Insight to Social Media


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A brief insight on what social media is all about and what magic can it do for your business.

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Insight to Social Media

  1. 1. An insight to social media conversation is very essential not because that the social media sites are very popular among the people but because your business deserves better opportunity to grow. It has to reach the more and more customers. Start your conversation today by considering the following areas: Aspiration Before starting social media conversation it is important to ambitious. Social media has different ways to help the organization. It includes the financial as well as the social benefits. Take social media in marketing sense it helps the organization in various phases like
  2. 2.  Drive trial  Product launch  Establish need/ want  Product/ Service comparison  Positive association  Form/Change opinion  Influence the influencers  Drive action/traffic  Establish/regain trust  General awareness The objectives revolve around 5 key concepts: Listening : Using social media as “real time” research and gaining insights from listening to customers Talking : Sing conversations with customers to promote products or services Energizing : Building brand stewardship; and identifying enthusiastic customers and using them to persuade others Supporting : Making it possible for customers to help each other Embracing : Turning customers into a resource for innovation
  3. 3. Depending on the objectives you can decide on which social media tools to use to achieve those objectives. In many cases organization may use a multitude of tools to get maximum penetration in the market. Analyze Analyze the social media before entering in to it. Hundreds of free social media tools are available. Create your own listening platform to understand what exactly happening in social media how can you launch your conversation. Analyze the following circumstances clearly: 1. Find out the abstract of social media usage in the particular industry in which you belong.
  4. 4. 2. Strategy of your competitors’ social media presence. 3. Research about your online presence. Is there any conversation about your organization? If yes what is it all about? Are they good, bad or neutral? Conversation is not there what is the reason for that? What type of system you must implement to improve the conversation. 4. Trend in your industry and how is it getting discussed online? Application of the formula After analyzing the application of social media formula in the common business scenario develop your own formula which will help you to grow. Proper application of the elements of other peoples' success stories in social media will help you to craft your own strategy. Through this you will be providing some great contribution to the growth of your business. How to make a social media formula:
  5. 5. 1. Find out the examples of social media users of your same industry. Analyze what they are doing, try to do something different. 2. Analyze how other companies in your industry achieved their goals. Find out their way of executing things. 3. Check out for the public response towards their social media conversations. 4. How can you contribute to the financial growth of your company even though social media does not you support financially. If you research the above topics thoroughly you develop your own success formula for the social media Agenda As per the success formula make an agenda for the entire social media project. The agenda should talk about your approach about social media. The agenda must have clear idea about the platforms you are going to use to achieve your objectives.
  6. 6. Come to a conclusion only after a proper analysis. Following are common contents of the agenda: 1. The aspiration to enter the social media 2. A clear blueprint about your approach 3. Requirements to achieve all the objectives 4. Analysis about the various consequences 5. What are the technical tools you will be adopting 6. Proper guidelines to the concerned department 7. Evaluation of the report Before making an agenda you can have a discussion with your employees and should consider their points and views. Because social media is so social, people can contribute more to it
  7. 7. Want to step into Social Media? Omllion can help you better Stepping into social media is an exciting but very important step for your business. Bridging brands between their offline and online existence is more important than ever before. Your time is limited, but relationships are always a good investment. Omllion can help you lay a strong foundation for social media strategy with a comprehensive listening, monitoring and engagement platform, and the expertise to deploy it well. Questions, comments or feedback for us, just let us know. Find us on the web: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Read the Blog: Click here to request a live web demo