Shawn of the dead


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Shawn of the dead

  1. 1. The Style of Shawn of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead By Oliver Summers
  2. 2. The 3 Main ScenesThe 3 main scenes I chose to do is...The IntroThe safe areaThe endings
  3. 3. The Micro
  4. 4. How they are differentDawn of the dead is based in America in a small state while Shawn of the dead is based in a small London town. most people in London are lazy so the zombies in the film reflect on that by the way they act. there slow and cant run while Americans usually keep fit and so the zombies can run faster and have greater strength.
  5. 5. Set designBoth films have a simple to the point set design. there isnt really much exploration in the sets of both films. one is basted in a mall while the other is a small pub. there is some relation because in both films each person that is shown all knows where the going. The area as well that the film is based on also reflects on where they are going. Dawn of the Dead uses a local shopping centre whilst Shawn of the Dead only uses a small local town with one shop and one pub.
  6. 6. CharactersThe characters in both films personalities are all completely different. Dawn of the Dead’s characters are serious and terrified whilst Shawn of the Dead’s characters are clueless and have no clue whats going on and don’t really care about what to do after they get to where they need to get to.
  7. 7. Use of Camera shotsDawn of the Dead uses a lot of close ups, wide angles and many other shots. Shawn of the Dead uses a few special camera shots. they use a few close ups but only when there is a tense moment. Shawn of the Dead uses a lot of jump cuts and also moments when the camera will elevate at a moment when it shows us whats on the other side of a fence. Also in dawn of the Dead a good camera shot is when the camera is looking down a telescope and we can see what the actor is seeing.
  8. 8. Sound Effects/Special EffectsMost sound effects in Dawn of the Dead are mostly gun shots or a rusty chain saw. In Shawn of the Dead there is only one part where gun shots are being used or when a car is speeding off.The special effects that are used if Shawn of the Dead is when a Molotov Cocktail is set of on the bar counter and a fire is set off. In Dawn of the Dead there is a moment when a man is being dragged and firing shots at running zombies as well as how there frown back after every shot.
  9. 9. Macro
  10. 10. NarrativeThe narrative that is in Shaun of the dead shows how Shauns character isthis lazy Londoner who has no skills in any areas of work. He doesn’t seemuch in the world and spends most of his like looking after his best friendEd and his ex-girlfriend Liz. He develops leadership and becomes a moreaction basted hero. In dawn of the dead Ana is already in society a hero. Shes a doctor and has a life a husband. She meets a bunch of new people and becomes the doctor of the group. Shes quiet a quiet person and just looks out for people. She makes a few decisions but other then that she has no real say in whats going to happen. She also always show sympathy to any of the other survivors and also courage when it comes to saving them. In the end she learns not to fear the zombies and learns how to communicate with the group (fighting, scavenging, healing)