Dps 2nd analysis (draft 1)


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Dps 2nd analysis (draft 1)

  1. 1. Layout: The standard double page spread (DPS) will contain a large main image which should be related to the main story which this DPS feature. Normally the main image fills almost half of the DPS, which can also be seen on this specific DPS. A standard DPS can also contain some smaller photos and have some sort of information related to the headline and the main image and it should definitely reflect the target audience and the genre of music this magazine celebrates. The main image, which can be seen on this DPS, feature a very famous rock band called ‘Linkin Park’. It is the first thing that grabs the reader’s attention, which mean that it feats the criteria of a standard DPS. The headline of this DPS also follows the general convention of a standard DPS, as it is written in big, bold, capital letter, which grabs the reader’s attention straight away. On the bottom right hand side corner the reader can see an article related to the headline. It is written in columns in order to make the DPS look more organised and easier to read. Right below the headline the reader can see another common feature of the DPS, which is a banner that has a text/ sell line which tries to lure in the audience, by giving just the part of the story. Overall, this specific DPS does follow general layout convention of a standard DPS of a typical Kerrang magazine. Most of the time the headlines of any DPS areThe title: The title used on this DPS is written in big capital letters, which would be more appealing to male, written in quotation marks, thus showing that they weretherefore reflecting the magazines target audience. The fact that the headline of this DPS is actually a quote by a said by someone who this DPS is about. However, inmember of Linkin Park, makes it very appealing to target audience as it gives a sense that the artists are actually every edition of Kerrang there is a slightly different layouthaving a conversation with them, which is a very effective way to be an excitement of the reader about this DPS. each time i.e. the text may be placed on the differentFurthermore, the use of ellipses at the end of the headline makes the reader wonder what is meant by that quote. side, or it might contain a bigger image which takes upThe use of dark colour for the headline makes it stand out with comparison to creamy background. Furthermore, more space and less text like it can be seen on this DPS.the use of quotation as headline of this DPS makes it look informal and easier for the reader to relate to. Besides,the readers of Kerrang are not interested in formal articles with formal headlines; those types of headlines wouldput them off straight away. They want to see the articles and headlines which can get them under the skin of theirfavourite artist and to know all the latest news about the band, the ones that use the language which would beappealing to them, and that is exactly what can be seen on this DPS
  2. 2. Image: The main image is located on the right hand side of the DPS stretching across it, taking more than a half of this DPS. This is a very effective way of arranging the DPS as the audience will see straight away who the article is about. On the image we can see a very famous rock band Linkin Park, which is recognised worldwide. At the top of the image the reader can see the name of the band and a text stating ‘ready to take you on a journey’. Although this caption is not visible at first, it is there for a purpose. Most of the reader take time to look through the main image, trying to capture every single detailed on it, so as they see this caption it would make them wonder what sort of journey it is, thus making this caption a very effective way to lure in the audience. Furthermore, another reason why the name of the band is written there is in order to promote it and so that the reader would recognise them next time. Furthermore, apart from the main image there are no other photos present. This was done in order to keep all of the attention on the band and make the DPS look more presentable. It also reflect the male target audience of this specific DPS, as as the research show men do not like when there is too much going on the page and they prefer information that is straight to the point. So the fact that there is only one image, of Linkin Park, present makes it easier for them to relate to.Image: It looks like the main image was taken in a studio specifically for this DPS. This photo was taken from a low angle making the band members look bigger and more powerful,however, their soft facial expression shows that although they are famous they are no different from you or me, thus making the reader relate to them more as it shows that theyare breaking the stereotype of a typical rock band who put their life above others mixing other people with dirt. The first thing that catches our eye attention is the lead singer.Although all band member have pretty much the same facial expression, the fact that the lead singer is wearing lighter coloured cloths, makes him stand out in comparison to otherband members dark outfits. This can be seen a s a way of stereotyping, almost as if saying that the lead singer is the leader of the band, so he gets to wear the cloths he like andexpress himself more, unlike the other band members who have to stick with the dark cloth. It may also show his personality and his taste in fashion. All of the band members lookgown up and mature, showing that they have moved on in their life, leaving their wild life behind. The headline also complements with the idea stating that the band is not preparedto repeat what they already done in the past. There is also some genre specific iconography, though not as much as you would expect to see. Most of the band members have darkclothes which are usually worn by rock music fans. Furthermore, almost most of the band members have a messy haircut and unshaved beards which is also often associated withpeople who love rock music. Furthermore, the lead singer have, what looks like, ear stretchers, which are also often associated with this type of genre of music.
  3. 3. Text: The main body of this DPS is an article about Linkin’s Park new album called ‘A Thousand Suns’. It is presented in tree columns, located under the main image, making it look more presentable and easier to follow. Throughout the article, there is a number of quotes can be seen, which were said by the members of the band, thus showing that the article wasn’t all written by a journalist and therefore it can be considered reliable. Furthermore, the use of informal language, such as ‘people check it out’ is the mode of address which the target audience will be able to relate to and understand. Furthermore, the use of quotation gives the reader the feeling that they are spoke by the artist directly, making this DPS more appealing. Furthermore, the reader can also see some quotation which the artist asks himself, such as ‘Have I done a good job in avoiding describing it?’, thus making a direct contact with the reader, making the reader feel that he is a part of this conversation. Colours: The colours which dominate this DPS are black white and red, which when are combined together create a very heavy look, thus reflecting the genre of music this magazine celebrates i.e. rock andText features: On this DPS there are a lot of text features present; however, probably the most eye catching text heavy metal. Those are also the colours which willfeature on this DPS is a strap line. The use of the red background makes it stand out in comparison to the other appeal more to male, thus reflecting the targetcolours present on this DPS. It reveals that this article will give a snick pick to the reader about how Linkin’s Park new audience of this DPS. Furthermore, the colouralbum would be different comparing to the other two. The words ‘Linkin Park’ and ‘A Thousand Suns’ are written in scheme of this DPS correspond with what the band isbold giving emphasis on those words, and make them stand out. Furthermore, A Thousand Suns is the name of a new wearing, making the DPS look more presentable andLinkin Park album, which is about to be released, so if the fans were to see this DPS they would be interested in fluent. One member of the band wears a red shirt,reading it straight away, thus showing that this is an effective way of luring in target audience. Another text feature thus influencing the colour of the strap line. By usingwhich can be seen on this DPS is the header with the word ‘News’ almost shouting at the reader. It was place there in the colours which complement each other on thisorder to show that the article on this DPS contains something that was never mentioned before. However, DPS makes it easier for the reader to read it and itunderneath the word ‘News’ there are text which advertises the Kerrang website, stating that the reader can find doesn’t force them to have to overexert themselves.more news there. This is a very effective way of promoting Kerrang ‘empire’.