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Presentation of felix the cat
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Presentation of felix the cat


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  • 1. Introduction: Felix the Cat is a cartoon character created in the silent film era, which appeared around 1895, were primarily a working-class pastime. Because they told all stories without words.
  • 2. Facts: Felix the Cat first appeared on screen as "Master Tom" in FELINE FOLLIES released on September 1st , 1919. Felix The Cat came out in the silent film era, this involved moving images such as humans and cartoons on television using no words.
  • 3. The Creators:Animation pioneer Otto Messmer was born on August 16, 1892 in West Hoboken, New Jersey (now Union City). He would become best known for his work on the Felix the Cat cartoons and comic strip produced by the Pat Sullivan studio
  • 4. Otto’s Career. As a youth, Messmer was fascinated with drawing and the cinema. He learned the craft of animation from Hy Mayer, with whom he produced advertising films in 1914. His talents were noted by Pat Sullivan, who hired Messmer in 1915 for his new animation studio in New York City. Together Sullivan and Messmer produced more advertising films, but their partnership was interrupted for three years while...
  • 5. Felix the cat’s creationday. In November 9, 1919, Master Tom, a prototype of Felix, debuted in a Paramount Pictures short entitled Feline Follies. Produced by the New York City-based animation studio owned by Pat Sullivan, the cartoon was directed by cartoonist and animator Otto Messmer.
  • 6. What I’ve liked about Felix Felix was created in the silent film era, this means that felix the cat cartoon has qualities which cartoons in the 2000’s may not have. Felix the cat came out with a bang by coming out as a comic book, television show & later came out on a games console. Otto messmer has created a franchise and has a wide fan base due to creating Felix The Cat. Felix the cat resembles mickey mouse and was a potential treat to Walt Disney.
  • 7. Felix and hismagic bag.Click this link to find out more about Felix and his magic bag - A
  • 8. What could be improved.. Image quality – the image quality now a days is a lot more clearer It could have more characters.