mostly done by conference calls or live introductory webinars.  The qualification step includes information exchange from both sides, in order to obtain an understanding of the lead’s background and needs.  Once a lead is qualified and agrees to continue discussion with the sales team, he is handed over as qualified lead. LEAD QUALIFICATION PROCESS OneBusinessAvenue.Com Seeking right contact person Introductory call Product brief Collection of general information Qualified lead Agreement to talk with sales rep Qualifying leads
  • All communication with the lead is documented in our CRM system, and delivered to you as a report with detailed information. Reports include: company details, contact person, the need and any special data the sales team finds relevant to convert the lead into an opportunity. QUALIFIED LEAD DELIVERY OneBusinessAvenue.Com Qualified lead Qualifying leads
  • Contact us to discover what we can do for you THANK YOU! OneBusinessAvenue.Com Info@OneBusinessAvenue.Com