Evaluation Question 4


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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation: Question 4How did you use media technologies in the constructionand research, planning and evaluation stages?2
  2. 2. Through the construction, research, planning and evaluationstages of my A2 coursework I was able to use and developmy skills in several pieces of software and hardware.3
  3. 3. Mind Genius0 Throughout the construction stage I worked on apiece of software called Mind Genius, which allowedme to create a mind map plan for my initial ideasgeneration. This was a new piece of software to meand after being shown how to get the most from usingit, I felt it really helped in creating a detailed, wellorganised, structured plan.4
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. Filming0 Throughout the construction stage we used aPanasonic camera to record our footage on. Although Ithink the camera was relatively easy to use, andallowed us to create some good footage, I believe thelimitations in relation to the recording/soundequipment, resulted in the footage having poorersound than we had hoped for.6
  6. 6. …Filming0 The poor sound quality did have a negative effect onthe final product, as some of the dialogue couldn’t beclearly heard and the level of sound did differ betweenscenes, making the film look not as professional as wehad hoped.0 This is something that, if I was to re-do mycoursework, I would re-consider and look into gettingextra sound equipment, such as sound packs andmicrophones to amplify the sound.7
  7. 7. Adobe Premiere0 Once we had collected all our footage we then set up aproject in a software called Adobe Premiere, andimported it all onto there.8Programme Imported Footage Timeline of Footage
  8. 8. Adobe Premiere0 This was another new software that I had the chanceto work with and explore. I found the software easy touse and it allowed us to easily edit our clips, using thecrop and razor tools. We were also able to set thequality of the footage in to a high definition qualitywhich massively improved the appearance and qualityof the shots.0 I believe that since using this software, I havedeveloped my editing skills.9Tools
  9. 9. Distribution0 We distributed our first draft edit through web twotechnologys, uploading the finished video toYouTube.10
  10. 10. Web Two Technology0 By distributing our finished video throughYouTube, we developed our skills in relation to webtwo technology. In doing this we hope for our shortfilm to be more of a success as it can now beconsumed by a wider audience.11
  11. 11. Technological Convergence0 Throughout the project, toresearch, record, edit, distribute and present ourwork, we used the same machine (hardware). Thiscoming together of different technologys is anexample of how technological convergence candevelop our skills, as the project could be completedfrom planning to the finished product.12