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E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
E-commerce platform
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E-commerce platform


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Soft Format 2006
    • 2. E-Commerce Trends
      • E-commerce is becoming an integral profit source for virtually any business
      • E-commerce is the fastest growing sales channel
      • Online s ales grew almost 5 times in 5 years
      • They are estimated to quadruple by 2010
      • Demand has been answered with hundreds of e-commerce solutions
      • Which solution should you select?
      2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 % of e-commerce sales of total U.S. retail sales 2008 2010 0,6 1,2 1,3 1,6 2,0 2,2 2,6 10 12
    • 3.
      • Do you know what you will need in 1 year, 2 years and even 5 years?
      • Do you want to differentiate yourself from competitors?
      • How flexible does your solution need to be?
      • How simple does it need to be to use?
      • Can you make changes to your business process so that it will work with the solution?
      • Select the product that fits your company vision in 3-5 years
        • Don’t let technology manage the company and limit the company growth
        • Make sure that the solution can be ad-hoc changed to fit the constantly changing business requirements
        • Is it easy to use? Will you require a technical person to manage it?
      • Select a company that provides the complete service
        • No finger-pointing, your partners is responsible for everything
        • Has a track record of providing innovative value-added services (thinking in and out of box)
      Making the Right Choice
    • 4.
      • Turnkey Delivery
        • Everything required is provided to market, sell and ship
      • Intuitive
        • Anyone can manage the site and back office
      • Customizable
        • There are no limitations when designing the look and feel of the product and e-store – be unique
      • Scalable
        • You’ll never grow of your e-commerce– it can grow as your business grows
      • Configurable
        • Use what modules you require for you business
      The Right Choice
    • 5. Main subsystems
    • 6.
      • Extended Content Management platform;
      • WYSIWYG online editor;
      • Flexible skinning for assuring your unique look and feel;
      • Online role-based file library for documents, images and media;
      • Multilingual and multiple currencies;
      • Seasonal scheduling of the website design;
      • Customizable website structure;
      • Web-based menu and pages management;
      • Search Engine Optimization Tools;
      • Google Analytics Support.
      • Powerful business intelligence capabilities;
      • Real-time reporting;
      • Web-based access to the information;
      • Easy-to-use reporting templates builder;
      • Customizable Decision Support System fully integrated with Company online back office;
      • Ability to export information to MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, HTML, XML for further integration to the external systems.
    • 7.
      • Customizable look and feel of your store;
      • Live inventory tracking;
      • Role-based and categories-based structure;
      • User-friendly navigation system;
      • Public ratings, reviews and comments ability;
      • Easy-to-use shopping cart;
      • Up selling Tools (Special, Featured, Who Bought That Also Bought, associated products) and other;
      • Recurring purchase support,
      • Online setup of merchant and shipment accounts;
      • Flexible product structure and custom settings subsystem;
      • Customizable SKU and measurement units policy.
      • Web-based orders management;
      • Return Merchandise Authority management;
      • Phone purchase support;
      • Role-based access to orders;
      • Automated recurring orders creation;
      • Customizable structure of the orders;
      • Orders statuses, payments and shipments management.
    • 8.
      • Wishlist management;
      • Trouble Tickets management;
      • Support Desk;
      • Customer Relationships Management;
      • Notes Management;
      • Newsletters Management;
      • Customers Groups Management;
      • FAQs and Business Materials Management.
      • Customizable billing policy;
      • Automated invoicing;
      • Custom formats for invoices (PDF, HTML formats supported);
      • Online billing periods management;
      • Set of billing reports;
      • Online billing units management;
      • Customizable policy of billing setup;
      • Automated backorders processing.
      • Internal e-mail system;
      • Web based address book;
      • SKYPE, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ integration;
      • Live chat integration capability;
      • Mass mailing functionality with newsletter template designer;
      • Blogging capability;
      • Guest Book and Ratings ability.
    • 9.
      • Real-time payments support;
      • Online credit cards payments VISA, MAESTRO, MasterCard, American Express, Dining Club;
      • Over 50 payment gateways supported and flexible to add more when needed;
      • E-Wallet payments support (PayPal, Google Checkout, interface for adding other e-wallets);
      • ACH payments support;
      • Manual payments processing support (cash, checks);
      • Online transaction history;
      • Partial payments support.
      • Manual and automated shipments processing;
      • Integration with FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, shipping interface for further integration;
      • Configurable set of shipment-related services (packing and handling fixed price, automated estimation of delivery cost and time);
      • Customizable set of packages for shipments calculation;
      • Shipments labels and packing slips prints;
      • Barcode integration capability.
    • 10.
      • Customizable SKU profile;
      • Online SKU receipts management;
      • Multiple accounting principles support (LIFO, FIFO, WAC)
      • Multiple warehouses support;
      • RMA warehouse support;
      • Configurable Out-Of-Stock actions;
      • Minimum quantity achieved notifications;
      • Ability for barcode integration;
      • Custom business process implementation capability;
      • Integration with other systems ability.
      • Online vendors management;
      • Online vendor access to manage their SKUs;
      • Customizable vendor back office;
      • Advanced vendor-specific reporting;
      • Real-time notification on warehouse fulfill requirements.
    • 11.
      • Business rules for automated discounts, free gifts, associated discount;
      • Discount Coupons Management;
      • Gift certificates management and sales;
      • Branded gift certificate templates management;
      • Up selling tools in the catalog;
      • Users targeting and automated newsletters;
      • Suggestive selling;
      • Points system;
      • Contests and Promo events online organization ability.
      • Multiple types of affiliate programs (sales commission, connection bonus, cross-selling, gift system, cross-promo);
      • Flexible approach to setting up the award rules;
      • Banners Management Subsystem;
      • Possibility to build personal branded sites for resellers;
      • Products sharing enabled;
      • Promo codes for affiliates;
      • Customizable affiliate Backoffice.
    • 12.
      • Full tracking of information on:
        • Work with the system;
        • Purchases of the customers;
        • Promo campaigns efficiency;
        • Sales Efficiency;
        • Customers Preferences;
        • Most popular products;
        • Targeted customer portraying
        • And much more…
      • Role-based security model;
      • PCI/CISP software requirements compliance;
      • Full audit trail of all events in the system;
      • Strong encryption of the personal data;
      • Customizable role structure;
      • Role-Based access to information;
      • High external fetch protection.
    • 13. Value-Added Services
      • System is integrated with the other products of the COM line – ComCourse, Content Management System and COMSQUARE
      • Ability to integrate with other external systems;
      • Custom software development services for developing the additional functionality;
      • Analysis, Design and Implementation of the value-added services for differentiating your e-store from the other;
      • User training and development of supplementary materials;
      • Post-implementation maintenance and support of the solutions.
    • 14.
      • A completely configurable solution to gain the look, feel and functionality that you want – your design is unique
      • 30 day evaluation and training for a small fee
      • 180 days guarantee after purchase
      • Let’s get started! and…
      • Prepare for explosive growth!
      Soft Format’s Offer