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P L O S S Y S Netdome En

  1. 1. O U T P U T M A N A G E M E N T PLOSSYS® netdome Document Output Management Print and electronic distribution Large and small size formats Text and graphics Single and bulk printing Spooling Conversion Device/Media control Administration/Operation Multi Source Input – Multi Channel Output
  2. 2. PLOSSYS® netdome Document Output Management Providing and distributing documents and Advantages by System information: Output and distribution processes with PLOSSYS® Print and electronic distribution, netdome are fast, economic, and innovative: from all sources by using uniform stan- increased productivity through automized dards and processes, procedures simply administrated, usable by all reduced administration with solid processes users. uniform application integration from All data formats from all company-wide established standards applications: CAD, Office, digital archives, paperless distribution through electronic DMS, PLM, and ERP. means instead of printing Text, raster, and hybrid data. optimized device control for digital reprography One system for all applications and pro- high availability of devices and system compo- cesses: nents Multi Source Input and ISO 9000 compatible document control for cer- Multi Channel Output. tified document distribution investment protection by market leading pro- duct and large innovation capability Modular System no licensing based on the number of users for PLOSSYS® netdome can be configured exactly to enterprise-wide implementation the needs of the enterprise, due to its modular structure. Thus, cost effective solutions are imp- PLOSSYS® netdome prints and distributes from all lemented, which can be adapted according to the applications. changing requirements. It is secure and simple to integrate.
  3. 3. PLOSSYS® netdome Output Interfaces Administration/Operation Print Output Order Management PLOSSYS® netdome supports the print output on Changing devices of all leading manufacturers, brands and Repetition models: Change sequence Small size and large format output Desktop and central print peripherals Information Service Inkjet, Laser, LED Job tracking High volume printers and standard devices Ready messages System overview Finishing PLOSSYS® netdome controls and triggers the finis- Device Management hing equipment of the output devices: Setup and supervision Folding Punching/filing edges Accounting Clipping/binding Information on jobs for accounting, administration and system optimization Sorting Electronic Distributing Print-to-file from all origin data such as TIFF or PDF CD/DVD output with indexing and optional au- tomated robotic production control eMail distribution as attachment in standard format WEB Portal: notification via eMail, download via an order specific WEB Portal ETKAT Electronic spare parts catalog
  4. 4. PLOSSYS® netdome User Interfaces Application Integration Uniform standard output processes simp- lify the operation and enables complete access to all PLOSSYS® services from all applications: P2P Print-to-PLOSSYS® The simple easy-to-use order dialog. NWC WEBclient Enables output job creation and management through a web based browser. Direct Processing ... of graphic and file formats: PDF, TIFF, Post- Script, HPGL, C907, CGM, JPEG, GIF, TXT, XML, AS- CII, SAPGOF, SAPOTF Microsoft Windows Print Processes ... are directly supported via standard Windows dri- vers and enhanced output drivers: improved lar- ge format support and usage of all PLOSSYS® ser- vices. PLM and Document Management Via PLOSSYS® standard user interfaces there are direct integrations for all commercially available systems. CAD ... output via standard interfaces, output clients or direct integration. SAP® R/3® and mySAP® PLM Standard output interfaces for SAP DMS docu- ment output from DMS, CAD desktop, product structure browser, and all document interfaces Interface SAP spool output to all PLOSSYS® net- dome periphery via BC-XOM Sequenced complete output of SAP output and documents for production, procurement, main- tenance, and documentation
  5. 5. PLOSSYS® netdome Services Additional Services Media Management Stamp/Watermark/Document Security Various kinds of paper and drawing materials can Dynamic text and graphic information as covered be chosen depending upon project relation. or transparent additional information during out- put guarantee for secure document control and distribution. Accounting For cost computation, accounting and system opti- mization: page specific user and device specific Set Collation Processing registration. Single pages and documents are combined to con- nected output jobs with optional cover sheets and trailer pages. Viewing All outputs can be displayed on the output server via console and client functions. Pool Device The virtual output system decides automatically, according to possible settings (format, color, finis- Margin Printing hing options, etc ...) the optimal output device or As a standard: configurable margin printing output method. simplify document control and distribution. Load Balancing and System Stability Scaling For best reliability and large output volume proven Many scaling options and methods are available processes are available. for optimized automatic output and economic pro- duction. Bar Code Printing Output of various bar code types on text and gra- Priority Control phic documents for secure information control and Output and distribution jobs for optimized device identification. usage and reduced queuing times are specifically controlled. XML Processing and output of XML formatted data. Color/Pen/Line Management For all CAD requirements: pre-configured hierarchic tables control the color, pen, and line width ma- nagement. System environment PLOSSYS® netdome is available for all main stream enterprise operating systems: Windows, IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux
  6. 6. PLOSSYS® netdome Overview Project Partners PLOSSYS® netdome SEAL Systems – the Project Partner Multi Source Input – Fast system integration Multi Channel Output Professional project management All printer/plotter and finishing devices Support, service, and hotline Paperless distribution through electronic ISO 9001:2000 certified Integrations for CAD, Office, International offices DMS, Archive, PLM and ERP More than 500 installations world-wide Simple administration Enterprise-wide evident project success Fast and efficient processing Secure document control and document SEAL Systems – The Digital Paper Factory providing Document Output Management with PLOSSYS® netdome © 2010 SEAL Systems. PLOSSYS is a registered trademark of SEAL Systems AG. Other computer and software names mentioned in this brochure are trade names and/or trademarks of the respective manufacturers. Subject to change without notice. Status: August 20, 2010 www.sealsystems.com V100-040122-0-en