Investment Salon - Second Round - April 20


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The event is dedicated to fast growing Ukrainian companies from various industries that are aimed to reach leading positions in Ukrainian and international markets. Owners and top executives will get an opportunity to discuss different options of equity investments face-to-face with representatives of private equity firms, investment banks and strategic investors. The two main benefits of attending The Investment Salon for the investment consultants and members of capital industry are networking and matching new clients.

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Investment Salon - Second Round - April 20

  1. 1. Avantazh Capital Investment Group and PRTCommunication Group announcemobilization of Ukrainian SMEs towardsintegration to global capital marketInnovation Becomes the TraditionEight months ago, in early summer 2011, Avantazh Capital InvestmentGroup, PRT Communication Group and Warsaw Stock ExchangeRepresentative Office in Ukraine announced establishment of basically newinteraction concept for Ukraine – Investment Salon.On June 10, 2011 the first ever Event took place in Kharkiv and definitelyshown the strong demand in such format of communication from bothUkrainian and foreign business society. The Second Round is comingsoon!Investment Salon is a networking forum specifically designed for small andmedium enterprises (SMEs) from different segments of Ukrainian economy,especially from agriculture, food production and other FMCG,pharmaceuticals, technologies etc, interested in raising capital oninternational financial market.The Event brings our most important clients and contacts together with TOPprofessionals from European investment banking, private equity, venture www.avantazh-capital.comcapital, audit, financial and strategic advisory businesses.
  2. 2. “ We are not aiming to make mass performance, but efficient, well prepared and personalized networking between selected interested parties Yuri Kostoglodov, Avantazh CapitalThe two main benefits of attending The Investment Salon are networking and matching new clients.Many delegates report that hearing of solutions or approaches to problems while in a networkingenvironment is often the most valuable aspect of any conference. Maximal readiness of attenders isthe key to efficiency of the Investment Salon. Ukrainian companies will properly prepare and presenttheir strategies for consideration of interested portfolio managers and financial analysts. From the otherside investors and advisers will be previously supplied with general information about Ukrainianparticipants hence are be able to determine their major targets of interest in advance.Focus Group► Ukrainian small and mid-cap companies interested in private equity, pre-IPO financing Potential Investment Vehicles and entering WSE platforms► Non-Ukrainian private equity & venture capital Among attending companies will be those managers looking for new funding interested in various investment solutions: opportunities among Ukrainian SMEs► Capital market infrastructure companies ► Pre-IPO with a view to launching the company into regulated market (WSE). Assumed investment period from 12 to 36Concept months. Investment withdrawal form is sale ofIn distinction from mass events as forums, the stake on the stock exchange during IPOconferences and workshops it is an outstanding,personalized event. We intend to invite around 30 ► Private placement of shares on alternativeowners and executives of Ukrainian fast trading system NewConnectgrowing SMEs and limited circle of executivesof major foreign capital market players including ► Private equity / Venture capitalinternational financial institutions (EBRD, IFC), Equity investments or mezzanine financing.stock exchange, investment banks, managers of Assumed investment period from 36 to 60 months. Investment withdrawal form is IPO orprivate equity funds, legal and financial adviser, sale to strategic investorauditor and other financial institutions.The Event assumes living face-to-face prearranged meetings with the discussion of funding ► Debt financingoptions and opportunities.SPONSORAVANTAZH CAPITAL Investment Group www.avantazh-capital.comPRT Communication Group COSPONSORS Warsaw Stock Exchange Baker Tilly Ukraine Asters Law Firm
  3. 3. Open DialogPresentation of capital market members with interactiveconversation between the audience and the spokesperson.Discussion topic: “Foreign capital market: trends, challengesand prospects for the Ukrainian SMEs in 2012-2013”.Companies PitchesDuring The Event the participating entrepreneurs will be ableto pitch their companies and investment strategies for around10 minutes to a range of interested investors and serviceproviders. This is kind of pre-roadshow, training, theopportunity to get feedback and to establish contacts withinterested parties from investment society side.It is intended to run two separate sections:► the general section ► NewConnect /Catalyst sectionMaster ClassInvestment attractiveness in 90 minutes, where auditors,legal, financial and investment advisers, investment bankerson a case study will show Ukrainian attenders how thecompany transforms from a “black box” to the attractiveissuer.The program also includes keynote speeches, specificindustry presentations, occasions for one-to-one meetings,coffee and lunch breaks, a dinner reception and a party.Carnaval Resort & Spa“ It’s a unique gathering, a unique opportunityto meet owners of Ukrainian companiesinterested in entering Polish capital market Robert Kwiatkowski, WSE
  4. 4. “ I believe that you will find the right opportunity for perspective earnings atAvantazh Capital Investment Group is an independent The Eventinvestment banking and management consulting institution Oleksii Kornilov, Avantazh Capitallocated in Kharkiv (Ukraine) that provides creative strategicand financial advice to senior management teams, companyboards and owners. Our activity focuses on five areas:Investment Banking, Asset Management, M&A Advisory,Business Consulting and Brokerage.Professionalism as an ApproachAvantazh Capital Investment Group has the license fromSecurities and Stock Market State Commission for providingasset management activity.We have passed long way of cooperation with Warsaw StockExchange.► On September 9, 2009 the official status of IPO Partner was obtained.► On December 8, 2010 Avantazh Capital Management Target Industries (the Group subsidiary) became the first Authorised ► FMCG (especially food and beverage Adviser of NewConnect and Catalyst trading systems in production) Ukraine and CIS. ► Agricultural production and infrastructure► On December 19, 2011 specialists of the Group proved their professional level by passing the certification of ► FMCG-driven sectors NewConnect and Catalyst Authorised Advisers. ► Retail ► Labeling & packaging etcOur Focus ► Consumer durablesIn our activity we focus on Ukrainian small & medium ► Technologiesenterprises, which we believe provide outstanding ► Alternative energyopportunities for investors in view of their high profitability ► Pharmaceuticalslevel combined with vast growth prospects and significantundervaluation. E-mail registration: Mikhail Agapov Phone registration and questions: Avantazh Capital Investment Group, LLC +38 057 700 44 14, +38 067 571 33 71, The working languages of the Forum are English and Russian. Simultaneous translation services are provided.