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Bat projets 1103_10h

  1. 1. SPEED MATCHING SPEED MATCHINGProject name: KHARKIV Project name: THE BEEHIVE TOWER SPA VILLAGECategory: Mixed use Category: Mixed useLocation: Kharkiv, Ukraine Location: Village of Pchelin, BulgariaExpected delivery date: Q4 2015 Expected delivery date: Q1 2012Company: Makrocap Development Ukraine LLC Company: Pchelin Springs Villages Ltd. Kharkiv Tower is the first 200 meters The Beehive Senior Spa Residence & sky-scraper of the city of Kharkiv Thermal Resort which will bring (the second largest city of Ukraine golden-age living to Bulgaria. with 1,5 million inhabitants; one the Our project involves the development largest administrative, industrial, of two separate plots situated 400m commercial and scientific centre of from one another. Ukraine). - Phase 1 is a residence for elderly The building of modernist architec- people featuring a thermal medicaltural style is unique due to its mixed use format uniting office center, spa, pool, conference facility, casino, etc. to be built over 7,550 sqm.Thehotel, shopping and entertainment center and apartments in a single site is prepared; water, power and drainage lines are built in.56-level complex of "A" class. It has a ‘goal’ location in the very - Phase 2 is a high-end condo-hotel and private cottages in acentre of the new city business district. Kharkiv Tower has its own 14,200 sqm park setting featuring recreational spa, cascade pools and SPEED MATCHINGmetro station entrance. The well-grounded project concept, covered water attractions. The park can be expanded over anotherexperienced architect, original branding, innovative technologies and 60,000 sqm in phase 3.professional project team are key factors of further success of theproject.Kharkiv Tower is a ‘blue ocean’ project in the developing property PROJECTS IN EASTERNmarket of Ukraine having no competitive environment in the city. EUROPE & CIS MIPIM® is a registered trademark of Reed MIDEM - All rights reserved.Presenter: Presenter:I Dmitry Kutovoy, CEO, Makrocap Group I George N. Gantchev, Manager, Beehive Springs Villages Ltd.Contact details:I E-mail: Contact details: 11 March 2009I Phone:+38 0 57 71 5-77-34 (secretary) I E-mail: g4019@dir.bgI Mobile: +38 0 50 32 32 66 1 I Mobile: +359-885-230-477 10.00 - 11.00I
  2. 2. SPEED MATCHING SPEED MATCHING SPEED MATCHINGProject name: PARYTET Project name: BENCHMARK Project name: AQUA TETHYS BUSINESS CENTERCategory: Mixed use Category: Office Category: Hotel & ResortLocation: Kharkiv, Ukraine Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Location: Bardo ovo, SlovakiaExpected delivery date: Q4 2011 Expected delivery date: Q3 2011 (phase 1) Expected delivery date: Q2 2011Company: Avantazh Group Company: BenchMark Fund Estates REIT Company: IN-VI Investment Vision AG The top development project BenchMark Business Center is situated AQUA TETHYS® is a Spa community represents modern space planning on the largest boulevard in Sofia to be built atop the remainder of the design structure integrated into the connecting the capital with South- Tethys Sea. The 22 million years old new center of the 1,5 million City of eastern Bulgaria. It is 10 min. from the water of the ancient sea is currently Kharkiv. This district has own city center and 5 min. from the accessed by three recently comple- peculiarity: Freedom Square – the airport. ted wells that were financed by the largest parade ground in all Europe in The total built-up area of the project is European Community. The 82°C composition with the building 35,694 m2: water reach the surface from twoincluded in UNESCO preliminary list of monuments turn the location - Class “A” office space - 17,355 m2, 14 floors; extraction wells 1800 meters deep at a rate of 100 liters per second;area into one of the most populous places in the eastern Ukraine. - Retail areas - 7,312 m2, 2 floors; the third well re-injects filtered water. The thermal energy producedParytet Mixed Use with total surface of 47,200 sqm is a complex of - Underground parking - 390 parking spaces will be the equivalent to 25 apartments and shopping premises with integrated sport Its unique architecture marks the east entrance of the city and it is AQUA TETHYS® will be the heart and driver of a bio-agriculturefacilities, leisure area and three-level underground parking for 255 cars. characterized by the biggest atrium in Bulgaria – 18 m in diameter and region which sits atop the 80 km2 expanse of the Tethys Sea. TheVertically the concept of the building is divided into a three-storey 50 m in height. surrounding villages will provide a constellation of experiences thatcommon low rise area and 2 residential towers 24 and 12 storeys tall. The project will be completed in October 2009. will make longer stays worthwhile.Presenter: Presenter: Presenter:I Oleksii Kornilov, Development Manager, I Veselin Genchev, Executive Director, BenchMark I Guy Perry, President, IN-VI Group Avantazh Group Fund Estates Contact details:Contact details: Contact details: I E-mail: guy.perry@in-vi.comI E-mail: I E-mail: I Mobile: +41 79 799 7377I Mobile: +38 0 67 57 11 99 4 I Phone: +359 296 254 05 I I Mobile: +359 888 805 606 I