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Street Styling: Casual Dressing - Top Tips For Men

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Style tips for men

  1. 1. Casual Styling Tips For Men
  2. 2. Dressing and styling is notjust restricted to thecorporate or fashionparadigm. In fact, it playsone of the major role indistinguishing yourpersonality, outlook andconfidence. No matter if youare on casual strolling to anearby store or on amorning walk, people willmeet you and judge you
  3. 3. Wide variety and rangegives you a greatopportunity toexperiment with variousdifferent styles andcolors which you canfully utilize to outshineyourself in a crowd. Soto facilitate you in properstyle selection, here area few helpful tips:
  4. 4. Color Contrast
  5. 5. Trust me when I say this, all Black orall White color combination makesyou look weird! So be smart withcolor patterns of your clothes andwear them in a complimentingmanner. In addition, you must have apair of blue and black jeans or cargopants which go absolutely well withalmost all colors.
  6. 6. Opt for bright coloredtrousers only if youfeel absolutelyconfident in them andthink that you cancarry them withpoise. As, if you donot feel comfortableenough in the clothesyou are wearing, youwould never be ableto radiate confidence.
  7. 7. Must Have Sports Jacket
  8. 8. Every man should have a sports jacket in hiswardrobe. They can be your day saver whenyou feel confused about what to wear. Jacketslook casual enough for hangouts and elegantenough for dinners. They can be worn with aknitted shirt, T-shirt, etc. In addition, keep inmind the importance of donning right colorcontrast. For e.g. a red jacket would never lookgood on a red T-shirt. So, if you want toexperiment, do it in style and with keeping thebasic dressing sense intact.
  9. 9. Right Pants Type
  10. 10. There are more than 10 jean typesavailable in stores but the question is,which one would suit you best? Theanswer is simple. One that accentuatesyour personality and makes you looksmart
  11. 11. Shoe Selection
  12. 12. Shoes can eitheraccentuate or spoilyour look. So selectand wear them asper the clothes youare wearing. Leatherboots are a big nowith a sports jacket.In addition, Sneakerstyle and colorshould match yourpersona and outlook.
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