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Carol O’Reilly, Business Development Director, talked about how OMT have gone global and grown the business in 46 countries over the past 2 years.

Carol O’Reilly, Business Development Director, talked about how OMT have gone global and grown the business in 46 countries over the past 2 years.



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  • First a DisclaimerThis is The OMT Group story… but everyone has to create and build their ownMy belief … all models are flawed! Why are they flawed? Because they’re not informed by who you are, where you came from and what you want to create And so the model that works for one person / company is not going to be the exact model that works for you and your company.Especially in our business, we see so many models, for this and for that… don’t get blinded by these models, instead look to see what resonates and look to adapt to those pieces flexibly to where you are at. This is what we do with clients all the time, sue bits of models that are appropriate for themFor in the foundations of various models there are typically some good learnings and these are sometimes worth sharing and looking atSo these are some of OMT Group’s ‘learnings,’ …as we have grown our International Business …and I hope you find some of them useful as you continue to build yours
  • Who were OMT Group?An Irish Training and Development CompanyEstablished in Limerick in 1989. Serving HR Professionals and Senior Management Teams in the design/customisation and delivery of Training and Development solutionsWorking across Ireland with a few bits of work in the UK, and across multiple sectors (Pharmaceutical, Financial, Retail, Public, etc.) Taken over by 2 Senior Managers of a former client , INVESCO, Mark Doyle and Andy Barry, in 2004. Strong relationships with over 50 leading global brands operating in Ireland.
  • Who are OMT Group Today?Partners to Global Business Leaders that wish to build high performance organisationsSince 2009 we have leveraged the presence of multi-national businesses based in Ireland to expand into new markets. Strong relationships with over 100 leading brands operating globallyOur distinct focus is now productizing our Talent, Transformation and Technology services to deliver our growth targets through further international trade.We have one truly global client and several relationships from our Irish client base that we are doing pieces with here and there globally but that have the potential to truly grow much more extensively.
  • We had, and continue to have, a really strong Client BaseAs we looked, and still look, at the strength of our client list, we see the potential for further global expansion. Our continuing challenge is how to convert that potential into a new reality!But first, more on our story and our journey to date
  • 2008 / 2009…We started looking around – all around us!Seriously starting looking at the trends we could see happening around usShrinking amounts of Public Sector work… and at tighter marginsPrivate Sector hesitating to commit due to rationalisation‘Felt nervousness’ within Irish marketplaceWe decided it was time for action: so in 2008 we hired a US based Business Development person and tried to break into the US market. Our rationale: most of our clients in Ireland were US multinationals that we could move up the value chain… we let it run for 1 year and after no sales…we closed it down.I remember my father saying to me, as a teenager., ‘Go ahead and do something… if you are willing to accept the worst possible outcome or consequence.’The worst possible outcome had come true in the US - no sales, BUT we were still in business…so what was next? Our gut was still telling us that while many were cutting quality, reducing marketing activity and trimming innovation to survive in the short term… this was an unsustainable model for the medium to long term We just needed to decide what next then???We also had a sense of a different kind of activity and energy coming from emerging markets, but what were we to do with this sense?
  • You MUST Believe…and Be Willing to ChangeRemember seeing the cover of the Campbell Soup Annual Report in 2001 ‘It’s not enough to be a legend. Every legend must be renewed.’ This was ringing true for us, more and more in 2008. If such an iconic brand had to renew itself, then does not every brand at some stage?Combined with own knowledge from within the Estee Lauder Companies and its drive for reinvention within the markets which began with the appointment of it’s first non-family President and CEO in 2009 with the express mission to bring about radical change… we realised failure in the US did not mean that radical change was not the answer for us , BUT rather we had not found the right lever for that radical change for OMT YET!!
  • So What Did We Do Next? We looked to continue along the Learning Curve!November 2009 – attended industry conference in Manchester with view to networking with global prospectsChanged pitch of our focus from serving multiple industries in Ireland to a more specialist offering in RetailHonest about scale and scope of current work but also honest about desire to grow global and looking for the right partner to work withWhy Retail? We had a track record AND this ‘looked liked an easier point of entry’ into emerging markets.Dufry, a global Duty Free Retailer, were a great fit! Global in scale, growing at a rapid pace, and in need of a robust Training and Development strategy and associated processes …and looking for a practical and flexible partner to help them with thisOne of their Global Management Team was IrishThey wanted one supplier, one butt to kick did not want a ‘Big House’ - OMT as a boutique styled partner was perfecrWe thought…GREAT: Go global with one client, build our capability and look to progress along the Learning Curve By Dec 23rd2009, we signed a deal to pilot a small Retail Sales Program in Dubai – doing what we did really well in Ireland, just doing it in Dubai…and we got to even do t in English! A small ‘oh crap’ moment, but we felt good about it!Worked all over Christmas 2009 and New Years 2010 … all hands on deck, but it was exciting and in Jan 2010 – Dubai pilot begins…And it went well!!!
  • What was it Really?2010 was the realisation that we were not on the gently climbing and curving ‘Learning Curve,’ but rather …On A Constantly Looping Rollercoaster – Of Global Proportions And Moving Faster Than Ever BeforeBy April 2010, we had agreement on the next rollout phase… Our first real ‘Oh crap’ moment45 countries11 languagesLocal Resource RequirementsFast paced Logistical PlanningProject Management on a scale we had never knownPeople talk about the learning curve, and as a business of ‘Learning Professionals,’ I am probably suppose to tell you that the learning curve was the trajectory we were on…But the reality was it did not feel like a curve at all. Huge loops, mad pace, constant ups and downs ….with the struggles and anticipations of the ups and the pure fear and holding on of the downs. Not knowing if we were right side up or upside down most of the time, ‘forced’ along the track and all in it together to the very end.
  • Our Top 10 ‘Through the Loop’ Reflections From Where We Sit Now?1. Going Global, Starts at homeMoney, research, planning and constant monitoring and evaluation (we have EI investment and support which has ben invaluable)2. Having the right people in place is of significant and lasting importance.Finding key personnel who share both your company values and work ethic AS WELL AS the culture and language of your new market is vital - with as many of them as English-speaking people as possible, thus minimizing communication errors between your HQ and themUnder Promise, Over Deliver It is always better to surprise than disappoint and in this regard also have backup plans in place for delivering on time /to spec…AND on occasion, even quicker/better than anticipatedThink Less Sink or Swim and More Learning CurveCheck your own thinking: and accept the curve may sometimes be a rollercoaster!Don't overbuild.The world can change very fast. It's better to grow slowly then go out of business with ‘overcapacity’Focus: We were so worried we were going to pick the wrong focus . . . it turns out that focus itself is important, even if you don’t pick the ideal focus, you're doing better!7. Being Small Does Not Mean you cannot create BIG – Belief8. Look at markets that have energy and momentum Its like running a race with the wind at your back (currently doing this with Argentina vs. Brazil and Malaysia vs. China)9. Look at your network and how your existing network can open doors (Connect)Eric Schmidt, former CEO Google has a philosophy of: “Find a way to say ‘Yes’ to things.”You may not have done things before, but that does not mean you cannot – Always loop back to Belief.
  • As you Look forward remember: It Takes a Global Mind-setThe embracing and use of new technology can make both new products and services better. Skype, LinkedIn, Yammer – Really look to how you can work SMARTER and new technology can help you do this. Our Brazilian associate – Found him on LinkedIn, interviewed him via Skype, great work for 12 months before any one of us met him just this past JulyYou will need to travel more and work odd hours – its more 24/7Cultural diversity exists even at basic levels (even as an American I need to adjust my interactions to Americans, - I’ve taken to the Irish habit of apologizing for everything – Americans don’t like this!Robust and stringent processes take on new importance and must be led from the topChallenge yourself to know the true interests and capabilities of your team – they may have capabilities which you need but are not flexing in them Accept what you do not have currently and figure a way to go and get it.And always be ready to pivot – what works in one market may not work in another, for one client may not work for another, in one month may not be relevant in 6 months time.We have had some mad stories over the past 2 years and as such have had to think more creatively and more globally …Organising Visas for Russia . Getting people into and out of the Ivory Coast safely. Finding appropriate resources in Cambodia. Trying to figure out how to pay suppliers in Argentina… etc.
  • What is Next for OMT?Our global projects are expanding from retail training to include Leadership training, Conference and Project Facilitation, Talent Management Strategies, Executive Coaching and Teambuilding – drawing off of the breadth of experience we have developed from within the Irish marketplace over the past 23 years!We still focus on the Irish marketplace – we are more focused than ever at identifying and nurturing Irish based global businesses and contacts. We are working hard at embracing technology – across every aspect of every role. Its not about what the business needs to do but how we must each think and act differently about and with technology.We are driving innovation in every aspect of what we do and how we do it. We tend to make innovation a big, grand notion, but it can be as simple as asking someone ( everyone in the business and/or affected by your business), “What is your pain and what might help fix it?” and then generating the ideas, developing them and exploiting them to address and alleviate that pain!
  • In Summary… What Did We Learn?Passionate Belief in your ideas and your vision is criticalThose beliefs guide your actions and provide you with the motivation you and your entire team needThose actions lead to results, sometimes those results are what you dreamed of, sometimes they are short of that…and sometimes they are more than you ever dreamed of… but results one way or another, from which you can LEARN!And remember…Learning from successes is as vital as learning from failures – take time to REFLECT ON BOTH! As those results help shape future actions AND as well help shape more realistic beliefs for the future! Other Notes…Importance of Cash Flow and strong and clear payment terms

Going Global Conference Going Global Conference Presentation Transcript

  • Going Global Conference 16th November 2012 Building an International Business Carol O’Reilly OMT Group, Business Development DirectorIt’s about You, Your Business and Your People 1
  • OMT Group1989 to 2008…It’s about You, Your Business and Your People 2
  • OMT Group 2009 to 2012 Prior to 2009: 80% of OMT’s revenue came from the Irish market. In 2012, we expect to achieve revenue growth of over 25% with 80% of our revenue coming from overseas markets.It’s about You, Your Business and Your People 3 View slide
  • What We Had…and Continue To HaveIt’s about You, Your Business and Your People 4 View slide
  • So What Happened In 2008 / 2009?It’s about You, Your Business and Your People 5
  • If at First You Don’t Succeed… and You Still Believe… Try, Try Again!It’s about You, Your Business and Your People 6
  • So What Did We Do Next? We Looked to Continue Along The Global Learning Curve!It’s about You, Your Business and Your People 7
  • But What Was It Really? A Constantly Looping Rollercoaster… of Global ProportionsIt’s about You, Your Business and Your People 8
  • Our Top 10 ‘Through the Loop’ Reflections 1 3 5 7 9 2 4 6 8 10It’s about You, Your Business and Your People 9
  • As You Look Forward It takes a global mind-set • Working in a virtual world – Don’t underestimate the value of Skype and LinkedIn • Willingness to work the world clock • Wrapping one’s head around what cultural diversity is really about • Need for robust and stringent processes • Understanding what core capabilities you have and how they can be flexibly adapted • Understanding what core capabilities you do not have and going out and finding them • Always be ready to pivotIt’s about You, Your Business and Your People 10
  • What Is Next For OMT?It’s about You, Your Business and Your People 11
  • In Summary… graph credits: Deborah KendellIt’s about You, Your Business and Your People 12
  • Lonsdale House National Technology Park Castletroy Limerick Ireland Tel: +353 61 333 640 Web: www.omtorgdev.com Email: caroloreilly@omtorgdev.com Connect with us on Twitter: @caroloreilly64 @omt_hqLinkedin: ie.linkedin.com/pub/carol-o-reilly/11/910/54