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Low Resolution for uploading requirements. My work from 2000 to 2012

Low Resolution for uploading requirements. My work from 2000 to 2012

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  • 1. Oliver Olivo BatistaWorks Portfolio
  • 2. My intention in presenting thefollowing portfolio is to highlightmy work from the last ten years.This document demonstrates myversatility and creativity in work-ing in different artistic andintellectual mediums.
  • 3. IndexArchitecture..................1Design and Graphics....7Photography..................11Production.....................19Planning.........................25Academics.....................38Filmmaking..................50The Plan ......................70
  • 4. 1Architecture processOliver Olivo Batista While still a student of architecture, IConstruction Manager & Design Associate had the opportunity to develop this proj-Arch. Emilio Olivo Batista ect commissioned by a group of friendsChief Architect who were interested in investing in theClient: Bianco Restaurant restaurant industry. They had a lowJanuary 2006 budget and so they wanted to start offSantiago, DR. with a small project. They bought a
  • 5. 2 Bianco Restaurantproperty in Santiago with a 140 square combine my class schedule with the the guest area. This decision helped usmeter house, built in the 1970s.My other jobs that I had to in order to be able save money by avoiding any modifica-brother, who is an architect, was leading to run the project The main idea was to tions to its original structure and alsothe project while I was his design part- use the house as the service area of the allowed us to expose the guests to thener and for the first time ever, a restaurant and with a lighted wall cover- street, offering a more open manager. Being still at ing the façade, hide it from the street The whole process lasted 2, I learned to organize myself and while at the same time illuminating.
  • 6. 3Architecturebefore interior viewOliver Olivo Batista - Architect Designer The objective of this project was to trans-Collaborators: form the area where a bakery used toArch. Arturo Berastaín stand and transform it into a bar, adding aArch. Jose Maria Pantaleón Small spaces are always a big challenge restroom for the guests.The interiorClient: Bar Boutique especially when you need to recondition space was 24 square meters with anDecember 2010 or renovate the space and give it another additional outdoor area with tablesSanto Domingo, DR. use. placed on the sidewalk.
  • 7. 4 Bar Boutique final result In this project I was once again dealing the façade needed to blend in with the the three façades as a whole part of thewith the same equation: small budget urban landscape and complement the urban look. Finally, we planted creepingand clients with high standards I had to the restaurants on either side of the bar. vines, which would eventually scale theavoid any big alterations to keep the My idea was to embrace the façade of the façade elements through the lattices andbudget down andwork with some sceno- bar with a more welcoming and humane block the southwestern sunset and coolgraphic approaches using textures, light- feeling using a contemporary architecture the interior. The client was very pleaseding and colors.Another challenge was that style. I thought about the composition of with the final result.
  • 8. 5ArchitectureOliver Olivo Batista - Architect Sometimes we face simple challenges that we don’t not know how we will overcome. This was the case with thisClient: RoofTec Store project and the transformation of aNovember 2011 space that was a real architectonic mess. After starting the process of cleaningSanto Domingo, DR. and recovering the assigned space,
  • 9. 6 Rooftecthe ideas started to flourish, the process it with the showroom on the perimeter. I The resulting coherence between thewas flowing smoothly and everything used non-expensive solutions like Ikea architecture and the refreshed corpo-was coming together. The assignment lamps and industrial palettes as furni- rate identity gives the company a morewas to build a showroom and an office ture. During this process, I suggested professional look in the market.for a construction materials sales com- that the owner change the corporatepany . The space was renovated locating identity by improving the logo andthe office in the center and surrounding selecting new colors. .
  • 10. 7Graphic DesignOliver Olivo Batista - Creative Director & During my senior year, my friend, a skilledAccount Executive young designer, and I started a small business in the graphic design area work-Juan Felipe Zapata - Graphic Designer ing with several local companies fromLaboratorio 1919 - Taller Creativo Santiago and designing advertisement2001-2008 for events, clubs and event promoters.WeSantiago, DR. created a significant list of clients who .
  • 11. 8 Corporate Identitycalled us directly with design My partner and I collaborated remotely, Even today, some of the clients are stillrequests.After receiving a call from a often brainstorming via Skype. After professionally linked to us.client, we will send them a form generating several ideas, the clientwhere they will express their needs received an email with different optionsand email it back to me. We made and they would give us their opinion andourselves available at all hours and chose their favorite solution. We spentoften helped clients produce the around 7 years working together andmaterial they needed in a hurry. growing our business.
  • 12. 9DesignOliver Olivo Batista - Creative Director & In addition to our interest in graphicAccount Executive design, we wanted to experiment withJuan Felipe Zapata - Graphic Designer new formats. We had the opportunity toMoisés Rodríguez - Producer produce some small projects that neededLaboratorio 1919 - Taller Creativo to be constructed and built in an indus-2002-2008 trial workshop. We executed the entireSantiago, DR. process,rom graphic design to
  • 13. 10 Otherscreating the products in the construction very educational experience Here I’m starting to understand how the designworkshop. While learning at the work- showing two small projects: the graduate and the production process, my design ideas started changing frames for two senior classes that, at theand became more consistent because time, were very innovative proposals. Thenow I had to think ahead about the the most important thing I gained from thisobject I was going to build. And of course was ‘learning from the process’ andfor an architecture student, this was a .
  • 14. 11PhotographyOliver Olivo Batista - PhotographerAmateur and Comissioned Photography2006-2012Santo Domingo, Santiago, New York,Barcelona and other cities.
  • 15. 12Portraits
  • 16. 13PhotographyOliver Olivo Batista - PhotographerAmateur and Comissioned Photography2006-2012Santo Domingo, Santiago, New York,Barcelona and other cities.
  • 17. 14Documentary
  • 18. 15PhotographyOliver Olivo Batista - PhotographerAmateur and Comissioned Photography2006-2012Santo Domingo, Santiago, New York,Barcelona and other cities.
  • 19. 16Architecture & Landscape
  • 20. 17PhotographyOliver Olivo Batista - PhotographerAmateur and Comissioned Photography2006-2012Santo Domingo, Santiago, New York,Barcelona and other cities.
  • 21. 18Others
  • 22. 19Production & CollaborationOliver Olivo Batista - Project Manager ‘Quvel: where strange things happen.’ InPaolat de la Cruz - Graphic Designer 2006, I was in charge of creating a cloth-Zoilo Pimentel - Creative ing brand. By ‘create’ I mean designingAinek Abreu - Fashion Designer everything from scratch: the name, theClient: D’Clase Corporation story behind the name and the details2006-2007 printed on the clothing.I had the opportu-Santiago, DR. nity to manage this process of creation
  • 23. 20 Quvelwith an excellent team of young core of the economic activity of this Quvel will deliver it to that person. Theprofessionals.The goal was to develop a imaginary world and inspired the people brand was created and approved by theDominican clothing brand intended for of Quvelto manufacture the clothes. clients and with it, the production ofnational and international consumers. We Nobody knows where Quvel is located, samples began; however, the economiccame up with the idea of a ‘place’ named nobody even knows how to find it, but recession of 2008 stopped any possibility‘Quvel’ where a lot of strange things whenever a person desires to wear a of production. The company will try tohappened.These weird events were the special piece of clothing, someone from relaunch the project in 2013.
  • 24. 21Production & Collaboration Santo Domingo-Miami-Los Angeles-Brisbane-Port Moresby-Vanimo-Jayapura-Bali-Jakarta-Singapur- Dubai-Cairo-Luxor-Alejandría-Amman-Aqaba-Nueva York- Casablanca-Rabat-Madrid-Tarifa-Chicago- Anchorage-Nome-Wales-Little Diomede-Big Diomede-Washington DCOliver Olivo Batista ‘A life changing experience’. In April 2010, ITeam Coordinator/Photographer was invited to participate in what became the most significant experience of my I traveled around the world coordinatingMarcos Díaz Foundation a team whose goal was to connect theApril-October 2010 five continents by open water swimmingSanto Domingo, DR.-Multiple Countries with one of the most important athletes
  • 25. Swim Across The Continents With The United Nations 22 For The Millennium Development Goalsof the Dominican Republicand one of the countries and organizations and also The people I met, the landscapes I saw,best open water swimmers in the world: visited many unique places as part of our the sightseeing, the precious moments IMarcos Díaz. Our purpose was to create tour.One of my responsibilities was docu- shared with the team, our efforts andawareness for the United Nations Millen- menting this experience through photos Marco’s achievements were a life chang-nium Development Goals by unifying the and videos. During this time I realized and ing experience for me and transformedcontinents.I had the opportunity to meet confirmed what I wanted to do in life: to my perspective towards the things I wantoutstanding people from many different communicate through audiovisual media. to do and achieve in the future.
  • 26. 23Production & CollaborationOliver Olivo Batista - Coordinator/Author Let’s say, for a moment, that we could fightDEVELOPING IDEA/WORK IN PROGRESS poverty through tourism: that’s preciselyCollaborators: the intention of this project. My idea forRaúl Yunén Microcomm is to use professional exper-Mariano Corral tise to prepare local residents to manage2010 and sell their own community’s touristic assets. Rather than selling productsSanto Domingo, DR.
  • 27. 24 Microcomm : Touristic MicrocommunitiesThis is a map of the Dominican Republic, showing hypothetical tour-ism attractions and points of interest around different small commu-nities that will help guide selection of target communities and theoperative system of the micro-communities network.directly to tourists,Microcomm would in a touristic micrommunity we could ingredients from the area. A group ofcreate a high-quality structure and help have all kinds of people doing at least one people running successful small busi-develop local touristic products, benefit- task to develop and sell their touristic nesses renting horses, bikes, or offeringting the people from the selected com- assets; young men in charge of market- accommodation to tourists would benefitmunities by providing sustenance and ing online, others as specialized tourist the community they live in.also protecting and preserving their guides, or a group of mothers makingresources for the future. For example, different foods with distinctive
  • 28. 25PlanningOliver Olivo Batista - Architect/Urbanist After I completed the first half of myCollaborator master’s degree in Barcelona, SpainDirectors: Silvia Banchinni & Luis Falcón “Intelligent Coast: New Tourism Strate-Intelligent Coast Office gies New Land Structures”, I was selectedhttp:/ / from amongst 14 people to collaborate in2008-2009 a study commissioned by the govern-Barcelona, Spain. ment of the Island of Ibiza, Spain.
  • 29. Sensibilitza: Consultation for the Drafting of a Regional 26 Action Plan for Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza. SpainFor more than 50 years, the island of Ibiza by seasonal slumps in tourist visits and also a series of specific projects in thehas been well-known throughout Europe for the last few years has seen a decrease renowned area of Platja d’en Bossa. Duefor its touristic importance, being the in overall tourist visits. The government to the island’s size and the flow of touristperfect vacation getaway for most of the of the island was starting to re-think its movement around the island, our crewof the European jet set. It is also notorious touristic model in order to make it more started analyzing the entire island: itsas a destination for its world famous competitive and sustainable. They were urban, natural, and touristic systems,clubs and DJ’s. However, Ibiza is affected looking for ideas for the entire island and international competitors, local and
  • 30. 27PlanningOliver Olivo Batista - Architect/Urbanist foreign population, estimation of human more than half a million tourists inCollaborator flows, and points of interest among other August and around ten thousand touristsDirectors: Silvia Banchinni & Luis Falcón things. Ibiza, like many touristic destina- in January of the same year. ThisIntelligent Coast Office tions, is affected by seasonal patterns of seasonal alteration is not sustainable. Ifhttp:/ / tourism flows, common in tourist areas they want to be successful they need to2008-2009 that offer sun and beach as their main work on developing new touristic prod-Barcelona, Spain. attraction. In 2007, the island received ucts that last the whole year.
  • 31. Sensibilitza: Consultation for the Drafting of a Regional 28 Action Plan for Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza. SpainOur team’s proposal was to create new specific projects such as the Ibiza Music skills from my Master’s degree in Tourismnon-seasonal products based on natural Cluster,which is now running with great Planning.resources, salt production, cultural heri- success and other infrastructure devel-tage and the music industry and articu- opments in the area of Platja d’en Bossalate it with their main touristic shown in the map above. For me, this wasproducts.At the same time, as part of the a great experience in which I had thecommission, we suggested a series of chance to put in practice the acquired
  • 32. 29PlanningPOTT - Miches Tourism Planning in DominicanRepublicOliver Olivo Batista - Collaborator During my three years as a Planning Ana-Maribel Villalona - Executive Director lyst in the Ministry of Tourism of theAriosto Montisano - Project Manager Dominican Republic, I had the opportu-Jorge Ventura - Coordinator nity to work and cooperate on severalCarla Quiñones - Project ManagerMinistry of Tourism of Dominican Republic planning and infrastructure projects. One2009-2012 of these projects was the Plan de Orde-Santo Domingo, DR. namiento Territorial Turístico (POTT),
  • 33. 30 Ministry of Tourism: Tourism Land OrdenancePOTT - Pedernales or Touristic Land Ordinance. I had the the potential of each region and the attractions. The territory is the mostchance to participate as a consultant international tourism trends improving important touristic asset, and that is whyworking with the project managers of the territory’s competitiveness versus it is essential for planners to understandeach POTT. I was able to bring my knowl- similar destinations inside and out of our the the character of the various points ofedge of tourism territorial strategy to this country. In tourism, planning decisions interest.project, defining the structure of the are determined by the flow of peopletouristic products of each POTT based on over the territory, connecting different
  • 34. 31PlanningOliver Olivo Batista - Project Manager Road signs are very important for tourism development, specially the type of tour-Maribel Villalona - Executive Director ism that generates more profits for theElia Martinez - Collaborator local people. In 2010, the Ministry of Tour-Ministry of Tourism of Dominican Republic ism of the Dominican Republic started a2010-2012 national plan of road signs to indicate toSanto Domingo, DR. tourists where to go and let them know
  • 35. 32 Ministry of Tourism: National Plan for Tourism Signtheir current location. I was appointed be placed on each sign and sent it to the East Coast of Punta Cana. After conclud-Project Manager and we started mapping fabrication workshop where the produc- ing my three years working for the Minis-the whole country with the specific loca- tion process started. Consequently, we try of Tourism, the contractor’s companytion of each sign. We later visited each installed each unit in the selected loca- made me an offer to keep running thisplace and discussed if we needed to tion. Currently, we have two phases out of project with them until it was completed.make a location adjustment. Afterwards, seven of the entire project already So far we have plans to install approxi-we worked on designing the content to installed: the Samaná Peninsula and the mately 550 signs all over the country.
  • 36. 34PlanningOliver Olivo Batista - Project Manager The Dominican Republic has approxi- mately 1570 kilometers of coastline withMaribel Villalona - Executive Director almost 500 kilometers of sandy beaches.Elia Martinez - Collaborator Tourism, especially beach tourism, isMinistry of Tourism of Dominican Republic extremely important for the economy of2010-2012 the Dominican Republic, representingSanto Domingo, DR. about 18% of the GDP and around 25% of
  • 37. 35 Ministry of Tourism: National Plan for Beach Managementoverall jobs in 2011. As a part of its Touris- year investigation in which researchers Ever since I was doing my Master’s degreetic Territorial Planning, the beaches of and members of our team examined 108 abroad, I have wanted to put to use all thethis country were studied and classified out of 220 beaches,the Ministry of Tour- new, innovative ideas I developed there toby a group of scientists with the intention ism created the National Plan for Beach benefit my country.I was presented withof protecting the beach system resources Management with the objective of the opportunity to work with the thefrom a high level of degradation that has protecting and offering high quality Director of Menorca’s Beach Manage-already affected some areas. After a one beaches for the tourism industry. ment Plan, a former professor from the
  • 38. 36PlanningOliver Olivo Batista - Project Manager master’s program a geographer special- ized in coast and beach management. WeMaribel Villalona - Executive Director started our collaboration by researchingElia Martinez - Collaborator and classifying more than half of theMinistry of Tourism of Dominican Republic Dominican beaches to create a proposal2010-2012 for an intervention and protection strat-Santo Domingo, DR. egy for our beach systems.
  • 39. 37 Ministry of Tourism: National Plan for Beach ManagementThe results of this research gave us an future.With this project we confirmed the the lack of information in the local popu-exact diagnostic of the main problems high level of responsibility that humanity lation. This research could form the basisthat are affecting our beaches and gave has in protecting our natural resources. of a multimedia awareness campaignus an idea of how to overcome these More than 60% of the problems identi- about proper beach management thatdifficulties and preserve other beaches fied in this study, are related to the would greatly benefit the Dominicanthat have not yet been affected by devel- improper use of and administration by Republic.oping better management tactics for the the tourism industry of the beaches and
  • 40. 38AcademicsOliver Olivo Batista - Sustaining As an undergraduate, my partner and IKarina Peña - Sustaining developed a thesis on rescuing the urbanPUCMM system of a city by recovering its mainArq. Eduardo Sánchez-Thesis advisor natural resource. Yaque del Norte riverlink: snakes through the center of the city of2007 Santiago de los Caballeros for almost 11Santiago, DR. kilometers connecting the entire city
  • 41. 39 Liquid City: Undergraduate Architecture Thesisthrough its hydrologic system.One can and corridors and high quality spaces connecting them through green path-say that each citizen is linked to the river throughout the city.Our project was ways, and urban parks that would supportsystem by a distance not farther than 3 inspired by the Brazilian architect Jaime the life of numerous people living in thekilometers. Our plan was shaped around Lerner and his theory of healing the city.The project would affect differentthe idea of recovering a city through the diseases of a city through “urban aspects of citizens’ lives such as educa-intervention of its urban hydrological acupuncture”. We chose eleven points on tion, health, security, leisure, environ-system transforming it into green paths the riverbank for major intervention, ment, commerce, transport and tourism.
  • 42. 40AcademicsOliver Olivo Batista - Sustaining More than creating an urban project, weKarina Peña - Sustaining were aiming to generate some kind ofPUCMM re-birth of the city by working to improveArq. Eduardo Sánchez-Thesis advisor the quality of life of the people, recover-link: ing the city’s natural system and how it2006-2007 interacts with them. Two years later, Santiago’s City Hall and the Ministry ofSantiago, DR. Environment of the Dominican Republic
  • 43. 41 Liquid City: Undergraduate Architecture Thesisattempted to develop a similar projectwith the collaboration of Jaime Lerner.Both my partner and I were invited by theMayor to share our ideas with Mr. Lerner’steam.
  • 44. 42AcademicsOliver Olivo Batista - Teacher Coordinator One of the most satisfactory experiences Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in in my life has been having the opportu- Santo Domingo, for which I’m very thank-Audelín Henríquez - Associate teacher nity to guide and become a part of the ful because I have had excellent studentsSchool of Architecture creation and discovery process of a group in these last three years. One of the mainPUCMM of young people. Since August 2009, I concepts of my advanced design work-2010-2011 have been part of the faculty of the shop class is to analyze the urban contextSanto Domingo, DR. School of Architecture at the Pontificia and produce solutions for each case ,
  • 45. 43 As a Teacher: Design Workshop 8study. Because of my background and convince them of the importance of photo and filmmaking, all of whichthe Dominican Republic’s focus on tour- knowing other local realitie One quality enhance my students’ analyses and helpismwe focus on touristic areas and their that distinguishes my classes is the incor- them find innovative solutions.particular complexities. I also encourage poration of information and techniquesmy students to travel to other cities and that architecture students usually do notget to know new places pertaining to use such as economics, marketing, infor-their country’s geography and try to mation and communication technologies,
  • 46. 44AcademicsOliver Olivo Batista - Teacher The landscape and its evolution on a territory has a lot to tell about the reasonsSchool of Architecture that determined the shape and form ofPUCMM its structure. Making timelines maybe is2012 one of the most interesting ways toSanto Domingo, DR. analyze a site and much more if we can add historical information to the graphics.
  • 47. 45 As a Teacher: Design Workshop 8Other way to understand the the territory important asset for tourism develop-is by using photo and video to classify the ment and its represents the cultural valuedifferent types of landscape of a region to of the people who live in it. In thisprotect and make categories of land- example my students used photographyscape and define the range of interven- to analyze and classify the landscape oftion of each type. All this knowing that the Punta Cana in order to produce a series oflandscape/territory is the most urban interventions
  • 48. 46AcademicsOliver Olivo Batista -Teacher Another approach to understand territo- ries and the differences or similaritiesSchool of Architecture between them, is by comparing themPUCMM using different fields of information from2012 the most generic to the most complex.Santo Domingo, DR. With this procedure we can understand many of the things that happen between
  • 49. 47 As a Teacher: Design Workshop 8different countries or cultures.In this cultural heritage and environment.stand the students’ knowledge about othercase, we compared information on why it is easier and cheaper to fly from Caribbean countries and enabled them todifferent Caribbean countries with the Santo Domingo to New York than from make affirmations and comparisonspurpose of understanding the lack of one island to another as well as other about their geographic region.integration among them. This investiga- facts and information related to geogra-tive and graphic exercise gave us a lot of phy, geology, tourism, commerce, Thequick information that helped us under two-week project addressed the gap in
  • 50. 48Academics Exploración Esclavitud Guerra Comercio NavegaciónOliver Olivo Batista - teacher With this exercise I challenged students to combine historical information andPUCMM graphic skills to design the Dominican2011 Republic pavilion in line with the require-Santo Domingo, DR. ments of a specific World Fair or Exposi- tion. The purpose of this activity was to enhance the students’ creativity by trans
  • 51. 49 As a Teacher: Design Workshop 5forming historic facts into an architec- butes of their assigned era.After that,tural piece.I gave each student one each word had to be transformed insegment of approximately 30 years of graphic schemes that the studentDominican history since colonization. designed after a process of sketching.They had to acclimatize to the period and When the students were satisfied withdefine it in five or six key words that their sketches, they designed and mod-represented the most important attri eled their Dominican Pavilion.
  • 52. 50FilmmakingOliver Olivo Batista - Director of Photography My first work as Director of PhotographyPablo Merín - Writer/Director was in a short film written by a filmShortfilm student from the school in which I com-Link: pleted a seminar in Direction of Photog- raphy for Film and Video.The script tellsJuly 2008 the story of a young man that recentlyBarcelona, Spain. lost his wife but still sees her everyday.
  • 53. 51 They Watch UsThe only person who sees her is him and However, he doesn’t realize that the wayeverybody starts thinking that he is going he manifests his paranoia is by seeing hiscrazy in the mourning process. He notices deceased wife. We shot this short film inthat everyone is looking at him strangely four successive days with a very smallbecause he still sees and talks with his crew.wife and suddenly he starts to feel para-noid about people staring at him.
  • 54. 52FilmmakingOliver Olivo Batista - Director of Photography Jesús Natalio Puras aka “Apeco” isJudit Peralta - Director/Producer considered to be one of the most impor-Marisela Meier, Milagros Rodríguez and tant Dominican photographers. HeLusbania Santos - Producers photographed generations of families inShort documentary film Santiago de los Caballeros, weddings,Summary baptisms, fifteen years celebrations,April 2009 Santiago, DR. events, and openings for more than 50
  • 55. 53 Apeco:Witnesses of my Lifeyears. He was my first photography project at the PUCMM School of Commu- of Photography an experience that I reallyteacher while studying architecture in nications invited me to participate.It was a enjoyed and thatalso helped me confirm2002. During that semester, he suffered a documentary film about Apeco. The man what I was feeling for some years: mystroke that nearly killed him.It took him I thought was only a photographer turned passion for filmmaking. The team wasabout four years to recover, but he made out to be a performer, an actor and a great working together and the projectit despite his old age. In 2009, a group of painter. They encouraged me to collabo- was a success at their school. Apeco diedfriends who were working on their thesis rate on the documentary film as Director nine months after the shooting .
  • 56. 54FilmmakingOliver Olivo Batista - Writer/Director As soon as I was informed about thisCrystal Fiallo - Producer festival I was really interested in partici-Shortfilm pating. It was a festival fighting corrup-One Minute Anti Corruption Film Festival tion, The One Minute Anti-CorruptionLink: Film Festival. It was a real challengeDecember 2011 because I hadn’t made any short films onSanto Domingo, DR. my own yet and it had a time limitation -
  • 57. 55 Life Instructionsonly one minute. I knew that I had a good board. We shot in one day with a hand the fight against corruption.The handsidea but I had a writer’s block, I didn’t camera, with no professional actors and were used as a symbol of creating things,know what to do.I wrote countless ideas no lighting.We were just enthusiastic of choosing to do the right thing or not;two weeks before the deadline but I was about the idea. The idea was to make an we decide if we use our hands to build orstill jammed. Suddenly, three days before anti-corruption video without showing to destroy. We decide if we are too beingthe deadline, the final idea came to me not even one immoral or corrupt act. It corrupt or not. My short film was selected as one of five finalists and awardedand I wrote it down and made my story was meant to resemble a euphemism of among 39 proposals.
  • 58. 56FilmmakingOliver Olivo Batista - Writer/Director After twenty-three years making music, Toque Profundo is still producing newWORK IN PROGRESS music with their fifth album. Who wouldJorgy Cruz - Producer believe that in the Dominican Republic,Documentary film the land of merengue and bachata, aJune 2011 - (in pre production) group of musicians would agree to makeSanto Domingo, DR. rock for living and could survive for more
  • 59. Toque Antes De Entrar: The Story of the Most 57 Renowned Rock Band in the Dominican Republicthan two decades doing exactly what the band combined with a projection of context.”In May, 2011, after two years writ-they want?The film is about persever- an arranged and imaginary reality with ing the script, my team and I started toance, commitment, and talent. Its the some of the greatest hits of the band work on the project with the intention ofstory of a band that has crossed all the shown in different Dominican music benefitting from the new film law in thebarriers and obstacles in a society where genres. The idea is that whether you like Dominican Republic that will allow us toyou have to ask permission to do the rock music or not, you will admit the to raise the budget and produce the talent and power of this band’s music movie about the most important Domini-things you want. This will be the story of after seeing it in a “more Dominican can rock band of all time.