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Fm 200

  1. 1. CLEAN AGENT FIRE SYSTEMSFm-200 fire extinguishing systems Mail: - Website:
  2. 2. Gielle MarineFire Solutions45 years of expertiseand experience Mail: - Website:
  3. 3. Ship HalonPhase Out ClIMO has prohibited new Haloninstallations from 1994, but acceptsexisting Halon systems installed prior to Cthat date. Phase out of Halon is Fconsequently an issue for each Flag BrState, with the phase out for EU flaggedships as the most notable programme. F Mail: - Website:
  4. 4. Regulations And AlternativeFire Fighting Systems- Montreal Protocol on Substances that deplete the Ozone Layer- European Community Regulations- National Directives- International Maritime Organization Mail: - Website:
  5. 5. Replacing halon with fm-200If you’re building a new vessel or retrofitting a halon system onan existing one, the best fire protection decision you can makeis to select a Gielle FM-200 Fire Suppression System.The Gielle Marine System is the most optioned system as aHalon replacement system. Often, the system can be droppedinto existing pipework reducing retrofit time and costs.Halon 1301 Drop-In: The combination of the aforementionedfeatures allows the system to be used as a virtual “drop-in”replacement for existing halon installations. Most changes arelimited to agent storage cylinder and nozzle replacement. Mail: - Website:
  6. 6. Replacing halon with fm-200Here’s why:- Life Safety- Marine Approvals- Weight- Space Mail: - Website:
  7. 7. Replacing halon with fm-200Life safetyThe FM-200 clean agent works by interrupting the fireon a molecular level, not by taking oxygen from theprotected space. So it is the preferred firesuppression agent for protection of shipboardspaces where crew or other occupants may bepresent. Mail: - Website:
  8. 8. Replacing halon with fm-200Marine ApprovalsMarine Approvals. Gielle FM-200 Systems areapproved for use in marine applications such asmachinery spaces and flammable liquid storageareas by major regulatory agencies. Mail: - Website:
  9. 9. Replacing halon with fm-200WeightGielle FM-200 Systems weigh less than either carbondioxide or water mist systems. So they provide morefuel-efficient solutions to shipboard fire protection. Mail: - Website:
  10. 10. Replacing halon with fm-200SpaceGielle FM-200 Systems take up less space than othertypes of fire suppression systems. This means moreroom for revenue-generating cargo or passengers. Mail: - Website:
  11. 11. General descriptionThe Gielle FM-200 Marine System is a clean agentsuppression system intended for use in totalflooding applications on marine vessels. Its high-performance discharge capability is well suited toboth Halon retrofit and large hazards. Whether you’rerefitting an old halon system or building new, theGielle Marine System is for you. Mail: - Website:
  12. 12. General descriptionFM-200 Fire Suppression System are used tosuppress fires in specific hazards or equipmentwhere an electrically non-conductive agent isrequired, where agent cleanup creates a problem,where extinguishing capability with a low weight isdesired and where the hazard is normally occupied Mail: - Website:
  13. 13. General descriptionGielle FM-200 systems are intended to protect spaces containing thefollowing hazards:• Class A - surface type fires–wood or other cellulose type material• Class B - flammable liquids• Class C - energized electrical equipmentThe system offers versatile protection for small, medium and largeshipboard applications including machinery spaces. Mail: - Website:
  14. 14. Fm-200 extinguishing agentFM-200 (1,1,1,2,3,3,3 - heptafluoropropane) is acompound of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen(CF3CHFCF3). It is colorless, odorless and electricallynon-conductive.It suppresses fire by a combination of chemical andphysical mechanisms without affecting the availableoxygen. This allows personnel to see and breathe,permitting them to leave the fire area safely. Mail: - Website:
  15. 15. Fm-200 system hardwareFM-200 is stored in steel cylinders superpressurized withnitrogen to 360 psig. The cylinder valve assembly is equippedwith a supervisory pressure switch connection for monitoringcylinder pressure. A pressure gauge and a safety disc arefitted to the valve in accordance with DOT requirements.Other system components include mounting brackets, controlheads, pull stations, pilot cylinders, flex hoses, dischargedelays, sirens, check valves, nozzles, etc. System controls canbe configured to comply with all marine regulatoryrequirements. Mail: - Website:
  16. 16. Fm-200 system hardwareHalon 1301 Drop-In: The combination of theaforementioned features allows the system to be used asa virtual “drop-in” replacement for existing haloninstallations. Most changes are limited to agent storagecylinder and nozzle replacement.The Gielle Marine System is the most optioned system asa Halon replacement system. Often, the system can bedropped into existing pipework reducing retrofit time andcosts. Mail: - Website:
  17. 17. Gielle - Fm-200 FireExtinguishing SystemsAt sea, safety requirements for ships are of theutmost importance. This also applies to fireprotection measures. After all, in the event of fire,rapid escape is usually impossible and the promptarrival of help from outside cannot be expected. Mail: - Website:
  18. 18. Gielle - Fm-200 FireExtinguishing SystemsIn the event of a fire, the failure of machines ordevices on board a ship at sea can have fatalconsequences. In such risk areas, fire suppressionsystems must put out fires quickly and residue-free,in order to ensure that sensitive equipment is notdamaged. Mail: - Website:
  19. 19. Gielle - Fm-200 FireExtinguishing Systems Mail: - Website:
  20. 20. Gielle - System design,installation, serviceGielle provide the services (design and installation,retrofit, recharge, and maintenance) necessary tokeep your Gielle system functioning properly and incompliance with Marine fire protection regulations. Mail: - Website:
  21. 21. Questions? Comments?Tank you for your time!! Mail: - Website: