Analysis 2: She’s Out Of My League Trailer
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Analysis 2: She’s Out Of My League Trailer






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Analysis 2: She’s Out Of My League Trailer Analysis 2: She’s Out Of My League Trailer Presentation Transcript

  • Camerawork – Close Ups  In this trailer they have used close ups to help bring across the emotion on various characters face. An example of this would be in the first clip where we can see a close up of Kirks face as hes talking to his friends, he is portraying mild confusion and slight anger at what his friends are saying about him. The second close up is of Molly, this is used to show off her incredible beauty and contrasts well with Kirk as he isnt on her level.
  • Camerawork – Mid Shot  Mid shots are frequently used to show the character but also the setting in which is he located, in the clip of the mid shot it shows Kirk with the airport in the background this helps to bring across his job and helps to create verisimilitude.
  • Camerawork – Two Shot  However the best shot used to show the real contrast between the two characters is the two shot. In the two shot clip it shows the difference in appearance and also looks as shes dressed smartly and looks very attractive compared to him in his more casual clothing looking rather scruffy. This gives the impression that theyre not socially similar.
  • Camerawork – Wide Shot  Finally they make use of an effective wide shot, as in the clip the two are on a date and her ex boyfriend shows up who is the complete opposite of Kirk. The shot helps to set the scene and show the contrast between the two male characters, in size and physical appearance.
  • Editing – Slow Motion  There are many editing techniques used throughout the trailer. A slow motion was used as Molly entered the airport just to add emphasis on her incredible beauty, this helped us realise who the obvious female character would be in the film as the attention was fixed onto her.
  • Editing – Cross Cutting  They also included cross cutting as the Kirk and Molly spoke over the phone, this was effective as we were able to see their reaction to the conversation, Kirk looking rather surprised and Molly looked relived. In the second clip of cross cutting Mollys friend, Patty, was arguing with a man on the plane. This was effectively used as the emotions of both Patty and the older man were brought across extremely well while having this small confrontation.
  • Mise-en-Scene  The main use of Mise-en-Scene was for the contrast in costumes worn by the various characters as in the first costume clip, Kirk is dressed in his airport uniform therefore looking smart and professional however it shows he is a working class male just doing his job. In the second clip hes wearing much more casual but still smart clothes as he meets Mollys family. They are all dressed all very smartly, in dresses and the father is in a shirt and sweater, which brings across his maturity and senior position within the family.
  • Sound - Voiceovers  Various examples of sound were used during the trailer. Voiceovers were used constantly to explain various pieces of information. In the voiceover clip were able to find out pieces of information and also it shows a contrast between the two characters, Molly being a 10 and Kirk being a 5 and the voiceover helps to explain the situation as its one of Kirks friends explaining it.
  • Sound – Non diagetic Sound  There is also alot of Non-diagetic music and On Screen Text. The clip of this is used very effectively with loud upbeat music playing over the top of the images on screen to relate to the teenage audience that this film would be aimed at. The text included just helps to confirm the real contrast between the characters, which is also the main theme of the film, however the font styles used are very modern and young this helps to appeal to the audience aswell.
  • Sound – Dialogue  Finally the main technique used was dialogue, this was used throughout the trailer in various places to create comedy and just to inform the audience of whats going on. In the clip the dialogue is used to create a rather funny situation as Kirk has bought Molly round to his friends, who tells them that she isnt wearing any underwear. The effect of this is that it shows how honest she is but also it helps to create comedy as its what youd least expect from such an attractive and well off girl.
  • Conventions  This trailer uses some very typical conventions. They use various types of dialogue humour to create their comedy. For example Molly explains to Kirks friends that shes not wearing any underwear, this makes the conversation awkward which creates humour for us as an audience as the characters on screen dont know how to react. Also the on screen text with the background non diagetic make it a typical trailer, as they give extra details concerning the film and include its cinema dates and other information. Film trailers usually include other well known films produced by the same company that has endorsed or produced the film.