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How To Exploit The Future To Your Advantage by Copyright Andres Agostini (Andy) - Arlington, Virginia, USA
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How To Exploit The Future To Your Advantage by Copyright Andres Agostini (Andy) - Arlington, Virginia, USA


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini The Sheer Volume, Speediest Newness, And The Permanently Changing Future-Present Interrelationship: Deep Understanding And Practical Prescriptions For A Daring (Man-Made And Otherwise) Third Millennium! (Pictorially and semantically illustrated). By Andres Agostini, December 16 / 2K8 - Arlington, Virginia, USA ___________________________ Robert Kennedy: The past is not the script of the future…Future is not a gift; it is a daily conquest. 1
  • 2. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini Andy: 2008’s 'Perpetual Novelty' –after taking a bite of the first years of Century 21– appears entirely, increasingly unleashed from precedent when analyzed from the longest and amplest historic perspective (pursued by an exact-science practitioner), thus creatively disrupting (dragging the FUTURE into this as-of-now PRESENT) a chain of past-time successions. The links, between historic successions and other preterit sequences, not only are ‘broken’ and against fuzzy discernment and counter-intuitivism (that of my beloved, yet-in-its-infancy Quantum Mechanics), but also beginning to get unrelated to the essence, the substance, the depth and breadth and scope as well as to the veritable and relevant facts and statistics, those facts and statistics eternally undergoing massively ever-increasing dynamics. This material is hence anticipated to seal a gap in the leadership and management literature. 2
  • 3. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini This saga that I pursue and share with the reader gained critical mass with the book “Future Shock” by Alvin Toffler. So many intelligent, talented, and valuable people acknowledged having heard of it, as they admit not having studied it thoroughly. My mind was caught in fire to learn much more on it. Since the advent of this precious book, I got marveled by the subject matter. This theme – among others – has been, is, and will be of my keenest interest until my life’s completion. Bertrand Russell declared, “I know many people that would rather die than think.” This is a time for us to change profoundly— changes that makes us more adaptable, resilient, knowledgeable, and savvy— while committed to super-learning. SEE, IF WE GET INTELLECTUALLY MORE PREPARED, DAY BY DAY THROUGH THE END OF TIMES, WE EXTRACT FROM OURSELVES THE INSIDIOUS OBSOLESCENCE UNIVERSALLY SPOKEN ABOUT THAT IS IMBEDDED IN THE HUMAN RACE’S GENOME. Super-learning makes the case for us to be within and beyond the boundaries of hyper-dynamism. If we get ultimately “dynamical,” we are in the optimum pathway to countermeasure threats, hazards, and vulnerabilities from this increasingly daring Epoch. Business restoration and continuity is crucial as well. This Epoch did not only change the known nature of risk, opportunity, change, and leadership, but it is also flagrantly exploiting the unknown facets and dimensions of change per se. This ‘too futured’ change I call CHANGED CHANGES. Incidentally, there is CHANGE generated by others agents and 3
  • 4. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini factors. This is mostly the CHANGE THAT HAPPENS TO US AND THAT, AT TIMES, the one that overwhelms us. Then, there is the CHANGE brought into life by our own efforts and lack of them, directly or indirectly. When technological, political, economic, societal, environmental, outer-space CHANGE is not authored by our own direct efforts, WE MUST ADAPT, ADAPT, ADAPT, AS WELL AS INDUSTRIOUSLY CHANGE THE MAGNITUDE, THE FREQUENCY, THE URGENCY, AND THE INTENSIVENESS OF SUCH ADAPTATION, ROUTED BY YOUR OWN EFFORTS AND THAT ON YOUR ONBOARD CREW. ADAPTING KNOWLEDGEABLY, TIMELY, UBIQUITOUSLY, AND FOREVER IS THE WAY TO PROFOUNDLY CHANGE OURSELVES ALWAYS AND ALL OF THE EPOCH. TO WHAT EXTENT? REPLY: TO AN AGELESS CONTINUUM OF HYPER-ADAPTATION. The CHANGE, too, compounds, disrupting long-beliefs, value systems, and cosmovision (micro, macro, and hybrid / blended ones). Other people’s changes get compounded with our own direct effort to adapt, re-adapt, namely changing our minds, hearts, body, spirit, and soul. I timely share with the reader, to the purpose of the present work, the personal motto of Dr. Stephen Covey, “Live Life In-Crescendo.” Please remember: The Rules and Skill Requirements have dramatically been altered and, even now 4
  • 5. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini while your intellect dialogues with my intellect (as you read) through this Technicolor-paper. Nota Bene: This is the “Society of Knowledge” not only because there is immense availability of knowledge, BUT BECAUSE YOU TOO MUST DEVELOP LEADING-EDGE KNOWLEDGE (PATENTABLE) CONTENTS TO REINVENT THE WORLD RELEVANTLY. Thereby, we are in a better situation to grasp a tiny bit of our destiny. If all of us were completely determined and marshaled to sustained diplomatic efforts (non military ones) to be enforced by the U.S., E.U., South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, and India, there may be, for example, a stop to North Korea’s ambitions for nuclear weapons. So that you know: When we extract illiteracy from ourselves and to some extent, we are helping civilization to prevail. This effort, nonetheless, must be massive, collective, and cross-functional. Extracting illiteracy from humanity is to institute, for example, sophisticated risk management on humanity and all of its constituents to a great degree. Never ever the old map suffices to get to a blurred, always-changing place of novelty. Subsequently, awesome and emboldened and ubiquitous mind expansion is an unquestionable, day-to-day MUST-HAVE! Said ‘risk management’ does not ever equates with (a) Insurance, (b) Co-Insurance, and (c) Re- Insurance. 5
  • 6. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini I have known many great talents in global corporations and multilateral institutions. Unfortunately, these incumbents don’t train and re-train themselves. There is abundant literature in the marketplace to update their doctoral degrees. Why managers, professors, and teachers don’t read fact-driven, hard-copied, paid-for literature? When I started college, both in Canada and the U.S., my academic advisors—before paying the tuition—told me that the validity of my studies would last up to five (5) years immediately after completion. I know manyy people that get a MBA and never ever get updated again. Many of them paid a high premium for a doctoral degree so that they didn’t have to seriously study any farther. Clearly, people with doctoral degrees—on the whole—habitually require fine literature more than oxygen and other nutrients. The latter ones know that nothing is fixed, but mutating and transmutating. One must become a knowlegist immediately for his own sake. On the other hand, the status quo — sometimes an agent that does not foster change — is by definition a static “elite” of society. I have nothing with noted elites that are always seeking to get better and excellent for the greater good of the world. I just don’t like “fat” establishments that let Earth rotate without executing anything fruitful. Some think-tanks are fluid and productive and indispensable groups of elite. As you see the Nature with the naturalist eyes, you’ll see elites all over in the Animal Kingdom. Take a look at bees, aunts to cite two cases. In my opinion, Her Majesty, the Queen of England is instrumental to keep political / societal balances and counterbalances. Without 6
  • 7. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini His majesty, King Juan Carlos, Spain might need to check its collective mental sanity from separatism. He, too, with great prudence is instrumental to keep political / societal balances and counterbalances. Subsequently, I have nothing against elites, establishments, and or status quo. Some features I might not agree upon, but I respect them all. I even respect those that might not respect my thoughts, ideas, theories, hypothesis, and/or conjectures. I do not, at all, belong to the called “counter-culture,” though I do respect them too and what they stand for. Why? Because I like openness and democracy to the utmost, especially that guarded by the rule of law. Besides, one cannot practice truly advanced risk managements if he / she does not consider many futures via the scenarios method. One cannot exercise true and adaptable innovation without a conscientious and perennial consideration of (a) FUTURE and (b) RISK. As potential disruption always involves the so-called “human factor” and its inherent personal cosmology, those who study and research FUTURE and RISK must consider, too, Millennium-3 leadership well in advance. Zero prognostication or divination here, just eliciting explosive and dramatically subtle trends to formulate futuristic scenarios (plotted on its respective, developed trends) and contingency plans. Without all of this, there is no management and/or business to be launched and maintain with success at all. 7
  • 8. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini There is an Arab proverb that states, “Whoever sees the future lies even if he tells the truth.” A Chinese guru told his disciples, “attempt not to live in interesting times.” It has been our grace and disgrace to live in such interesting times. The guru meant that times like ours are troublesome for all- walks-of-life people, but hugely interesting for those who observe with a prepared mind. The prepared minds, though, should responsibly be here to explain phenomena (scientifically, phenomena belongs to realm of normalcy) and suggest pathways to overcome and navigate terra incognita’s unchartered waters with an even keel. We all must make these times better. The classical Beetles song goes, “take a sad song and make it better.” In other words, let’s make certain we can make the best out of the worst with the greatest determination ever. No matter how many global, frenzy, intertwined, superposed, shocking, overlapping, building-up crises (e.g., climate, ecology, geology, economy, business, marketplace, terrorism, society, poverty, (super) population and its transformations, demographics, globalization, re-regionalization, geopolitics, rogue power and soft power waging, as-we-now-know-it democracy, pandemic disease, energy, risk (downside risk), opportunity (upside risk), dangers, safety, security, reliability, quality assurance, corporate governance, emergency preparedness, restoration (private or civil or institutional), lifestyle, innovation, creativity, strategic/exuberant surprise(s), leadership, organizational strategies, management, economics, accounting, finance, marketing (some pundits of this area say that clients are too empowered to need a vestige of marketing/marketer anymore), customers, 8
  • 9. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini healthcare and life enhancement, institutions, biology, genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, intelligence amplification, biotechnology, nanotechnology, malfeasance from Wall Street / Other Stock Markets and any 'Main Street', non-stop Universe’s expansion―'till Big Crunch’s yoctosecond, as well as the science, and technology per se, etc.) of this and that. For instance and just to cite three significant vital factors, risk (downside risk), opportunity (upside risk), and leadership must be boldly re-conceptualized, re-imagined, and reinvented. This way each one / all, en masse, will realize how forceful everyone must come together into unison, as energized A-C-T-I-V-I-S-T-S in favor of the benefits and against the challenges. CITIZENS MUST COME TOGETHER ON THIS CAUSE UNEQUIVOCALLY AND WITH THE GREATEST SENSE OF URGENCY, DILIGENT URGENCY OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. Have to 9
  • 10. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini get mind-prepared and ever-ready as per my firmest POV. Pervasive measures and countermeasures –being before numerous vulnerabilities and threats increasingly conspiring against humans– must become generally known and administered properly at the public level. You might wish to download the latest official and public report by U.S. intelligence at THIS IS, PERHAPS, THE REAL DEAL. It’s time (as it seems to me after deeply researching the subject for almost 30 years), through esprits de corps talented teams of ‘rivals’, to institute the systemic, systematic, holistic stewardship of UPSIDE AND DOWNSIDE RISKS à la Gestalt and with the concurrent omniscience vista. Hope cannot be audacious without supreme faith and empowerment with state of the art. What do I mean by instituting the omniscience perspective? Before going any further with the focus of the present material, I will thoroughly define the term “omniscience” for the reader my way. No problem, this is to be shared openly. 10
  • 11. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini What do I mean by instituting the omniscience perspective? Omniscience, With The Perspective Of… This is a compilation on the lexicon “omniscience” to illustrate its meaning. When it comes time to manage risks, futures, opportunities, leadership and great challenges of this Era, via omniscience you exploit the positive facet of the challenge by crippling the disruption potential, partly or completely. 11
  • 12. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini Thereby, you center-stage SUCCES or desired outputs to your favor and that of your onboard crew. This vital notion must be imbedded in the neurons of any Milleniunn-3 Leader, otherwise nonsense is preached and practiced. One must make the effort to get the closet possible to applicable, applicable omniscience in the day- to-day battlefield. The reader is fully entitled to make his / her own conclusion. It takes hard work in extremis and a tsunami of determination to somewhat embrace the practicality of this crucial concept. I will first give the reader the dictionary’s definition of “PERSPECTIVE.” Why? Because the idea is TO MANAGE WITH THE OMNISCIENCE PERSPECTIVE. As follows: “per•spec•tive (p…r-spµk“t¹v) n. 1. The technique of representing three-dimensional objects and depth relationships on a two- dimensional surface. 2.a. A view or vista. b. A mental view or outlook. 3. The appearance of objects in depth as perceived by normal binocular vision. 4.a. The relationship of aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole. b. Subjective evaluation of relative significance; a point of view. c. The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance. --per•spec•tive adj. Of, relating to, seen, or represented in perspective. --per•spec“tiv•al adj. --per•spec“tive•ly adv.” This is the unified compilation of the Omniscience Definition: (all of the following at the same time) 12
  • 13. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini “ … Having total knowledge; knowing everything … One having total knowledge … Pansophy: ‘universal knowledge or wisdom...system or work embracing all knowledge ... pol•y•math: A person of great or varied, updated learning … know•ing … all-knowingness … Possessing knowledge, information, or understanding … Showing clever awareness and resourcefulness; shrewd ... Suggestive of secret or private knowledge … conscious … having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight … possessed of universal or complete knowledge … the omniscient narrator … A person of great and varied learning … one who has rejected authority and dogma in favor of rational inquiry and speculation … learning ; erudition ; teachers of great knowledge ; one who takes advice or information from others … familiarity or awareness or understanding gained through experience and study …the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, and/or learned … specific information about something … narrative and numerical data gathered and assimilated … the mastery of many areas of learning reflected in a scholar’s work … a collection of facts and data (A man’s judgment cannot be better than the information on which he has based it) … that who constructs expert systems … deep extensive learning … the instructed one that instructs other to get further instructed … the methods, discipline, and attainments via academia, personal, professional, organizational, and in-the-battlefield experience … extensive knowledge … infinite knowledge … convergence of all wisdoms brought into one ultimate over-wisdom … the state or quality of having infinite knowledge; knowing all things … universal knowledge or wisdom … system or work 13
  • 14. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini embracing all systems … a person of great and diversified learning … including in one view everything within and beyond sight, insight, and farsight … having infinite discerned insightfulness … a person of encyclopedic learning … omniscientia knowledge … having learned much in several fields of study concurrently … educated, knowledgeable ; wise, sapient … that possessing great wisdom and sound judgment … that who has been and remains schooled by the university of ‘hard knocks’ … one that presumes that all things have not done sufficiently optimally … a self-dealing person with his mindful transformation towards possessing all-knowingness … healthy obsession with the nano-granularity of detail as it is pondering a collective multitude of subject matters …. Profound knowledge, deep knowledge, total command or mastery; specialism, specialized or special knowledge; expertise, proficiency; wide or vast or extensive knowledge, generalism, general knowledge (updated), interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary knowledge; encyclopedic knowledge, polymathy, polyhistory, pansophy … learning by inquiry … knowing all happenings in the life or development of a people, country, institution, etc. … all scientific accounts of a system of natural phenomena … eternal learning of the most complicated, fact-driven literature … hidden knowledge, recondite knowledge” Can I summarize it a pictorial illustration? See it now: 14
  • 15. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini In “Transformative and Integrative Risk Management, authored” by the undersigning, the consideration of the omniscience application is of the maximum importance at all times. (hard-core topic here resumes)… Having addressed the definition of omniscience, I will get back to the chief subject matter of this publication. Again, omniscience in the hands and minds of the right practitioners is a powerful tool 15
  • 16. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini that becomes worthless if violations of ethics and morality are what motivate some opaque souls. If these violations keeps going and going, it is as if the entire civilization were teasing Armageddon into crystallizing. I wonder if this public effort can be ‘BRANDED’ (communicated efficaciously and virally) in a functional and efficacious way! As long as there is not a 'MAD' catastrophe or a large meteorite―science and technology will cogently drive mindful, inquisitive people / intelligent hardware into enhanced transhumanity and super / overhumanity (with biological and non-biological constituents) irreversibly towards the Socio-Technological Singularity (i.e., as per George Orwell’, Alvin Toffler’, Vernor Vinge’, Ray Kurzweil’, Eric Drexler's, and, perhaps, that of NASA I'll, with great pleasure, venture to mention). THE MORE THE SO-CALLED CRISES HAPPEN, THE MORE THE EMPIRICAL-AND-OTHERWISE PROGRESSIONS OF APPLIED 'STATE OF THE ART' WILL REGISTER WITHOUT A FAIL. What might the human race get in exchange and by implementing all-encompassing MANAGEMENT (all chapters thoroughly) via a compound, all-solutions toolbox, routed with the envisioning and instituting of the optimal totality-of-knowledge? How? By operating the mind and the brains-driven business battlefield (just a stratum among zillion strata) with THE COMBINED, INDUSTRIOUS 16
  • 17. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini ASSISTANCE OF OMNISCIENCE, PANSOPHY, POLYMATH, ALL-KNOWINGNESS. If attention is indeed paid to world-class, ‘cross-pollinated researched' literature and media, What are the good news? The current civilization can increase UPSIDE RISKS (benefits) and mitigate / terminate DOWNSIDE RISKS (disruptions), some existential and others not. Incidentally, one situation that does compound heavily (into terra incognita) is that of risks. CLEARLY, EVERYONE ON EARTH MUST INDUSTRIOUSLY WORK UNDER THE ROGUE RULING OF THE ULTIMATE DIVERSIFIED UNITY! Diversity, when properly integrated and aligned, begets breakthrough innovation. QUESTION: WHICH PATH / ROUTE WILL THE PROFESSIONAL / BY-OWN-DESIRE IGNORANT, LAZY, MISTAKEN, IGNOMINIOUS, INDOLENT, OMINOUS, CORRUPT ONES TAKE? REMEMBER, 'ONE CANNOT GET TO A NEW PLACE WITH AN OLD MAP.' Just might need a GPS and a SAT- Phone and Sacred scriptures. Problem: Way too many supine ignoramuses, numbering a tough majority. Facing Century 21, What / Where is your dynamic, real-time upgradable roadmap? Really? I just wonder! Kindly please —to great fanfare— receive a warm welcome to attending the DEATH OF UN-RESUSCITATABLE SCI-FI GENRE AND THE EVER-INCARNATION OF UBIQUITOUS SCI-FACTS. SUBSEQUENTLY, 17
  • 18. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini IT HAS NEVER BEEN MORE CRUCIAL TO BETTER YOUR INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL BEYOND BOUNDARYLESS DREAMS. Anyway, 'THE EMPIRES OF THE FUTURE ARE THE EMPIRES «OR MONARCHICAL STRATA» OF THE MIND' (Churchill). HOW HAVE THE READER EXERCISED RADIANT AND PERVASIVE MIND EXPANSION LATELY? The Human Race has always longed for progress, ultimately upping its living standards for centuries. To that end, noted physicist, Dr. Stephen Hawking declares, ‘I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be on «the outer» space.’ I ask myself, How lengthy is ‘LONG’ for Dr. Hawking? 18
  • 19. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini In the process, the world stage has become a TREACHEROUS PROBLEM like never before (if one desires to see more on what I mean, please go to: snapshot-summary-by-andres-agostini-arlington-virginia-usa-presentation). One can use a plain, lay mode to envision it (i.e., sub-optimally). This is fun and stress-free, but, once you capture a womb-to-tomb view of the world / universe (and what if the known universe is a sub- universe of larger sets), one can easily realize that the world civilization is into a life-to-death CHALLENGE, hugely and increasingly complicated. This is the Epoch of Complexity-Dom, and simplicity burial! Simplicity can certainly have a role— that is, when judgment, pondering, and intuition is flooded with leading knowledge assimilated and stewarded by and from the prepared mind. It does not work the other way around. One can see grave complexity all over when he observes in a plant the manufacturing process to make a plain, but indispensable, pencil. It means that almost-700 billion inhabitants HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED FOR THEIR OWN SURVIVAL. In my opinion, this clearly represents zero magic solution, just hard, brainy work, with nil paradigms from and to everyone. There are too many out-crying, inflecting-point fronts. Behind the complexity of these increasingly daring tribulations of 24 / 7 – if mitigated and terminated – there is, though, a WEALTH OF OPPORTUNITY. Where? By way of example, in the development of called 19
  • 20. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini “green energy.” Incidentally, this is not the taken-for-granted ‘Society of Knowledge.’ It is very expensive, since one must daily mortgage their intellectual capital endlessly and to the utmost and for good. I, for example, did not obviously give birth to hominoids, nor ever consider myself the supreme intelligence in the universe (let’s just abide by facts and figures and preternaturalist thinking, as an amicable unasked suggestion); Primates (including pre-humans and humans) were occupying the land and wandering around, intrigued by copious wonders. A mind + A body + An opposable finger (thumb) + a rock can equate to a great deal of fine and terrible, weaponized artifacts. These tools can build up a cathedral or bring it down. What are the fundamental ethical principals involved? Those, today, easily gain critical mass when the 7-billion souls wish to breathe and make a living and 20
  • 21. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini enjoy some world-class life standards, literally ‘de luxe.’ The adage, ‘one thing at the time’ will NOW be replaced by ‘A PLENTIFUL, FOREVER-ONGOING [AND EVER-INCREASINGLY SO] CLUSTER / BUNCH OF DRAMATIC AND EXPLOSIVE PLUS SUBTLE THINGS [UNDER REGISTERED AND UNREGISTERED PERVASIVE FORCES] IN REAL TIME AND ALL OF THE REAL-TIME TIME.’ As people have evolved and progressed, they have partly compounded the past into the present. MEANTIME, THE FUTURE IS ALWAYS PRE-CLASHING THE CURRENT PRESENT. The more FUTURE pre-clashes and/or clashes the as-of-now PRESENT, the more obsolete the PAST becomes without a fail. GOOD TO KEEP IN CONSIDERATION, ‘IT IS OUR FUTURE THAT LAYS DOWN THE LAW OF OUR TODAY’ (FRIEDRICH WILHELM NIETZSCHE). THIS ‘PRESENT’ IS INFINITELY (NON-LINEAR-LY AND) MORE COMPLEX THAN OTHER PRESENTS. 21
  • 22. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini Now, we reached a canonical milestone that requires each one of us to do the best we know NON- STOP-LY. Back in the eighties, life was much easier, say, in the West. It is difficult not to feel nostalgia for those at-ease times. A great Scotsman speaks about this in length. He, Eamonn Kelly, works for Global Business Network (Kelly is GBN’s CEO). He authored a great book, ‘Powerful Times’. Thereby, ZERO EASINESS AND NONE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS, ARE NEVER EVER VIABLE IN THIS FLUID EPOCH. If one were to apologize subsequently, (please) not me, not to me. We have been called to revolt and act upon many techniques and methods compiled and compatible 22
  • 23. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini with a technocratic revolution. But to get the maximum output, the musical must be choreographed (processes stemming from the respective throughput) and, above all, acted based on ‘esprit de corps’ unanimity. By the way, I am into frictionless capitalism, though I seriously doubt that the worldwide stock markets will be the same. It is, at least, as important to determinedly look after the legitimate needs, requirements, and expectations of humanity. At any rate, such humanity needs a viable economic work of reference, especially with so many in needs. By the same token I, too, strongly believe in assisting the people as an extremist humanitarian. I’m a centrist + independent (without foolish ideologies, dogmas, doctrines) and within TRUE DEMOCRATIC VALUES AND PRACTICES, OBSERVANT OF UNIVERSAL VALUES. Thus and giving the challenging Eon, keep in mind the ageless sentence, ‘HE THAT WILL NOT APPLY NEW REMEDIES MUST EXPECT NEW EVILS «CHANGED CHANGES THAT DISRUPT OUR LONG-HELD SYSTEMS OF BELIEFS, COSMOVISIONS (MICRO AND MACRO AND BLENDED ONES), ETHOS, AND COMFORT ZONES»; ‘FOR TIME IS THE GREATEST INNOVATOR.’ (Sir Francis Bacon). Incumbents, the civilization in its entirety, are entrusted with seeing (that is, seeing with the granularity of detail) the big picture, namely the FLOWING, OVERRIDING W-H-O-L-E. If one does 23
  • 24. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini not comprehend it, seize assistance from a pro. This attempt is not only supreme within civilization’s vested interest, but it’s ―also and indubitably― a sine qua non that humankind must not fail to ignore. Ignoring it will be foolish for lack of a more grotesque profanity. Let’s keep in consideration, ‘an ignored issue is a problem invitation’ (Dr. Henry Kissinger). To further illustrate this whitepaper’s focus, ‘a problem can never be resolved at the same level of knowledge that was created.’ (Einstein). Can Andy recommend a success prescription for the presently-shifting Eon, let’s state yea! As ensues: Picture mentally radiantly. Draw outside the canvas. Color outside the vectors. Sketch sinuously. Far-sight beyond the mind’s intangible exoskeleton. Abduct indiscernible falsifiable convictions. Reverse-engineering a gene and a bacterium or, better yet, the genome. Guillotine the over-weighted status quo. Learn how to add up—in your own mind— colors, dimensions, aromas, encryptions, enigmas, phenomena, geometrical and amorphous shapes, enigmas, phenomena, methods, techniques, codes, written lines, symbols, contexts, semantic terms, magnitudes, longitudes, 24
  • 25. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini hunches, so forth. Retroproject your wisdom wealth onto communities of timeless-connected wikis. Cryogenize the infamous illiterate by own choice and reincarnate (multiverse teleporting out of a warped passage) Da Vinci, Bonaparte, and Einstein. Organize relationships into voluntary associations that are mutually beneficial and accountable for contributing productively to the surrounding community. Practice the central rule of good strategy, which is to know and remain true to your core business and invest for leadership and R&D. Kaisen it all unthinkably and thoroughly by recombinant, Gendaken-motorized judgment. Provide a roadmap for drastically compressing the time it will take you to get on the top of the job, nonetheless of your organizational level. With the required knowledge and relationships imbedded in organizations, create support for, and carry out transformation initiatives. Offer a tested pathway for addressing the linked challenges of personal transition and organizational transformation that confront leaders in the first few months in a new tenure. Foster momentum by creating virtuous cycles that build credibility and by avoiding getting caught in vicious cycles that harm credibility. Institute coalitions that translate into swifter organizational adjustments to the inevitable 25
  • 26. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini stream of changes in personnel and environment. Mobilize the overriding energy of many others in your organization. Step outside the boundaries of the framework system when seeking a problem solution. Additionally, it is good and timely to remember some of Napoleon's wise words. I consider Napoleon an ultimate authority on applied 'Scientific Systems Methodology,' even as per our present-times standards. Napoleon (a noted Corsican of Italian heritage who overtook and led the French Empire grandiosely) firmly suggested boys, graduated from the 'lyceum' (high school) and honorably discharged from the army, to master two vital disciplines. One was the ENGLISH language and the other was SCIENCE. Voltaire (a great French intellect), too, emphasized the essentiality of this language. Put simply and briefly, this is it for now. By Andres Agostini (Andy) PS_1: Some people asked me where I get my ideas from. I have been involved with some of the most demanding and capricious clients, employers, allies, and scholars. It is not always fun, but I usually get hired when a noted institution needs a near-impossible situation to be turned around into a fully possible one. Among my clients, there has been Toyota, Mitsubishi, World Bank, GMAC, TNT Delivery Express, Packmail, and PDVSA (CITGO’s parent company) 26
  • 27. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini and its operations in the Western Hemisphere, also leading executives of General Electrics and Abbott Laboratories. There are, within my professional career, some 30 years of deep thinking, pondering, researching, managing, consulting, analyzing, strategizing, empirical experimenting / testing, as well as surveying and privately interviewing world-class business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, thinkers, and people committed to determined creativity and innovation, seeking to instill value to the world. I do overwhelming studying, researching and experimenting, learning from mistakes and positive findings early. I have the luck to have been mentored lavishly by parents, master-degree students, senior professors, researchers, and applied scientists, among many other representatives of prominent corporations and institutions into sophisticated technocracy. I have and always will have the greatest respect for science and applied scientists. To the extent that I habitually undertake any initiative with the standard scientific method (rigor with vigor and accuracy), keeping my mind always open and updated (as much as possible) through a detailed, all-encompassing vista of challenges and efforts. In addition and for a number of years, I have been developing and instituting my own methodology to developmental thinking, holistic thinking, and systemic/systematic/Gestalt, insightful discernment based on the systems methodology, systems methodology as it is utilized by eminent exact-science practitioners. I am also into professional development, mentoring, and teaching. It is worth remembering that I teach to learn. On the Web – among other occupations and skills – I am into extensive blogging and 27
  • 28. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini writing. This so that I learn a bit more every time. PS_2: All terms hereof pertains to the grandiose Shakespearean lingua franca. Others systems, not as enriched as the latter, are ineffectual and inconsequential and not as delightful to communicate complex thoughts unambiguously. PS_3: All quotations not otherwise cited are from the interviews conducted by the author or personal communications sent to the author. PS_4: In my case, when I mention the word “secular” I do not mean to express anything at all against God. The universal values of sacred scriptures are in due place and completely observed. Taking responsibility is my actual reality. The permanent and rampant and increasing violation of ethics and morality we are seeing, at all levels, makes the application of these values a sine qua non. Andres Agostini (Ich Bin Singularitarian!) (High-Tech Visionary and Researching Strategist on Management/Business/Leadership) 28
  • 29. (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini (c) Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini The following are pictorial slides to underpin the subject matter spoken of in this material! … 29
  • 30. This Pictorial and Graphic Illustration Addresses Change, Past, Present, And F t A d Future F From Th The Perspective of Time Consumption and Its Corresponding Science Accumulation. It does not address, in this case, the rate of , © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini change that RISKS PER SE instill and compound. It is not reflected in this presentation.
  • 31. As Perceived By The Mistaken Ones! © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini FUTURE on Scien Progressio Circa: PRESENT irrelevant, predictable. nce A LINEAR Time/Science Passage! Passage! PAST Time Progression
  • 32. Over-Summarizing The Undetailed Truth © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini FUTURE By the 1950’s and onward, on there is an Scien Progressio Circa: irreversible PRESENT Cut-Off From relevant, quasi- predictable. HISTORY! Around Y2K and 9/11/2001 nce A NON-LINEAR Time/Science Passage! NON- Passage! PAST Time Progression
  • 33. What are the non-linear dynamics? Once the historic legacy stops building up momentum into gp the scientific repository, there is the disrupting birth of a new, pg , pervasive dynamics, bathed on complexity and exponential p y p growth. Let’s tackle it up, then. FUTURE and PRESENT get interrelated, yes they f h form a strong, always-progressing l interrelationship. To continue, we need to think through Nietzsche's words ( hi k h hi h' d (ensuing)… i) © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini
  • 34. “It is our FUTURE that lays down the LAW OF OUR TODAY.” -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (German philosopher)
  • 35. What is What? This is the supposed “FUTURE” “ ” This is the Thi i th supposed “PRESENT” © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini
  • 36. Where is The Wh i Th Relevance, And the Irrelevance?
  • 37. Area of Increasing Relevance! Static, Static and totally disconnected. Hyper Dynamical, Hyper-Dynamical, Obsolete and Beyond Boldest Irrelevant Past! Conception. C ti © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini
  • 38. Systems Transformation Box. Known and Unknown Inputs Are Transformed Into Known and Unknown, Desired/Desirable/Undesirable Outputs. © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini
  • 39. Let’s focus now on the interrelationship between PRESENT b and FUTURE. FUTURE The th Th author will make some specific reflections to get this g presentation contextualized afterwards. afterwards.
  • 40. Likely Futures Thought Through By Scenario Methods In Order To Amplify Your Mindful Envisioning Of The Time To Come! Subsequently, This Is For Practitioners Subsequently, To Get More Prepared Before a Tsunami of Changes. Changes. © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini
  • 41. Likely Futures Thought Through By Scenario Methods In Order To Amplify Your Mindful Envisioning Of The Time To Come! Subsequently, This Is For Practitioners Subsequently, To Get More Prepared Before a Tsunami of Changes. Changes. © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini PRESENT, dynamically flowing, Outputs ALL FUTURES, likely And real ones. PRESENT, dynamically flowing, Outputs ALL FUTURES, likely And real ones. Likely FUTURE Inputs Actual PRESENT. Likely FUTURE Inputs Actual PRESENT. PRESENT, dynamically flowing, Outputs ALL FUTURES, likely PRESENT, dynamically flowing, And real ones. Outputs ALL FUTURES, likely And real ones. PRESENT, dynamically flowing, Likely FUTURE Outputs ALL FUTURES, likely Inputs Actual PRESENT. And real ones. Likely FUTURE PRESENT, dynamically flowing, Inputs Actual PRESENT. Outputs ALL FUTURES, likely And real ones.
  • 42. Obsolete (Irrelevant) Vs. Maximum Scientific (Relevant) Scientific f Accumulation © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini nitum Toward Ad Infin ds Maximum Obsolescent Towards Worthless
  • 43. Another way y to consider the PRESENT(s) and FUTURE(S), FUTURE(S) as well as its complex dynamics: d i
  • 44. Obsolete (Irrelevant) Vs. Maximum Scientific (Relevant) Scientific f Accumulation © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini Super Optimized More Optimized p nitum Toward Ad Infin Optimized ds Maximum Obsolescent Towards Worthless
  • 45. Are there other considerations to understand the fuzzy- fuzzy-logic character and personality of the forthcoming f th i FUTURE the soonest? soonest? Let s see: Let’s see:
  • 46. You know Mr. Future that if I want to make some solid success. You and I must become acquaintances. I cannot wait for you to arrive at my site/time. What do I have to imagine to bring/drag your wealth of innovation to my empowerment? To survive and prosper I am willing to do anything to seize you, Mr. Future you Mr Future. With you handy I can dominate my industry, foresee dangers before they come true into a nightmare. How can I unleash your enigmatic powers to grasp control of my success as I rule out failures? I just wish to prevail and know that becoming your friend I can get to the Pandora Box you treasure so dearly, Mr. Future! © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini
  • 47. Will this guy Mr FUTURE ever guy, Mr. FUTURE, respond to my demands? p y Let’s wait and see! © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini
  • 48. © Copyright 2008 Andres Agostini
  • 49. What is The Multi-Toolkit Multi Toolkit There to Accomplish Successful FUTURES & PRESENTS. PRESENTS