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Omllion is a neoteric social media management firm offering astute monitoring, protecting, listening, measuring, analysing and engaging solutions.

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Omllion Corporate Profile

  1. 1. Social Media in 360
  2. 2. Outline of Omllion Our protection platform gives you Omllion offers listening service that aids legitimate ownership of your online company tap what top influencers are identity, shields against any misuse by talking about the brand and identify top miscellaneous entities. keywords, too.Omllion’s Measuring tool lets you slate Our platform simplifies the evaluationagainst your competition and determine process take apt timely action to makeyour real time growth in social media. impressive impact on your social media audience. Our platform simplifies the evaluation process take apt timely action to make impressive impact on your social media audience.
  3. 3. Omllion optimumsWith five years of intensive research by Our young, dynamic and zealous team oftracing the needs of social media, experienced professionals are driven byOmllion has successfully launched vision of developing innovative solutionsflexible and easy-to-use social media to uncomplicate your social mediatracking, measuring and analyzing experience in devising strategies.solution. Omllion founded on January, 2010 Strong Technology support to pool, index zillions of conversation and mining and delivering in real-time
  4. 4. Our Outlook and OverturePROTECT LISTEN MEASURE ANALYSE ENGAGE Protection: Shield your URL, shunning the misuse of your identity by competitors of other entities. Listening: Screens and Identifies real time, impacting and significant conversations Measuring: Enables to trace, monitor and measure them Analyzing: Evaluate, analyze and strategize your growth prospects. Engage: Create real time buzz amongst your audience via single dashboard window
  5. 5. PROTECT LISTEN MEASURE ANALYSE ENGAGEProtecting: Onetimeinvestment for Just tap in yourlifetime social desired username andmedia identity check availabilitysecurity on over 300 socialleading social media sites tomedia sites. protect it
  6. 6. PROTECT LISTEN MEASURE ANALYSE ENGAGEListening:Realtime access to Set your profilesconversations of and listen toyour top zillions ofinfluencers of conversationsyour brand, surround them By definingproduct or parameters like:leaders, Date, keywords,competitors. etc.
  7. 7. PROTECT LISTEN MEASURE ANALYSE ENGAGE Easy sentiment allotment- good, bad- neutral Recognize % of positive: negative conversations
  8. 8. PROTECT LISTEN MEASURE ANALYSE ENGAGE Flexibility in Know your top marking each authors, noise comments to a creator. The top department sources, the platform that houses most talks
  9. 9. PROTECT LISTEN MEASURE ANALYSE ENGAGECalculate Unblemishedyour share of brand andvoice against competitorthe rivals and comparisoncontains and access toautomated detailedsentiment report foranalyser. each social media site like Face book, twitter, etc
  10. 10. PROTECT LISTEN MEASURE ANALYSE ENGAGEEvaluate thereal time dataand take Anaylse yourimmediate position inaction and take share ofcontrol of your conversationssocial media in directpersonality comparison ofmaking an yourimpact on competitorsaudience.
  11. 11. PROTECT LISTEN MEASURE ANALYSE ENGAGE Analysis are also available in various other user friendly graphical representations
  12. 12. PROTECT LISTEN MEASURE ANALYSE ENGAGEEngagement is apowerfulmarketing tool,where brandindulges incommunicationactivities with itstarget audience onthe leading socialmedia websites to On a single dashboard window youspread the word. Sharing the can now share information, start conversations conversations or post replies within In top social media sites seconds and create buzz amongst your audience.
  13. 13. Why Omllion? Intensive Flexible, easy-to- conversation Social Media use, realtime It benefits you to: coverage interface •Identify salesComplete array of: • Comments, You can define topics by keywords to track, view, opportunities• Blogs (50 millions) suggestions, back analyse results in •Increase your inbound• Forums (tens of 1000) links, general links, seconds. links views, etc• Networking (over 100) • Each data provided is •Support Customer Service • Bookmarks- digg, •Boost Marketing• Microblogging stumble upon, real time and can be (Twitter) saved with ease. •Aid Management delicious •Enhance Research and• Main stream News • Assign task and screen • Twitter, friendfeed, Development (25,000) the task list. • Traffic metrics • Trace your competition
  14. 14. Manage Omnipresence of your brand on social mediaWith Opulent tools
  15. 15. Ask for your FREE Demo NowCall: +91-22 6794 2500/01 Mail: Visit: Follow us on: