OneBode's Innovative Health & Performance Center


Published on - OneBode Health & Performance Center offers the latest innovations in genetic based healthcare that focuses on strategies for optimum health, performance, weight loss & high-level overall wellness that is tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

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OneBode's Innovative Health & Performance Center

  1. 1. Healthyresultsfrom theinside out
  2. 2. “whether it’s for proper digestion, energy or nutritional support that is tailored to my lifestyle, i have found that oneBodé has something for everything i need.” —Steve Nash, 2-time NBA MVP, OneBodé ownerresUlts for oPtimal HealtHand HiGH PerformanceoneBodÉ total HealtH centerThe latest innovations in genetic-based healthcare, focusing onstrategies for optimal performance, weight loss and high-levelwellness—tailored to your unique genetic makeup. With effectivegenetic testing, we can fi ne tune your program for lasting results.• Weight loss • Athletic performance food plans• Anti-aging • Executive nutrition program• Aesthetic services*wHole food supplementationOneBodé Total Health Center offers uniquely formulatedwhole food supplements to help you achieve your fitness goals.OneBodé is a leading formulator and distributor of high-qualitysupplements made from quality whole foods.*Aesthetic services offered through One Total Image.
  3. 3. Unlock Your Genetic Codefor Health and PerformanceDo you know your Genotype?The latest scientific research shows that you can changethe action of your genes:• Increase energy • Build lean muscle; reduce body fat• Improve metabolism • Detoxify your bodyGenotype TestingDiscover your key genetic bio-markers and receive a personalizeddiet plan specific for your GenoType. A comprehensive reportoutlines key factors to your fitness success:• Personal Diet Profile that identifies SuperFoods unique to you• Metabolic Profile determines how your body burns calories• Immune System Profile highlights your risk for illness and disease• Exercise Recommendations based on your GenoTypeGenotype DietOnce your GenoType Testing is completed, a trained health coachwill review the findings and work with you to:• Create Meal Plans that put your GenoType to work for you• Identify muscle building and fat burning SuperFoods• Review the best supplements to support your GenoTypeGenotype ExerciseOneBodé Total Health offers one-on-one fitness coachingto help maximize your results. Our trained fitness professionalsare passionate about helping you to achieve the body you want.
  4. 4. Programs to FitEvery Age and InterestWeight LossThe OneBodé 28-day Transformation includes:• Genetic testing• One-week detox• One-on-one coaching sessions• Noninvasive laser lipo sessions*• OneBodé weight management supplementsAnti-AgingOur programs are designed to delay the aging process and bringyouthfulness back to your body. We’ll help you look and feel yourbest—from the inside out. Nutritional programs and advancedaesthetic procedures* are targeted to delay the signs of aging.Aesthetic Services*An arsenal of noninvasive services through a team ofprofessionals for safe and effective results with no downtime.• Body sculpting (iLipo)• Laser scar and stretch mark reduction• Laser photo facial• Laser vein removal• Laser hair removalAthletic Performance food planSDesigned for youth, college and professional athletes.We create a personalized diet based on your genetic profileand performance goals.Executive Nutrition ProgramsDeveloped to address the high-stress world of executives,the program provides a personalized diet plan to increaseenergy and work performance while minimizing the wearand tear of executive work life. 1221 W Warner Road, Suite 103  •  Tempe, AZ 85284 (480) 753-9315  •