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Who's Who

  1. 1. Who's Who May 22, 2013
  2. 2. Who’s Who • As a Community Assistant, there are many people that you should know that work with us at the University and in Housing to fulfill the our mission. • These people may request various things of you as a staff member in order to assist them in certain aspects of their work. • You are expected to work with these people and/or to consult up fulfill any various requests that they may have.
  3. 3. Department of Student Housing • Minor Hall • Student Housing Service Building
  4. 4. Director for Student Housing and Asst. Vice Chancellor Lionel Maten • Oversees the Associate Directors for Residence Life, Operations, Facilities, and Business Manager Anne Simmons - Administrative Assistant
  5. 5. Interim Director, Business Manager Tracey Vaughn • Budget • Purchase Requests
  6. 6. Associate Director for Residential Learning ???? • Oversees the Assistant Director for Residential Learning and Area Coordinators Shannon McMullen - Administrative Assistant
  7. 7. Assistant Director for Residential Learning ??? • Implement and assess the Residential Co-Curricular Learning Model
  8. 8. The Area Coordinators Scott Oliver - Area 1 • Martin, Stockard, and Stewart • Supervises 3 Graduate Community Directors • Manages student conduct • Manages assessment, tutoring, and CA/GA training
  9. 9. The Area Coordinators Kurt Lee - Area 2 • Ridge North, Ridge South, Minor Hall, and Kincannon • Supervises 3 Graduate Community Directors & 1 Resident Manager • Manages student conduct • Manages LLCs, FIGs, and Desk Operations
  10. 10. The Area Coordinators Lynn Flowers - Area 3 • Campus Walk, The Village, Northgate, University Trails, Residential College South, Luckyday Residential College • Supervises 4 Graduate Community Directors & 1 Resident Manager • Manages student conduct • Manages Emerging Leaders (Sophomore Interest Group) and CA/GA Selection
  11. 11. The Area Coordinators Crystal Henry - Area 4 • Crosby, Hefley, Deaton, and Brown • Supervises 4 Graduate Community Directors and a Student Leadership Advisor • Manages conduct • Manages RHA, NRHH, and RAA
  12. 12. The Graduate Community Directors Becca Baier • Martin Hall • Supervises 11 CAs • They are almost done with a year-long face-lift project on the building • Many residents live there because their mother, sister or aunt or other relative lived there
  13. 13. The Graduate Community Directors Shane Gragg • Stockard Hall • Supervises 9 Cas • Stockard is right next to Martin and is almost done with the face-lift project for both buildings • Last year, Stockard’s fire alarm went off less than Martin’s
  14. 14. The Graduate Community Directors Vashae Swope • Stewart Hall • Supervises 6 CAs
  15. 15. The Resident Managers Ryan Burnette – Ridge North • Supervises 10 CAs • Helps Kurt with the FIGs and LLCs
  16. 16. The Graduate Community Directors Colleen Lofton • Ridge South • Supervises 8 CAs
  17. 17. The Graduate Community Directors Hayley Jensen • Minor Hall • Supervises 10 Cas • Minor has the Housing Office and Papa Johns
  18. 18. The Graduate Community Directors Courtney Rollins • Kincannon Hall of Champions • Supervises 13 CAs
  19. 19. The Resident Managers Patricia Satterwhite – Campus Walk • Supervises 7 CAs
  20. 20. The Graduate Community Directors Shaadi Shoubaki • Northgate Apartments • Supervises 3 CAs
  21. 21. The Graduate Community Directors Lindsay Wright • University Trails • Supervises 4 CAs
  22. 22. The Graduate Community Directors Collin Webster • Residential College South • Supervises 12 CAs
  23. 23. The Graduate Community Directors Sarah Gombar • Luckyday Residential College • Supervises 10 CAs • Moved away from home in high school and lived with a host family in order to play sports
  24. 24. The Graduate Community Directors Latoya Anderson • Upper Crosby • Supervises 9 Cas • A lot of the women in Crosby are in sororities
  25. 25. The Graduate Community Directors Eleanor Kahn • Lower Crosby • Supervises 9 Cas • As a Theatre major, served as Run Crew Chief for three large musicals
  26. 26. The Graduate Community Directors Ishmael Miller • Hefley & Deaton Halls • Supervises 7 CAs
  27. 27. The Graduate Community Directors Amanda Abrahamson • Brown Hall • Supervises 5 CAs • Brown got a new roof this summer! • Amanda has a slight obsession with shoes and loves to buy new ones!
  28. 28. Student Leadership Advisor Hilary Bruner • RHA, NRHH, RAA • Favorite sport is horse racing • Loves to do synchronized swimming • She is crazy about giraffes
  29. 29. Coordinator of Student Conduct Patience Bryant Student Conduct Graduate Assistant Brandi Sanders • hmmm
  30. 30. Associate Director for Operations Margot Carter • Manages billing and supervises housing assignments, marketing, and the front desk of the Main Housing Office Sherrita Campbell - Senior Secretary
  31. 31. Operations Ashley Guinn Taylor - Coordinator of Housing Assignments LeCatherine Ivy - Supply Clerk
  32. 32. Operations Jennifer McClure - Assistant Director for Marketing Marketing Assistants
  33. 33. Associate Director for Facilities Nels Strickland • Manages building projects and supervises technology, maintenance, and custodial service in the Residence Halls Pam Abbott - Senior Secretary
  34. 34. Facilities Don Rogers - Assistant Director for Facilities • Communicates with custodial services and manages Camp and Conference Housing Chris Thornton - Systems Administrator • Computers, cameras… you name it, he’s got it!
  35. 35. Facilities Vernita Ivy Production Control Clerk Darian Dye Assistant Superintendant Maintenance Technicians Ron Rickabaugh (manager) and Sodexo employees
  36. 36. Division of Student Affairs 1. Admissions and Registrar 2. Campus Programming 3. Campus Recreation 4. Career Center 5. Dean of Students 6. Enrollment Services 7. Financial Aid 8. International Programs 9. Luckyday Success Program 10. Orientation and Parent Programs 11.Student Housing and Residence Life 12. University Counseling Center 13. University Health Services 14. University Police and Campus Safety
  37. 37. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Brandi Hephner LaBanc • Oversees the Assistant Vice Chancellors and departments in the division • Scholar and consultant in the field of campus crisis management
  38. 38. Student Affairs Leslie Banahan - Asst. Vice Chancellor • Career Center • University Counseling Center • Enrollment Services • Campus Recreation • University Health Services • International Programs
  39. 39. Student Affairs Lionel Maten- Asst. Vice Chancellor and Director for Student Housing • Financial Aid • Admissions and Registrar
  40. 40. Student Affairs Sparky Reardon - Asst. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students • Oversees student conduct, student organizations and emergency management • He often speaks at colleges on issues ranging from leadership to hazing prevention to crisis management
  41. 41. Student Affairs Melinda Pullen Carlson - Associate Dean of Students • Supervises the Assistant Dean for Judicial Affairs and the Assistant Dean for Student Organizations and Greek Life. • Advisor to The Associated Student Body and The Columns Society
  42. 42. Student Affairs Valeria Beasley-Ross - Assistant Dean of Students for Multicultural Affairs and Volunteer Services • Advisor to the Black Student Union, African Caribbean Student Association, National Pan- hellenic Council, and the University of Mississippi Gospel Choir. • Supervises the University of Mississippi's Americorps Campus Link Team.
  43. 43. Student Affairs Scott Wallace, Ph.D. Assistant Dean of Students for Judicial Affairs J. Coulter Ward Assistant Dean of Students for Student Involvement
  44. 44. Lucky Day Success Program (from left to right) Senora Logan Miller Assistant Director Dr. Patrick Perry Director of Luckyday Programs Dr. Ethel Young-Minor Senior Fellow Merrill Tutor Magruder Project Coordinator
  45. 45. You have now completed this Module. Please proceed to the Who’s Who Competency Assessment