2013 02-02 agile governance
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2013 02-02 agile governance






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2013 02-02 agile governance 2013 02-02 agile governance Presentation Transcript

  • Agile? Governance?! oliver.wihler@ignite.ee02/02/13 1
  • • Swissborn in Zürich 1970• Estonified since 1999• Co-founder of Agile Estonia 2009
  • Goalincrease awareness of governance it affects us all and we can change it
  • Milestones• Bit of history and definition• Corporate governance• How to implement agile governance
  • first PO - ever :)
  • first Scrum - ever :)
  • Survival of the fittest Apple Event :)First PO & Scrum team
  • Survival of the fittest Apple Event :) First PO & Scrum team French Revolution
  • Mother of all slogans Mother of all revolutions • Live and let live • Equal rights • Fraternity or Death!http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/index.shtml#a1
  • Representative Democracy
  • Direct Democracy
  • Liquid DemocracyElectronic direct democracy (EDD) Direct Digital Democracy (DDD)
  • The Economists Democracy Index as published in December 2011, with greener colours representingmore democratic countries and clearly authoritarian countries in dark red.
  • Definition• Governance is the way rules are interpreted, implemented and changed.• Principle of separation of powers: • changing of rules (aka Legislative) • implementing of rules (aka Executive) • interpreting of rules (aka Judiciary)
  • Bit of history and definition ✔
  • Corporate Governance let’s get into it
  • Stakeholders
  • attempt at mapping principals of separation changing implementing interpretingNation-State People Official JudgeCorporation Employees? Management Shareholder Scrum Team SM PO
  • Scrum Governance Team self-organized Scrum Backlog Product increment Product Master Ownerensures that the team responsible for the is functional and business value of the productive project
  • Discussion• discuss with your neighbor if there is something what you have decided (voted) on.
  • Corporate governance ✔
  • How to implement agile governance let’s do it
  • Case Study: Ignite OÜ Employees • self-motivated • self-organized • approves rules by vis y voting ion enc • can challenge rules at su cc par es ss ns any time to tra rie s Management• demonstrates leadership review vision with management yearly Shareholders• is on top of the situation • owns the vision• has action plan for vision • designs basic rules• co-ordinates activities • arbitration and ensures proper gets approval for strategy/goals and needed execution funds quarterly
  • Rules - what rules?• company rules• in general, there are no limits ...
  • change in action example 1: challenging a rule More lab time? Workgroup works out new rule Shareholders check proposal is complete No Workgroup present initiative to employees No Vote OK? Yes Yes New rule is implemented END
  • Conclusion• goal for making governance agile in corporations should always be employee empowerment and involvement in decision process• keep it in the middle of a triangle of * authoritarian style * no rules at all * over-regulation• remember to keep balance of powers and live by the ideals of equality and liberty• keep a simple and non-complex decision process
  • Tips• shareholders must be involved operationally (more than just investors)• aim for employees self-organization but don’t bet on it• managers must be experienced and knowledgeable in implementing strategy• rules must apply equally to everyone: managers, employees and shareholders
  • Agile Governance v0.1a features• gives the power of change to everyone• facilitates open discussion of issues• makes it possible to de-regulate over- regulated systems• makes it possible to break-up stuck processes• tames the “traveling” manager syndrome
  • Agile Governance v0.1a known problems• legal issues i.e. IANAL
  • Finally Remember, today’s solutions give birth to tomorrow’s problems. improve improve improve :)
  • How to implement agile governance ✔
  • Goal achieved if you...• got appetite for organizational change thank you