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B2B Marketing Summit - Social Media in the Real World
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B2B Marketing Summit - Social Media in the Real World


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Rob's presentation from the B2B Marketing Summit in June 2012.

Rob's presentation from the B2B Marketing Summit in June 2012.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social media in the real world.A practical guide to everyday social media activity
  • 2. ‘Three (and a bit) degrees of separation’
  • 3. Why should I ?
  • 4. Listening
  • 5. Advanced search
  • 6. Advanced Search
  • 7. Alerts
  • 8. Twitter has advanced search too…
  • 9. Advanced Search
  • 10. Social media management tools
  • 11. Twitter management using
  • 12. Listening a little harder…
  • 13. Finding the right person
  • 14. Finding the right person Finding the right personImproving your ‘Listening Profile’
  • 15. Once you’ve found your people…‘Social CRM’
  • 16. Once you’ve found your people…
  • 17. Once you’ve found your people…
  • 18. Once you’ve found your people…
  • 19. ‘Filtering’ – The tools
  • 20. BookmarkingThe tools…
  • 21. Bookmarking – Why?
  • 22. BookmarkingRead it where I like
  • 23. BookmarkingNext steps
  • 24. Website watchingRSS – Really simple syndicationA type of standardised ‘web feed’ used to publish frequently updated content—suchas blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.An RSS document includes a full or summarized version of the content,plus information such as publishing dates and authorship; allowing the content to beviewed in other locations from the original source. For content-owners RSS feeds benefit publishers by allowing them to syndicate the content they post automatically. For us RSS feeds benefit readers by allowing them to subscribe and receive content automatically using a number of tools called ‘Readers’.
  • 25. Website watchingRSS – Really simple syndication
  • 26. Website watchingRSS – Really simple syndication
  • 27. Website watchingIf this, then that…
  • 28. Using existing identities
  • 29. Using existing identities
  • 30. Using existing identities
  • 31. Take this lollipop…
  • 32. Do not disturb
  • 33. Public vs. privateUnderstanding context
  • 34. New study suggests businesses should take a conversational Customers want a conversation approach to twitter: on Twitter, not a series of press releases, What’s your approach?report according to new www.linktostory.comMaking the most of it
  • 35. If it’s so contested…Why not make your own?
  • 36. Ask first…
  • 37. Why should I ?
  • 38. ‘Three (and a bit) degrees of separation’The world is connected – so you need to be. Thetrick is to make being connected as easy as possible,get the internet to do the work for you so you canwork smarter and therefore harder in the time youhave as well as the time you’ll create.