Is smartphone application development useful


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Mobile phone app development is the procedure of application programming which the acts as an additional feature in handheld devices. Over a long period of time, mobile phones have a completely new definition.

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Is smartphone application development useful

  1. 1. IS SMARTPHONE APPLICATIONDEVELOPMENT USEFUL?Find out your answers with MobilePundits.com1
  2. 2.  Mobile application development is the process ofprogramming software applications for small wirelesshandheld devices like mobile phone and tablets It is similar to web development and has its roots in traditionalsoftware programming. The difference comes in writing thecode of the advance features a particular mobile offers The app’s performance is determined by its performance on agiven device for a given operating system Though techniques have been crafted out to solve the issue 2
  3. 3.  Many businesses have tried their hands in mobiledevelopment field to enhance their processes and target moreaudience Despite to the much attention paid to this field, manydevelopers are not able to excel because of unclear basicswhen it comes to programming of software solutions forhandheld devices If something goes wrong, it costs a lot on the pocket of thecompany. This is the main reason why people around theworld prefer outsourcing mobile applications Professionals synchronize different elements to program areliable mobile application that reaches a large amount ofaudience and raise the bar of success of the business 3
  4. 4.  Following are some of the tools available for thedevelopment of a mobile app development and theyare: Antenna Adobe PhoneGap Sencha jQuery Mobile Appcelerator4
  5. 5. It is independent software mobile solution provider. The core product isAntenna Mobility Platform and is used for developing applications for newage mobility. It enables companies to program a seamless mobilityexperience that users would to experience. Building apps that can delightusers and endure change is what AMP is all about. It’s not just about abeautiful UI, but also the robustness of the platform behind the app.5
  6. 6. Adobe PhoneGap is an open source framework for building cross platformapplications quickly and smoothly. It solves the issue of building applicationsfor each platform individually. Thousands of apps developed throughPhoneGap are available in app stores of different operating systems and areworking seamlessly.6
  7. 7. Sencha is a HTML5 product suite providing mobile developers with thoseframeworks and tools which they need to craft touch-based apps in asingle, integrated package. It gives you al the design and developmenttools for building robust cross-platform mobile applications which smoothlyrun on touch-based devices. It also provides business class support whichmakes it a powerful offering for a development team. 7
  8. 8. A unified, HTML5-based user interface system for all popular mobile deviceplatforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Itslightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible,easily theme-able design. jQuery mobile framework takes the "write less, domore" mantra to the next level: Instead of writing unique apps for eachmobile device or OS, the jQuery mobile framework allows you to design asingle highly-branded web site or application.8
  9. 9. The Titanium SDK provides community developers with an unmatchedability to create quality native, mobile web or rich hybrid applications to allplatforms from a single code base, using JavaScript. With over 5,000 APIs,Titanium allows you to deliver an immersive user experience at a fraction ofthe time compared with traditional native platforms, and withoutcompromise. 9
  10. 10.  There are people who require web apps and interactive businessapps over varying platforms of mobile. Before you decide ondeveloping or outsourcing any particular mobile application, fewpoints should be taken into consideration. There are differentoperating systems for mobile phones and each of them has its ownapp store for downloading applications. iOS requires Apple AppStore, Android needs Google Play Store, Nokia uses Symbian, whilesome may need Windows. Applications have to be developed foreach of them to reach a wide of audience for gaining popularity.10
  11. 11.  Some applications are pre-installed in the mobilephone. Certain things to be kept in mind are: Mobile Platform Client Base Development Time & Cost Features11
  12. 12.  Dos Think about the user experience Incorporate the sensors and form factor Mesh services with a business context Empower the users Consider real-time12
  13. 13.  Donts Dont create an app for the sake of it Learn from consumer apps but dont try to copy them Dont try to mobile everything Dont ignore security and governance Dont develop like a desktop application13
  14. 14.  There are professionals in every corner of the world willingto help you out with your problems. You can easily getprofessional assistance from them for your businesssolutions. Try searching them through internet or technicalmagazines and you will surely get the required help in notime!!14
  15. 15. Mobile ApplicationDevelopment@MobilePundits.com15