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Merritt Paulson

  1. 1. SLIDE 1 Merritt Paulson, Owner and President of the Portland Timbers was interviewed by at the date and time listed above.
  2. 2. SLIDE 2Son of Henry Paulson, the former chairmanand chief executive officer of GoldmanSachs and 74th United States Secretary ofTreasury.Majority owner of Peregrine Sports, LLC.Purchased Portland Timbers/PortlandBeavers in 2007. Also Former SeniorDirector Of Marketing & BusinessDevelopment For National BasketballAssociation
  3. 3. SLIDE 3Merritt is someone I have always looked upto. I’ve wanted to be in SportsManagement since a little boy and I figuredMerritt would be the perfect person tointerview because of his involvement withthe timbersAnother reason I chose him is because heowns and runs a professional soccer teamand I am a huge soccer fan.
  4. 4. Slide 4Merritt was grown up in a wealthy family.His father worked under George bush assecretary of the treasury and was anexcucetive of goldman sachs.Before sports, Merritt was very interestedin the outdoors, wildlife, and wildlifeconservation.
  5. 5. slide 5Merritt graduated Hamilton College witha B.A. in 1995. He then earned hismaster’s of Business Administration atHarvard, Graduating in 2000.Merritt said “College made himunderstand what he had a true passionfor and what he wanted out of life”
  6. 6. Slide 6Paulson’s first job was at the NationalBasketball Association as a seniordirector marketing and businessdevelopment.He told me “I helped find new sponsors,oversaw marketing plans for the NBA,and helped find ways to build NBA fanbase across the world, not just theU.S.”He created NBA League PASS, thebroadband, worldwide, basketballviewing service over the internet andthrough cable providers.He got the job through one of hisclassmates in harvard.
  7. 7. SLIDE 7Merritt began owning the Timbers/Beavers in 2007. He purchased team for$15 Million dollars with his investmentgroup, Shortstop, LLC. His father washeavily involved in the buying processand also is a minority stake owner.Henry also was the man whoapproached Merritt about the purchasein the first place. 3 years after thepurchase they announced that thebeavers would be moved and thePortland Timbers were to become aMajor League Soccer team.
  8. 8. Slide 8 Merritt, unlike other owners, is also the President of the Portland Timbers. This means not only has he invested in the team, he also is the highest manager in the organization. On a daily basis, Merritt says he meets with sponsors, oversees manager/ player duties, resolves any problems that arise, and helps with marketing scheming.
  9. 9. Slide 9Mr. Paulson is a big fan of helping thecommunity. He said you have anobligation to be a good corporate duty.It’s unique because athletes get moreattention then most other entertainmentin the U.S. So as a sports organizationyou have to be aware that you areresponsible for being a good role modelto everyone.He is a huge participant in thecommunity. He is on the board oftrustees at the Wildlife ConservationSociety and is always active in thePortland community doing field,building, and ecosystem projects.
  10. 10. Slide 10Merritt Paulson’s father was a massiveinfluence on him. He said “He wasalways there for me and was a greatsource of advice in business and withmy current job.”His father was also 2008’s TIMEmagazine’s runner-up for “Person OfThe Year”Henry Paulson’s Net Worth is $700million.He admits his father was his inspirationand role model.Already mentioned before, but he wasthe 74th secretary of the treasury andGoldman Sach’s Excecutive
  11. 11. Slide 11 Merritt said “The most important thing that you can do in life is to enjoy what you are doing. In order to do that, you must find something you are truly passionate about and you must be ready to change your path with your passion.” He also told me that making connections with people through school, sports, and family is the best way to get a job. He said you can have as much education as anyone but if you don’t know anyone your less likely to get a job because chances are someone else competing against you probably does.
  12. 12. Slide 12 Merritt instigated the Portland Timbers as an MLS (Major League Soccer) Team in 2009. After a long wait, Merritt finally got a professional soccer team in Portland. The team has had great success in it’s first year (2011) on and off the pitch, selling out almost every home game this season. For the first time in MLS history, the Portland Timbers created a runway project to unveil their home and away jerseys. This created huge buzz around the team, in Portland, and across the country.
  13. 13. Slide 14I learned that education is a crucial partin creating connections betweenpeople. Merritt’s first job was createdfrom a classmate at Harvard that hemade friends with. So he said knowingpeople is your best way to get where uwant to go. I also learned that you haveto do what you truly love, whatever thatis. You have to be ready to change youreducation/direction when you find adifferent passion as well.Your Parents are a huge part of your life.Take advantage of what they have to tellyou and say.It is not as easy as everyone says it is toown a professional team, your there ona day-to-day basis, working on and offthe clock to help your investment.