Super Bowl Ticker Tape Parade In New York City


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New York City is celebrating the Super Bowl victory with a ticker-tape parade on Super Tuesday. I attended this event. The parade began on Broadway at Battery Place at 11am.

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Super Bowl Ticker Tape Parade In New York City

  1. Super Bowl Ticker-tape Parade Feb 5,2008 Tuesday New York City
  2. I am here I am here Ticker-tape Parade
  3. View as Slideshow on Flickr !
  4. I arrived at the subway station Whitehall St. South Ferry by R train from Brooklyn at 11am.
  5. People gathered in Bowling Green Place, I couldn’t see anything else people.
  6. The Blue Flyer
  7. I am here
  8. “ Tuesday is one day even a mom might forgive a kid for playing hooky.” Also see:
  9. People were looking at other side of Bowling Green subway Station
  10. George Gustav Heye Centre of National Museum of the American Indian
  11. The Battery Place has been closed
  12. I moved to other side of the subway station and got a better view.
  13. Here is Battery Park
  14. We are waiting……
  15. Where is Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning?
  16. "Canyon of Heroes" has been the site of many spectacular ticker tape parades through the years.
  17. “ It was the 177th ticker-tape parade up Broadway and the first since 2000,when the Yankees defeated the Mets to win the World Series.” Also see:
  18. Take the moment forever
  19. “ The last time Giants won the Super Bowl I was 17, now I’m 34.You never forget something like that.” Sources: Tommy Molinelli, NY Daily News, Feb 6,2008
  20. “ New York Giants” take down the New England Patriots on Fox this past Sunday. The broadcast, which attracted 65% of all viewers watching TV that evening, according to Nielsen, was the second-highest-rated program of all time. It fell just short of the final episode of M*A*S*H* in 1983, which was seen by 106 million people. ” Sources: BusinessWeek Feb 18,2008
  21. “ Big Bule’s fans let out those long pent-up cheers for a team that was not supposed to make it to the Super Bowl, but did, and a team that wasn’t supposed to beat the Patriots, but did.” Sources: Daily News Feb 6, 2008
  22. It is my first time to attend a ticker-tape parade.
  23. “ Fifty tons of recycled paper fluttered gracefully down on the Canyon of Heroes in a city that was denied real snow for all of January---and a victory celebration for so much longer.” Source: Daily News Feb 6, 2008
  24. “ A future Eli Manning? Every young fan knows who is No. 1 in New York on Tuesday.”
  25. Oliver Ding Feb 9, 2008