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  • 1. Call 0845 050 2000 | sales@JobsGroup.net Quick Start Guide for JobsGroup.net 1.0
  • 2. We help the world’s biggest brands fill their vacancies
  • 3. Ten sites to fill your vacancies before your competitors
  • 4.
    • Fresh design across 25% wider screen space increases available inventory
    • Job basket and recommended jobs increases the number of applications
    • 5 times faster job search with postcode and radius helps jobseekers find your vacancies more easily
    • Enhanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) attracts more relevant specialist jobseekers through long-tail searches
    • Improved Jobs-by-Email design increases the volume of relevant applications
    • Increased calls to action drives fresh stream of new and updated CVs
    Improvements for jobseekers to fill your vacancies faster
  • 5.
      • Relevancy Reports matching your vacancies against our candidates
      • 5 times faster CV search with more accurate results
      • Save CV searches and create CV monitor alerts so you never miss a relevant candidate
      • AIM Powered CV Search with last three jobs
      • Post a job or search for CVs across our network from one convenient place
      • View all your stats in one place to ensure your campaign is meeting your expectations
    Improvements for recruiters to improve your productivity
  • 6. Increase Awareness of Your Brand and Company Culture Premium Headline Banners Keyword Banners Corporate Profile Display Ads Hot Jobs Hot Recruiter Plus Onsite Branding
  • 7. Jobs-by-Email Jobseeker Newsletters E-Shots Reach Candidates Whenever You Want, Wherever They Are Plus Email Branding
  • 8. Click on the Recruiter tab in the main menu and select Login Right, let’s get started...
  • 9. Tip: If you have forgotten your password enter your email address and click Forgotten Password , or call your Account Manager on 0845 050 2000 . Enter your Email Address and Password and click Login Login
  • 10. CV Search
  • 11. Tip: Try a broad search first and then narrow the results down to what you are looking for in stages so you don’t miss any good candidates. Boolean Search is the most accurate way to search our CV database – but it only works well if you enter the right search terms! Boolean CV Search
  • 12. Use these search tips to improve the accuracy of the results you receive Boolean CV Search Tips Type Example Result AND civil AND engineer CVs where both words occur OR quantity OR cost OR estimator CVs where either word occurs AND NOT technician AND NOT architect CVs with a word excluded ( ) (quantity OR cost) AND NOT banking CVs matching a combined search “ a ” “ contracts manager ” CVs containing an exact phrase * build * CVs with the same root word e.g. builder, building NEAR commercial NEAR manager CVs containing two words close together
  • 13. Tip: Try alternative job titles, abbreviations and specific skills required as relevant jobseekers sometimes do not include obvious keywords in their CVs! Keyword Search is a great way to quickly see the skills available in our database, but we recommend Boolean Search for serious searching Keyword CV Search
  • 14. Feature Focus: Our award-winning Artificial Intelligence Matching software extracts the last three jobs undertaken by candidates to help you identify relevant candidates Tip: When you find CVs of interest click Add to CV Shortlist and they will be available for you to view later from the My CV Shortlist box above the search results In the CV search results you can see a summary of each candidate’s skills, experience and contact details, or you can view their CV in full CV Search Results
  • 15. Tip: Your saved searches are available to find from the My Saved CV Searches link in the main menu or the My Saved CV Searches box above the search results Feature Focus: You can create CV Monitor Alerts from any Saved CV Search, so you are alerted to any new or updated CVs added to our database matching your search criteria – just click the envelope icon. You can refine your CV search to filter your results – or choose Save Search so next time you can search again with just one click. Save Your CV Search (and create CV Monitor Alerts!)
  • 16. Job Posting
  • 17. Tip: Enter a town or city ( not a county) so jobseekers can undertake a radius search (which is set to +30 miles by default). Use familiar job titles where possible and avoid the use of abbreviations or in-house terminology, as this will increase the chances of jobseekers entering a matching search. Click on Post a Job , enter your Job Details , select your chosen Jobsite(s) and click Next Job Posting
  • 18. Tip: We recommend you first type your job description into an application like Microsoft Word, then it will be safe if you lose your internet connection. Tip: Use paragraphs and bullet points to make your job description as readable as possible. Enter your job description as it will appear to jobseekers. You can use the editing tools to add bold , italics or bullet points. When done click Post Job Job Posting
  • 19. Vacancy Manager
  • 20. Tip: Leave the Search box blank to view results for all your vacancies. Monitor your job posting campaign by clicking on Vacancy Manager , choose your report type, and click View Report Vacancy Manager
  • 21. Tip: You can edit the vacancy description after posting a job. If you want to change the job title, location, duration or start date please call your account manager on 0845 050 2000. You can choose to edit, pause, resume, renew or delete vacancies Vacancy Manager Report
  • 22. Tip: Click on the number of applications you’ve received for a vacancy to see the applicants’ details (applications are also sent to you by email as they arrive) You can also see the Vacancy Views , Activity and Applications . Vacancy Manager Report
  • 23. Campaign Stats
  • 24. Tip: If you are in a hurry or would like a custom report simply ask your Account Manager and we promise to deliver it to you within 3 hours. Click Campaign Stats in the main menu and select the Date Range , your Office (or specific Users ), Sites and then View Now Campaign Stats
  • 25. Our new Campaign Stats report provides the detail you need to budget, plan and measure your Return on Investment Campaign Stats
  • 26. Free Extra
  • 27. Tip: If a candidate catches your interest you can click through to their CV immediately – though you’ll need a CV Licence to do so! Look Who’s Looking Have you ever wondered what skills are out there right now? Look Who’s Looking gives you the power to see active jobseekers as they search
  • 28. Admin
  • 29. Here’s a summary of who can do what on the site Who Can Do What
  • 30. Create New User Click Add Consultan t, enter their details and click Add to create a new User
  • 31. Tip: Click on your Office name to see more detailed information Office Summary Click on Admin in the main menu to see a summary of your Office , including the number of Job Credits available to you.
  • 32.
    • Feature Focus:
    • For each of your users you can set whether they can undertake the following:
    • Post Jobs (Lineage and/or Semi-Display)
    • Edit Jobs
    • Renew Jobs
    • View Applications
    • Create CV Monitor Alerts
    • View Look Who’s Looking
    • Search the CV Database (Per Site)
    Tip: If you change any permissions remember to click Save Changes ! Click on your Office name to see detailed information on the permissions for each of your consultants User Permissions
  • 33. Tip: Existing CV Licences can be viewed with details of the current Office and User. Allocate CV Licences to Office Review where your CV Licences are in use or allocate a new licence to an Office by clicking on the Group CV Licence Tab
  • 34. Tip: Each licence is tied to a specific site e.g. JC is JustConstruction.net Allocate User CV Licences To give CV Access to your Users click the CV Licences tab , choose an available jobsite licence, and select the User from the drop-down menu
  • 35. Tip: Call 0845 050 2000 anytime you need us, or email your Account Manager – we want you to get the most out of our services! Any Questions? If you would like a refresher on any aspect of our services just tell your Account Manager and we’ll arrange a face to face, phone or online training!
  • 36. “ We would strongly recommend JobsGroup.net” Chelsea White, Huxley Associates “ If only all job boards were so easy and effective to use!” David Jewell, Senior Consultant, Ezek Group “ Our Account Manger at JobsGroup.net has been great  – approachable on all levels and always ready to look at different ways of working.” Kat Grigg, Head of Marketing and Communications, Eden Brown “ We look for flexibility, outstanding service, return on investment and, most importantly high quality candidates who will effectively deliver the skills we require. JobsGroup.net satisfies all of these requirements.” Karen Wallbridge, Head of Recruitment, Atkins “ Other sites just can't compete.” Craig Ruff, Human Resources Manager Priory Design Services  “ I feel without the help from JobsGroup.net, I could not be in the position I am now. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty, constantly checking how things are and helping out of hours too; I now compare every other company to JobsGroup.net.” Robert O'Keane, Director, Charles Francis Cooper.” “ JobsGroup.net has played a significant role in attracting quality, relevant candidates in sufficient volume. JobsGroup.net is flexible, accommodating and above all successful.” Dean Skidmore, Head of Sales (UK and Europe), Hays Personnel “ Every job I’ve advertised with JobsGroup.net has led to superb applicants and my vacancies being filled. The service level is superb and the CV database is very high quality.” Russell Sanderson, MD, DST Group Ltd
  • 37. 1 in 3 three adults visit our Group’s websites every month
  • 38.
    • 10 Reasons to Choose JobsGroup.net
    • Reach and Relevancy – We combine the marketing reach and technical innovation of the largest online recruitment brands with the hands-on service and industry expertise of the smallest niche job boards
    • Quality – Each of our jobsites serves a specific industry sector – niche sites attract niche candidates
    • Service – Our focus is on providing outstanding service through proactive account management, including regular face-to-face contact and training; Quality Surveys; and Custom Reports within three hours
    • Volume – 330,000 monthly unique visitors – enough to fill Wembley Stadium three and a half times over. 410,000 CVs in our database – if printed and laid end to end they would stretch 250 miles, from Manchester to Portsmouth
    • Market Share – Our largest site, JustEngineers.net, has a market share equivalent to its nine closest competitors combined
    • Awards – Recent wins include Best Online Service (Recruiter Awards), Best Technical Innovation (Onrec Awards) and the Best Use of Technology in Business (National Business Awards)
    • Control – Our services are designed to empower you to manage your campaigns effectively through detailed reporting and options to tailor your recruitment campaign to meet your specific needs
    • Speed – In recruitment success is measured in seconds. Our service is optimised to make your placements faster
    • Functionality – Our job is to make your job easier, and that philosophy informs everything we do. If you have any ideas for improvement please tell us as many of our innovations are based on user suggestions
    • Industry Links – We are only the only jobsite to be affiliated to the Engineering Board and to be registered with the Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) and Link-Up, the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Body
  • 39. Ten sites to fill your vacancies before your competitors
  • 40. Call 0845 050 2000 | sales@JobsGroup.net Quick Start Guide for JobsGroup.net 1.0