2013 02-02 agile governance


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2013 02-02 agile governance

  1. 1. Agile? Governance?! oliver.wihler@ignite.ee02/02/13 1
  2. 2. • Swissborn in Zürich 1970• Estonified since 1999• Co-founder of Agile Estonia 2009
  3. 3. Goalincrease awareness of governance it affects us all and we can change it
  4. 4. Milestones• Bit of history and definition• Corporate governance• How to implement agile governance
  5. 5. first PO - ever :)
  6. 6. first Scrum - ever :)
  7. 7. Survival of the fittest Apple Event :)First PO & Scrum team
  8. 8. Survival of the fittest Apple Event :) First PO & Scrum team French Revolution
  9. 9. Mother of all slogans Mother of all revolutions • Live and let live • Equal rights • Fraternity or Death!http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/index.shtml#a1
  10. 10. Representative Democracy
  11. 11. Direct Democracy
  12. 12. Liquid DemocracyElectronic direct democracy (EDD) Direct Digital Democracy (DDD)
  13. 13. The Economists Democracy Index as published in December 2011, with greener colours representingmore democratic countries and clearly authoritarian countries in dark red.
  14. 14. Definition• Governance is the way rules are interpreted, implemented and changed.• Principle of separation of powers: • changing of rules (aka Legislative) • implementing of rules (aka Executive) • interpreting of rules (aka Judiciary)
  15. 15. Bit of history and definition ✔
  16. 16. Corporate Governance let’s get into it
  17. 17. Stakeholders
  18. 18. attempt at mapping principals of separation changing implementing interpretingNation-State People Official JudgeCorporation Employees? Management Shareholder Scrum Team SM PO
  19. 19. Scrum Governance Team self-organized Scrum Backlog Product increment Product Master Ownerensures that the team responsible for the is functional and business value of the productive project
  20. 20. Discussion• discuss with your neighbor if there is something what you have decided (voted) on.
  21. 21. Corporate governance ✔
  22. 22. How to implement agile governance let’s do it
  23. 23. Case Study: Ignite OÜ Employees • self-motivated • self-organized • approves rules by vis y voting ion enc • can challenge rules at su cc par es ss ns any time to tra rie s Management• demonstrates leadership review vision with management yearly Shareholders• is on top of the situation • owns the vision• has action plan for vision • designs basic rules• co-ordinates activities • arbitration and ensures proper gets approval for strategy/goals and needed execution funds quarterly
  24. 24. Rules - what rules?• company rules• in general, there are no limits ...
  25. 25. change in action example 1: challenging a rule More lab time? Workgroup works out new rule Shareholders check proposal is complete No Workgroup present initiative to employees No Vote OK? Yes Yes New rule is implemented END
  26. 26. Conclusion• goal for making governance agile in corporations should always be employee empowerment and involvement in decision process• keep it in the middle of a triangle of * authoritarian style * no rules at all * over-regulation• remember to keep balance of powers and live by the ideals of equality and liberty• keep a simple and non-complex decision process
  27. 27. Tips• shareholders must be involved operationally (more than just investors)• aim for employees self-organization but don’t bet on it• managers must be experienced and knowledgeable in implementing strategy• rules must apply equally to everyone: managers, employees and shareholders
  28. 28. Agile Governance v0.1a features• gives the power of change to everyone• facilitates open discussion of issues• makes it possible to de-regulate over- regulated systems• makes it possible to break-up stuck processes• tames the “traveling” manager syndrome
  29. 29. Agile Governance v0.1a known problems• legal issues i.e. IANAL
  30. 30. Finally Remember, today’s solutions give birth to tomorrow’s problems. improve improve improve :)
  31. 31. How to implement agile governance ✔
  32. 32. Goal achieved if you...• got appetite for organizational change thank you