The Fabulous Fifties


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The Fabulous Fifties

  1. 1. “The Fantastic fifties”
  2. 2. The objective of the research is to explore the 1950`s culture:including TV, films, sports, books, music, and politics and make ourpresentation of all assigned topics. In order to achieve the objective we set the following tasks: to study the theoretical issues on the topic in in English and inRussian and make general conclusions; to watch old films and listen to music of fifties to understandpeople and their life of that period better; to summarize the result of the work and our personalexperience; to make a booklet and a presentation on the topic for teachers,teenagers and their parents.
  3. 3. The decade of the Fifties gave birth to Rock and Roll. Theroots of rock and roll lay in African American blues andgospel. DJ Alan Freed began a rhythm and blues show on oneof the radio stations. It became popular and Freed thoughtup theterm rock and roll. White artists tried to sing R&B but their voices were to weak for this music style, so producer began to search a white artist who could capture the African American sound. And they found Elvis Presley. He became the most popular name in show business in the Rock and Roll was shocking for America. But only teens loved USA. this music style. Their parents called it Satan`s music. But when Elvis appeared on TV with his hits Love me Tender and Heartbreak Hotel the rating of the show soared and rock And Roll became the music of the masses.
  4. 4. In the 50s TV became more commonlyavailable, people were enchanted. This wasmuch better than radio. You became verypopular and neat if your family had a TV. It was black and white And there wasn’t anyremote control. The earliest TV showswere quite successful. One ofthe popular shows forteenagers was AmericanBandstand. Dick Clark, thestar of the show, got morethan fifty thousand fanletters a week. Television was groovy.
  5. 5. People in the Fifties loved sports Americans participated in different athletic activities or were fans of all types of sports.As television became more popular,other sports found a lot of fans. Collegefootball and professional golf became Sports like tennis, basketball and boxingvery popular. were also popular in the fifties.
  6. 6. The world was recovering from the Second World War.People were building houses, plants and factories . But1950s weren’t peace and quiet for the American society.That time the Cold War. between two superpowers theSoviet Union and the United States - started and playedthe whole decade. The result of the Cold War became thewar in Korea. In the long run Korea was divided into twoparts: the northern part was under the Soviet Unioncontrol and the second one was under the control of theUSA. During the 1950s the USA also participated in some local wars and internal conflicts such as Arab-Israeli conflict, Algerian and Cuban revolutions. In 1953 the US tested their first hydrogen bomb on Marshal Islands Hawaii became the 50s state of the US. In the field of science the first IBM computer was made: DNA structure was discovered and NASA was established.
  7. 7.  Harry S. Truman: Harry S. Truman was born on May 8, 1884 in Lamar, Missouri. He became the 33rd President of America and held the prestigious office from 1945 to 1953. In 1950s most American did not expect that Harry Truman would become one of their most highly regarded presidents. It was during the World War II he became famous in history for dropping atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and August 9, 1945. Following that Japan surrendered on August. Truman did so to defeat the Axis power.
  8. 8. MarilynMonroe: Marilyn She became famous inMonroe (real  1950s for her filmsname Norma “Gentlemen PreferJeanie Blondes” (1953), “HowMortenson or to marry a Millionaire”Baker) was born (1953) and “Some likeon June 1, 1926 It Hot” (1959).She wasin Los Angeles, married to baseballCalifornia. She legend Joe DiMaggiowas an icon of and playwright Arthurwomen’s beauty Miller. She died due toand Hollywood an overdose offilms of that sleeping pills.time. The 1950sproved to be agood decade for
  9. 9.  Elvis Presley: Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Mississippi. He was an American musician and actor. A cultural icon, he’s widely known as “The King of Rock and Roll”. Presley is regarded as one of the most important figures of 20th-century popular culture. He had a very good voice and sang and played in many genres, including country, pop ballads, gospel, and blues. He is the best- selling solo artist in the history of popular music. Nominated for 14 Grammys, he won three, and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36.
  10. 10.  Arthur Miller: Arthur Miller was born on October 17, 1915 in New York city and was a leading American dramatist who is best known work “Death of the salesman” won the Pulitzer Prize. In 1956, Miller was awarder honorary Degree at the university of Michigan.
  11. 11.  1.4. Home life of the FiftiesFamily life was very different in theFifties. For starters, most probably it Divorce was not a common thing.was a two - parent household. Both a First of all because of societal pressure.mother and a father. You had to get married and stay married, . Today a woman can regardless of how unhappy you were. get a well-paid job but back in the Fifties she could only work in traditional women’s jobs such as a secretary, a Men also felt a societal teacher, a nurse, a librarian pressure. A good man had to have a and so far. So it was an wife and kids. His boss liked it. His economic motive to stay neighbours and family expected it. married. Kids spent their free time On 50s there was a tradition to sit down to eat together. listening to their Mom cooked because it was her job. Most of the women own record player worked at home as a housewife and didn’t get money for or transistor radio. their work. They often visited with one another to talk to each other.
  12. 12.  Great steps were made in American science during the 1950s. Important discoveries were almost daily events. There were massive military projects with large group of scientists It is difficult to separate the achievements of science and technology of the 1950s from the other aspects of lifeCredit cards became widespread during the decade.The first copy machine was made 1950 also.In 1955 Jonas Salk invented a polio vaccine which was given to more than seven million American students.In 1958 the first plastic Coke bottle appeared.
  13. 13.  The decade of Fifties gave a powerful incentive to economic growth, rise of production, and birth of new trends in American culture and fashion. In conclusion, it is worth noticing that the 50s provided transition period for people to recover from the chaos of World War II before the social and political transformations that would become the 1960s.