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Omni helps drive corporate profitability and productivity with its CRM integration and identity management software. The company's flagship product, eControl, allows network administrators to securely and easily delegate management, provisioning, audit and user self-service functions to non-technical front-line staff. Omni's latest innovation, Riva Integration Server for Exchange, delivers transparent, server-side integrations between Exchange and over 12 market-leading applications, including SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CRM, Salesforce, SageCRM, Saleslogix, NetSuite, SugarCRM and other business-critical applications.

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Omni - The Integration Company

  1. 1. Contents 3 Omni—The Collaboration Integration Company Since 1999, Omni has helped Novell customers increase the ROI on their technology investments with innovative management and collaboration integration solutions. 4 Omni’s Management and Integration Solutions 5 eControl – Web-based, “ZERO-Rights”, delegated user account management. 8 Riva – Policy-based, automated GroupWise management and integration. 12 Riva CRM Integration – GroupWise CRM and third-party integration. 14 EMU – Bulk user account management for GroupWise, eDirectory and NetMail. 18 CCUweb – Publish GroupWise calendars to the web. 22 Desktop Multiplier 26 DiscoverStation – Secure, multi-station public-access computing. 28 Success Stories Customers describe how Omni solutions relieve their real-world pain. 30 Omni Partner Program Become an Omni Reseller or Authorized Partner. 32 Contact Information
  2. 2. Omni Key Facts • Leading Novell Application Developer • GroupWise and eDirectory Integration Focus • Global Network of Channel Partners SILVER • Novell Technology Partner Since 1999
  3. 3. The Collaboration Integration Company Since 1999, Omni Technology Solutions Inc. has helped customers increase the return on their Novell GroupWise, eDirectory, SUSE Linux Enterprise and Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange investments. Omni’s proven solutions enhance Novell GroupWise and eDirectory by delivering: 1 GroupWise integration for leading CRM, ERP, student management and third-party applications. 2 Policy-based, automated GroupWise management of calendars, address books, rules, folders, user signatures and more. 3 Secure and dynamic GroupWise Distribution Lists. 4 Web-based, “ZERO-Rights”, delegated User Account Management for mixed and multiple GroupWise, eDirectory, Active Directory and Exchange networks. Securely delegate tasks to non-technical staff. 5 Bulk user account creation, management and deletion of large numbers of eDirectory, GroupWise and NetMail accounts. 6 Automated publishing of GroupWise calendars to the web. 7 The fastest, easiest and least expensive way to deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops in computer labs, classrooms, call centers and Internet cafés. Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200 3
  4. 4. “eControl has been a lifesaver! It is the perfect solution for allowing non-technical staff to manage user accounts on both the Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory sides. I wish I had known about eControl a long time ago.” Greg Long, IT Director Community Schools of Frankfort Frankfort, Indiana, USA
  5. 5. eControl Management “ZERO-Rights” Account Remove all administrator rights from your support staff. Securely delegate user account management tasks—NO Rights required and NO access to iManager, ConsoleOne, Microsoft Management Console or Custom Task Pads. Secure Your Network, File and Email Systems eControl eliminates excessive administrator and supervisor rights required to change passwords, create and manage user accounts and deliver password self-service in mixed and multiple GroupWise, eDirectory, Exchange, Active Directory, Lotus Notes* and OpenLDAP* networks. Simple, Web-based Application eControl replaces ConsoleOne, iManager, Microsoft Management Console and Custom Task Pads with a simple, web-based application for delegated management of user accounts. Full Audit Trail All changes that are made in eControl are written to an audit log. Controlled Search and Task Authority With eControl, you control who can carry out assigned tasks in specified search containers. NO Trustee Assignments, NO permissions, NO access to the file system, and NO access to ConsoleOne, iManager, Microsoft Management Console or Custom Task Pads. Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200 5
  6. 6. Immediate Return on Your Investment After 20 minutes of training, your non-technical staff will be able to use a browser to perform the following delegated user account management tasks: 1. Manage Account Passwords 8. Modify User Demographics 2. Manage Email Passwords 9. Manage Login Script and Profile Information 3. Enable and Disable Accounts 10. Manage Login Restrictions 4. Manage Group Memberships 11. Manage Email Distribution Lists 5. Manage Organizational Roles 12. Manage Email Options (visiblity, expiration date) 6. Set Password Restrictions 13. Manage Email Account Status 7. Release Intruder Lockout 14. Create User Accounts Based on Profiles 6 Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200
  7. 7. eControl Modules 1. eControl Help Desk eControl’s Help Desk module provides granular control over the entire account management process. This includes everything from password resets to releasing intruder lockout. Your non-technical staff will love the simplicity of managing user accounts with eControl’s web-based interface. 2. eControl Account Create Non-technical staff can create user accounts, email lists and groups based on pre-configured profiles. These profiles standardize account creation and ensure compliance with corporate naming standards, group membership and email account requirements. eControl is fast. Users can access eControl from any web browser on any computer. 3. eControl Self-Service Deliver user self-service functions for eDirectory, GroupWise, Active Directory, Exchange, Lotus Notes and OpenLDAP. These self-service functions include password changes, “forgot-my-password” challenge phrases and the ability to update demographic information. eControl allows users to subscribe to or unsubscribe from email lists.
  8. 8. Policy-based, Automated GroupWise Management and Integration Omni’s Riva Collaboration Integration Platform is a powerful set of policy-based, automated Applications, Modules and Reports that allow administrators to manage GroupWise accounts and content like never before. Riva Managed Policies Dynamically manage information and content Featured Highlights for GroupWise calendars, address books, proxy access, rules, folders and more. • Leverages the GroupWise Trusted Application architecture and Riva Managed Applications eDirectory connectors Standardize user email signatures. Deliver departmental and multi-language disclaimers. • Integrates GroupWise to CRMs, ERPs, SQL databases and other third-party Create Dynamic and Secure Distribution Lists. applications Riva Reports Provide quick-and-easy access to GroupWise • GroupWise manages itself based on automated Riva Policies and eDirectory information that is not readily available using standard administration tools. • Seamless synchronization of data based on one-to-one or one-to- Riva CRM and Third-party Integration many policies Deliver transparent, two-way synchronization of appointments, phone calls, tasks, notes, address books, opportunities, quotes and • “Value Pack” bundles available more between GroupWise and target CRMs and third-party applications. Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200 9
  9. 9. Managed Applications Managed Signatures Incorporate eDirectory values into user signatures. Append department or group-specific disclaimers. International companies can use Riva to deliver multi-language disclaimers. Dynamic Distribution Lists Populate GroupWise distribution lists with members from one or more eDirectory containers or groups (nested groups). Never have to worry again about distribution list accuracy or manually adding members to distribution lists. Use multi- value LDAP queries to create dynamic distribution lists from eDirectory and third-party applications. Secure Distribution Lists Include external email addresses in your system-defined distribution lists by linking them to CSV files, CRMs, third-party applications and database queries. Configure accounts that are authorized to send email to secure GroupWise distribution lists. Completely hide distribution list members. 10 Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200
  10. 10. Managed Policies & Reports Riva Managed Policies Riva Managed Policies allow administrators to dynamically create and automatically update GroupWise information and content: • Calendars (shared and standard) • Rules • Address Books (shared and standard) • Proxy Access • Folders (shared and standard) • Birthday Reminders • Password Expiration Reminder Emails • And more... Riva Reports Riva Reports provide quick-and-easy access to GroupWise and eDirectory information that is otherwise unavailable or difficult to retrieve using standard administration tools: • eDirectory Account Audit Report • Shared Calendars • Rules Report • Shared Address Books • Proxy Access Report • Shared Folders • GroupWise Archive Path Report • And more... ? Interested in custom GroupWise Policies or Reports, contact Omni at +1.780.423.4200 or
  11. 11. CRM and Third-party Integration for GroupWise Transparent, server-side, two-way synchronization of appointments, phone calls, tasks, notes, address books, opportunities, quotes and cases between GroupWise and leading CRMs, ERPs and third-party applications. GroupWise CRM Integration Riva delivers a single, unified view of corporate Featured Highlights CRM and ERP information in GroupWise. Users enter data once in GroupWise or their external application, and that’s it... No more time wasted manually cutting • Riva bridges the information gap between GroupWise and third- and pasting information. party applications Riva delivers CRM information to key employees • Unified view of CRM and ERP whenever and wherever they need it. information in GroupWise Supported Applications • Compatible with all BES and GroupWise Mobile Server devices • SugarCRM • SageCRM • Microsoft Dynamics CRM • PeopleSoft • Compatible with WebAccess and • Salesforce • Oracle all GroupWise desktop clients • info@hand • Siebel • SalesLogix • SQL • Synchronize CRM appointments, • ACT! from Sage • And others... phone calls, tasks, notes, address books, opportunities, quotes and cases transparently to GroupWise Riva is to collaboration content synchronization... what Novell IDM is to directory value synchronization. 12 Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200
  12. 12. Riva CRM Integration Features Supports ALL GroupWise Clients - Windows, Linux, Macintosh, WebAccess, BES and GroupWise Mobile Server Devices Bi-directional Synchronization - Contacts, organizations, accounts, appointments, phone calls, tasks and notes CRM-to-GroupWise Synchronization - Opportunities, quotes, projects and cases Edit CRM Information Directly from GroupWise - Riva SmartEditTM allows you to review, edit or delete CRM opportunities, quotes, projects and cases directly from GroupWise. Create and Synchronize CRM Information Directly from GroupWise - Riva DropFoldersTM and SmartSyncTM allow you to convert customer emails into new CRM data—accounts, contacts, opportunities, quotes, projects, cases, tasks and appointments directly from GroupWise. ? Need to synchronize Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP or SQL to GroupWise? Contact Omni at +1 780.423.4200 or
  13. 13. EMU Management Bulk User Account Bulk import, modify, manage and delete thousands of GroupWise, NetMail and eDirectory accounts with Omni’s Enterprise Management Utility. Mass Updates Made Easy EMU delivers the ultimate bulk user import Featured Highlights and mass user management application. EMU provides speed and consistency throughout the • Compatible with GroupWise, user creation and bulk modification process. eDirectory and NetMail • Workstation application— no Use EMU to bulk create, modify, manage, import server-based components or delete thousands of eDirectory, GroupWise or • Import or modify hundreds or NetMail accounts in a single session. thousands of accounts based on contents of a data file Ideal Complement to Novell IDM • Provides access to bulk manage Novell Identity Manager customers will find EMU extended schema values handy for doing mass updates and clean-up work • Bulk delete eDirectory and on their systems. EMU is ideal for renaming GroupWise accounts AND Home student accounts and home directories and Directory at once re-linking home directory Trustee Assignments. • Delete “orphaned” user home directories EMU is used by school districts, universities, • Identify and delete accounts that colleges, governments and large Novell accounts have not been used in X days around the world. 14 Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200
  14. 14. “We were faced with the daunting challenge of creating and managing 3,500 accounts—almost overnight. Imagine sitting down with a list of 3,500 names and needing to create network and GroupWise accounts, set group memberships, modify passwords, modify account information, create home directories, create volume restrictions, create GroupWise distribution lists and manage GroupWise visibility. We discovered EMU. The results were phenomenal.” John Moreno, MIS Director Pendergast Elementary School District Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  15. 15. Publish Web Calendars Based on GroupWise Accounts Web Calendars in Minutes The best part is you only communicate Publishing multiple GroupWise calendars this information once and everyone is kept on-line—along with reminders, notes, up to date. tasks, appointments and even attach- ments—has never been easier! Use Auto-Update Feature CCUweb to export your GroupWise Use CCUweb’s Auto-Update module to set calendars to the web in minutes. regular intervals at which your GroupWise calendar will be published. Keep Everyone Up to Date CCUweb is ideal for school districts, Saves You Time and Money universities, government departments, Just think about the amount of time and law firms, church groups and communities frustration CCUweb can save you and your that need to share calendar information, communications staff—freeing them up meeting agendas, class assignments and to focus on revenue-generating other attachments. opportunities for your organization. Your stakeholders will appreciate being able to access up-to-date calendar information from any browser. 18 Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200
  16. 16. CCUweb Publishes 75 GroupWise Calendars On-line “CCUweb provides the flexibility that a district of more than 2,500 employees requires and the depth of information that the parents of 17,400 students demand.” Janet Herdman, Executive Director North Kansas City School District Kansas City, MO, USA
  17. 17. CCUweb Helps You: • Publish on-line calendars based on your GroupWise calendar entries • Provide your stakeholders access to calendar events • Keep people advised of your organization’s events • Import events into a web calendar based on the contents of a CSV file • Automatically update your web calendars • Provide public viewing of the availability of GroupWise resources • Provide multiple language support for your web-based calendars • Provide multiple, linked calendars that reflect subsets of different locations or resources • Make agenda items or meeting mintues available to meeting attendees • Allow users to import events from the web calendar into their GroupWise account CCUweb Uses Your Existing Infrastructure What makes CCUweb unique? It will run on your existing infrastructure. There is no database to set up or manage. It does not require CGI, PERL, JSP, PHP, ASP or other scripting language requirements. CCUweb runs on everything from Novonyx and Novell Web Server to IIS and Apache. No new servers required!
  18. 18. Omni Helps Relieve the Top 10 CIO Priorities 1 Creating or improving strategic applications Riva bridges the information gap between GroupWise and line-of-business systems. 6 Standardizing and consolidating IT solutions Riva Managed Policies and Applications standardize and automate corporate collaboration processes. 2 Expanding IT support to keep up with growth eControl allows administrators to delegate the Top 10 user account management tasks to non-technical staff. 7 Discovering and deploying innovative technologies Multi-station Linux Desktops provide an innovative and compelling alternative to 3 Improving IT security and continuity eControl removes excessive administrator traditional PC computing. rights traditionally required for user account management and creation. All changes are written to an audit file. 8 Breaking down corporate silos Riva integrates and synchronizes collabor- ation information from multiple systems. 4 Instituting more flexible IT solutions eControl delivers a simple, web-based tool for managing user accounts in GroupWise, eDirectory, Active Directory, Exchange, 9 Reducing the complexity of IT systems Riva and eControl deliver simple— yet powerful—solutions to relieve the complexities of managing mixed network Lotus Notes and OpenLDAP. environments. 5 Improving the quality of information Riva provides synchronized CRM, ERP and third-party application information whenever and wherever it’s required. 10 Improving the ROI of existing investments Omni’s product portfolio delivers on the corporate imperative to do more with less— and to do it better than ever before. 21 Omni — The GroupWise Integration Company +1.780.423.4200 Omni — The GroupWise Integration Company +1.780.423.4200
  19. 19. Considering SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop? Multiply your savings by connecting up to 10 users to a single desktop computer! Multi-station Linux desktops are ideal for K-12 classrooms, computer labs and data capture stations. Turn 1 PC into 10! Featured Highlights The Desktop Multiplier, powered by Userful, allows up to 10 users to work at the same time on a single SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop • Most affordable way to deploy large numbers of full-featured desktops computer. • Dramatically lowers TCO by eliminating 9 out of every 10 PCs Affordable Desktop Computing The Desktop Multiplier delivers the fastest, • Leverages existing investments in Novell GroupWise, Messenger, easiest and least expensive way to deploy iFolder, Novell Client for Linux and Linux desktops in K-12 classrooms, computer your network file servers labs, call centers and public-access kiosks. • Outperforms thin clients and Blades at a fraction of the cost Maximize Your Fixed Budget • Perfect for schools, universities, By eliminating up to 9 out of every 10 physical businesses, governments and PCs, organizations can reduce their desktop healthcare hardware, maintenance, infrastructure and • Cost-effective at $99 per seat— electricity costs by 60 to 80%. volume discounts available 22 Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200
  20. 20. “Novell South Africa and Omni worked together to deploy 2,205 desktops in 105 South African schools in the North West Province. ” Read the full story at:
  21. 21. Desktop Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator Dramatically lower desktop TCO costs by eliminating up to 9 out of every 10 physical PCs—and the hardware, software and maintenance costs that they involve. The table below illustrates the savings for 30 traditional PCs vs 5 x 6-user multi-station Linux Desktops. Windows Linux Desktop Multiplier Hardware and Software Costs 30 desktop computers $32,850 $32,850 $15,325 Operating system (plus updates) 4,500 1,500 1,500 Office productivity software 7,500 - - Desktop Multiplier (plus updates) - - 3,861 Other Costs Maintenance costs 6,000 6,000 1,000 Electricity costs 693 693 116 Infrastructure costs 16,710 16,710 2,785 Total Costs $68,253 $57,753 $24,587 Total Savings $10,500 $43,667 Savings as % of total cost 64% “The Desktop Multiplier’s ability to leverage SUSE Linux for up to 10 users on one standard computer presents a huge value proposition for our corporate, government and education clients. ” Allison Singh, Senior Novell Systems Engineer Novell South Africa 24 Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200
  22. 22. Perfect For Education The Desktop Multiplier is ideal for computer labs, classrooms, libraries, Internet cafés and student residences. Schools in developing Healthcare economies with limited electricity can now Leverage the Desktop Multiplier to provide power a single computer for up to 10 users. information to visitors and patients on Call Centers specific health awareness programs or The Multiplier delivers the most affordable initiatives. Visitors, patients and staff can way to provide computer access in call centers. access the Internet, OpenOffice, email and other applications within your healthcare Retail environment. Consider the Desktop Multiplier for your POS terminals. The Desktop Multiplier supports Government Elotouch and 3M MicroTouch touch screens, Free your technical staff from the card readers and USB scanners. challenges of maintaining public-access PCs. Build self-service kiosks with access to on-line information in government buildings to ensure that citizens have access to goverment information when and where they need it. Ideal for Internet connectivity initiatives.
  23. 23. DiscoverStation, powered by Userful, delivers a secure, locked-down, multi-station Linux desktop solution with remote management capabilities, multimedia support, Internet filtering, auto-timeouts and billing options. Ultra-safe, Ultra-secure, Virus-free Featured Highlights DiscoverStation is a complete turn-key solution that allows up to 10 users to share a single Linux desktop. DiscoverStation is ultra-safe, • Customizable Internet filters ultra-secure and virus-free. Stations can be • Automatically clears session informa- tion including personal information, centrally monitored and managed using a downloads, browser cache and powerful web-based management portal, temp files called Network Personalizer, from any web • Auto-timeout feature protects users browser. who leave the station before logging out Centralized Control and Billing Options • Web management portal provides The solution includes individual user sound, remote customization, monitoring, updates and maintenance from any USB memory keys, centralized control, Internet web browser filtering, auto-timouts and billing options. DiscoverStation is the lowest-cost, highest- • Click-through Acceptable Use Policy performance solution to manage public • DiscoverStation comes bundled with Open Office, Firefox, a photo editor, access desktops in libraries and Internet cafés. CD burning software, a free operating system and over 30 programs for kids Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200 27
  24. 24. Success Stories Visit for more customer success stories.
  25. 25. Rockford Corporation: “eControl paid for itself almost immediately by allowing us to have our senior technical staff focus on high-end, value-added technol- ogy integration rather than deal with day-to-day user administration tasks. We recommend eControl to any company that wants to better leverage their Novell eDirectory and GroupWise technology investment.” — Chris Duffy, IT Director City of Greater Sudbury: “Our IT team, front-line staff and upper management are thrilled with eControl. User account management tasks that would have otherwise taken 30 minutes to complete in ConsoleOne, now take our front line only a few minutes.” — Vic Liimatainen, Senior Support Technician Community Schools of Frankfort: “I just wanted to thank you for the great experience our school corporation is having with eControl! eControl has been a lifesaver. It is the perfect solution for allowing teachers to manage user accounts.” — Greg Long, IT Director Contra Costa County Office of Education: “With Omni’s new Riva Managed Calendar policies, we are finally able to push out holiday schedules, events, meetings and other items to users’ GroupWise calendars. We are very pleased with Riva and would recommend it to other school districts that use GroupWise.” — Warren Stewart, Network Project Manager Danville School District 118: “Omni’s Desktop Multiplier, powered by Userful, has saved our district over 50% on desktop hardware costs, 62% on electricity costs and thousands of dollars on costly Internet drops, infrastructure and support costs. The Multiplier allowed us to stretch our limited IT budget and provide better computer access for all students in the district.” — Christel Powell, Manager of Information Systems Omni — The Collaboration Integration Company +1.780.423.4200 29
  26. 26. Omni’s Partner Program Sign up today at Omni’s Authorized Reseller Omni’s Authorized Partner level is the quickest and level is for companies that easiest way to begin reselling actively resell Omni’s products Omni software to your Novell and integrate them into their customers. sales activities. No quotas to meet. No partner fee. Minimal Omni Authorized Partners are commitment required. eligible to receive customer leads, sales training, not-for- resale software and special promotions.
  27. 27. Global Partners to Serve You Better North America Europe, Middle East, Africa Complys Technologies Inc., Canada JT-Computer, Austria Afrilinux, South Africa Image, Canada redNET services gmbh, Austria NetCB Solutions, South Africa InfoGlobe, Canada Kangaroot Linux Solutions, Belgium Blueloop Limited, UK Smart Entrepreneurs, Canada LabTera d.a.o., Croatia Mindworks Inc. Ltd, UK Vision NetWorks, Canada Datron, Czech Republic Advanced Network Systems, USA Girf Ltd., Estonia Latin America All Network Integrity, Inc., USA Maintainet AG, Germany BayNet, Argentina Data Northwest, USA WIT, Germany Linux Center Latin America, Chile DatusLLC, USA ZNS-Vogelmann GbR, Germany Global Business Solution, Mexico Delcom Group, USA Phoenix Software Ltd, Ireland CISWAVE, Mexico EIS Data Systems, Inc. Nisis, Italy Netservices C.A., Venezuela ESI Technology Advisors, USA Computaz Systems Ltd., Kenya Gracon Services, Inc., USA Athena Import Export, Netherlands Infinity Technology, USA IT-Innovators BV, Netherlands Asia Pacific InTech Solutions, USA Muis Netwerken, Netherlands IceFire Technologies, Australia Integrity Network Solutions, USA Netflex, Netherlands SystemCraft Pty Ltd, Australia JWH Consulting Inc., USA RealOpenIT, Netherlands Network Help, Australia MC Consulting, USA Wannit BV, Netherlands Pegasus Technology, Australia Network Providers Inc., USA Frontéri Network Consulting, Norway ACA MicroCARE, Australia Pinnacle Computer Services, USA NDS8, Scotland TechTonics Group, New Zealand Think Tank, USA Nord Net IT AB, Sweden SVK Tech Singapore Pte Thoroughbred Data Services, USA AAC Computer AG, Switzerland Refer to Omni’s Partner Locator on-line for a complete listing.
  28. 28. It’s Just the Right Time to visit our web site, email us, or give us a call... +1.780.423.4200 Printed in Canada. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.