Music questionnaire analysis


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Music questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. MusicQuestionnaire Analysis
  2. 2. Music Questionnaire analysis In order to create my own magazine, I first decided to create aquestionnaire in order to find out their opinion on music magazines and give me some ideas on how I myself should create amagazine and what to include in it. I have asked 20 people and the results were collected. The questionnaire had a various questionwhich covered musical taste, frequency of release, the price which the target audience are prepared to pay for music in general and music magazines. In addition to that, there were also some questions regarding the magazine features which the target audience find most appealing and what exactly they like about music magazines i.e. interviews or reviews etc. All of thisinformation will help me to indicate the areas which I need to focuson when producing my own magazine, in order to please the target audience and make it appealing. Furthermore, my questionnaire included a question stating ‘What title do you think will be the mostappropriate for a rock magazine?’,which helped me later to decide on the name of my magazine.
  3. 3. Question Analysis Looking at the pie chart What style of music you listen to? below you can see that 0% 3% Rock the majority of people 14% 0% Rap who I’ve asked listen to 0% Heavy metal rock music. The genre 3% 37% Pop which got the second 5% R&B highest percentage of Hip Hop 22% preference is heavy Dance metal and 14% people 8% Country said that they like 0% Jazz instrumental. Blues Instrumental 8% Other 22%Looking at those result I have decided tocreate a rock magazine, which will includeelements of heavy rock and heavy metal,in order to cover a bigger range of targetaudience.
  4. 4. Question AnalysisLooking at the pie chart below I can tell that more than 50% of people do not read music questioner and 15% of people read it occasionally. This means that I do have a chance of increasing the percentage of people who would read music magazine if the front cover looks appealing and the context is interesting. Looking at this result I have to make sure that my music front cover looks very appealing and interesting so that the people who read the music magazines occasionally would buy my magazine for sure.
  5. 5. Question AnalysisLooking at the results for this pie chart only 10% ofpeople buy music questioner very often and 50% ofpeople read it from time to time. This means that inorder to persuade them to buy my magazine I have tomake it very appealing and interesting How often do you buy music magazines? 10% 10% Very Often40% Often Sometimes 15% Hardly ever Never 25%
  6. 6. Question Analysis Do you preffer weekly or Looking at this pie chart we can see that monthly magazines? the result were spread out, more or 20% less, evenly. That means that the target25% audience don’t have a specific Weekly preference to how often magazine is Monthly realised. However, at the same time it It doesnt matter does show that people prefer None magazines which are release monthly 30% since there would be more information25% relevant to that specific month.
  7. 7. Question AnalysisIs your favorite band or artist Looking at this pie chart we can from UK? clearly see that most of the people 15% said that their favourite band or artist 30% is not from UK, thus showing me that if I feature the foreign band or Yes artist on my front cover and double No page spread, there would be a I dont know better chance of the magazine to be more successful and therefore have more sales, which is ultimately what 55% we want.
  8. 8. Question Analysis How much monthly do you How much monthly do you spend on music? 0% spend on music magazines? 0% 5% 10%40% Under £10 Under £5 £10 to £20 £5 to £10 £20 to £30 More than £10 60% More than £30 85%From this graph I can clearly see From the result of this pie chart it is clear that people do not spend more that 85% of people do not spend more thanthan £20 on music monthly, and £5 on music magazines. This shows that Iprobably the main reason for that should not exceed this price it would exclude is that in nowadays almost half the potential readers. And the everything can be found on appropriate price plays a major roll in the internet success of magazine.
  9. 9. Question Analysis Where do you get your The result of this pie chart was very music from? predictable, as most of the people, especially younger people, download music from internet and 11% Internet often illegally. However, the fact 0% downloads that no one said that they get music Music Stores from music magazines shows that there is a gap in a market, thus25% meaning that I would be able to CDs from music magazines attract more audience if I were to 64% add freebies. CDs from friends
  10. 10. Question Analysis From the results of this pie chart I cans see that 49% of people said that the main image is the most important feature of the front cover. This tell me that I should spend a lot of time on organising and presenting the main image. Furthermore, 21% of people also said that they find sell line also very important, as an effective sell line would make the reader interested in what is inside and how the story ended. Photos also play a crucial roll on the front cover as they show the viewer what else there is inside.
  11. 11. Question Analysis Looking at this pie chart I can straight away tell that the reader want to see interviews, music news and photos inside the magazine. This tells me that on my double page spread I should have either some sort of an article which is related to the music news or an interview with the famous rock band or an artist. There should also be a lot of photos present.
  12. 12. Question Analysis The result of this pie chart was very predictable as in our days no matter where you go or where you look, you would see people of any age and gender listening to music on their phones on MP3 player. Furthermore, many people also listen to music even when they do their work. In addition to that, many people find inspiration in music as well as answer to their questions and problems. This shows that I would have to include some advise in my magazine form the rock stars in order to make it even more appealing and easy for the reader to relate to.
  13. 13. Question Analysis This question of my questioner was very crucial and important as it gave me an idea of what sort of title would be the most appealing and the most appropriate for the rock magazine. 40% said that ‘Bullet’ was the most appropriate name for the rock magazine. The second highest percentage was 30% for the name ‘Madness’, as this is what rock music is often associated with. However, there were 10% of people that suggested their own name for the rock magazine, such as ‘Denim&Leather’, ‘Greasers’ and ‘Rock Union’.All of this title I have considered eventhough there were not part of the optionswhich people had to vote to.