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  • Created By Olayiwola A. AlaraChairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Chairman’s Philosophy.As Chairman, I believe in a God who is the architect of this world and he sentJesus Christ as a witness to die for our sins (Bible Verse 1 Corinthians 15).While I am a Christian by faith, I respect all religion because God isresponsible for creating everything. He has all power and authority in hishands, he controls every circumstances and events in all of our lives and he isresponsible for how we succeed either professionally or personally. I believehe has created every of us with a purpose that falls according to his will,through this plan he has provided every one of us with gifts and talents thatallows us to manage a certain degree of responsibility. But in spite of all hehas given, I believe he has created a plan where none of us can functionindependently.Not a single one of us has been created perfectly (Bible Verse Romans 3:10) and in all other areas of our lives we have masteredeither professionally or personally, we all fall short or lack in what others enjoy abundantly. God is no respecter of persons, hecreates such lack or abundance in certain areas of our lives to balances out how we trade what we all individually have to becomewho he has created us to be. This design creates humility, allowing us to acknowledge his mercy and grace through what we haveaccomplish and although some of us are fortunate in certain areas of our lives where others are not, how we choose to support eachother is how we are all able to truly enjoy every area of life abundantly.
  • Chairman’s Philosophy.I am also wise enough to know the rules of how we succeed at every goal we hope to achieve keeps changing in anever changing world. How we scored touchdowns yesterday does not necessarily means the same process is requiredtoday. So to never fall behind as a leader I depend on the one who created time itself to teach me how to leadadapting to different seasons. God acts as all our guide, directing our paths where he wants us to be, validating ourdecisions and the relationships that are meant to be and terminating the ones that can truly affect us negatively.Since we live in a changing and unpredictable world where there are no room for certainties, I chose to walk with aGod that can manage every aspect of our lives such as our health, our finances, our relationships, our career path,our security and so much more, nothing is impossible for him. He is my anchor and my strength, my navigationsystem and the security I need to manage my responsibilities (Bible Verse Psalm 144:2).
  • Chairman’s Philosophy.If the main focus of our business plan is what investors or anyone can expect in figures regarding the returnon just their financial investments then they have completely lowered our standards, the value of my positionin leadership and what AAGC will bring. For in addition to all I am providing, I am guided by a God thatcan provide security, a peace of mind, an appropriate sense of direction and an unfathomable degree ofprosperity in every area of our lives both personally and professionally.
  • Our Executive Summary.AAGC | AllenalarA Group of Companies is a Proposed Private Holding Company, whose goals are tosupport the creation, growth and future development of several companies across various industriesworldwide. Through its businesses, it will specialize in Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture Capital andPrivate Equity, Flexible Business Solutions, Public and Private Markets, Operations and much more.Transactions will range from mergers of public companies, purchases and sales of assets of subsidiarycorporations and business divisions.Our team of professionals will handle local and cross-border issues, identifying other businessopportunities such as public-private partnership, identifying risks by meeting with the managementteam and employees of these businesses, providing effective capital structures, optimizing local andglobal tax structures, conducting appropriate due diligence, and providing local and internationalaccounting and financial reporting standards. We will handle leveraged and management buyouts,growth capital, distressed investments, mezzanine capital and other private investments in maturecompanies.
  • Our Executive Summary. We will support industries such as Financial Services, Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment, Technology, Investment Banking, Agriculture, Global Television Broadcasting, Media, Restaurants, Wine, Hospitality, Leisure and Travel, Aviation, Enterprise Software, Leadership Conferences and Events all around the world. We will also be involved with Construction, Architectural Designs, Transportation and Urban Development, Life Sciences, Energy and Information Systems, Motorway Operations, Biotechnology, Industrial Maintenance and Financing. Supported by its team of professionals such as Investments Managers, Legal Advisers, Architects, Civil and Mechanical Engineers, Marine Technologists, Scientists and so much more they will come up with new revolutionary ways to move our global economy forward.
  • Our Executive Summary. Finally, we will also partner up with Non-Profit Organizations diversifying our goals of Corporate Responsibility by creating and supporting existing Medical Centers, Research Laboratories, Universities, Colleges, Schools and more, create many other foundations with Philanthropic and Humanitarian Goals in mind. It will develop its strength by partnering with others from different cultures and ethnicity, strive to have a recognizable and controllable stake in the global economic market, creating long term initiatives to secured it future goals and a hope for others. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Seoul, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and other major cities around the world, our team of professionals will cut across both the local and international market and exceed the company’s goals and expectations.
  • Our Executive Summary.The budget estimated to create the reputation needed for AllenalarA Group of Companies to beoperational globally is $500 Billion. We are offering 35% of the company to accredited investorsworldwide and we require 9 members on our Board to assist leading the vision of our proposed privateholding company. Contributions starts at $1 Billion and can be provided either by cash, property,shares, services or equity options. Board Membership is renewable after 7 years, stakes are transferableto only family, relatives and members of the company. And finally, we are offering 40% on JointVentures to Partners if we provide the opportunity.With over 10 years of professional experiences in the fields of Banking, Financial Services, Aviation,Music and Entertainment, Healthcare, personal experiences alongside my philosophy as Chairmanand CEO, I believe I am more than capable of leading the right team that can support and cultivatethe future success of our private holding company.
  • Our Executive Summary.I believe there is no value we can place on the wisdom of God, he is the one truly responsible forproviding the right amount of wisdom to create more opportunities out of what he has alreadyprovided and given. And since I also believe he is the one responsible for creating everything, we havenot even begin to touch the surface of all the opportunities he has provided us globally.While we require such contributions to move forward, we place more value on the integrity of thosewe choose to associate with professionally irrespective of what they have or own physically. But wealso believe our faith without actions is equally dead if all we do is simply believe forgetting that ourphysical contributions is required to bring to fruition whatever we believe. Great ideas cannot be fullygenerated without great revenue and character neither can great revenue be fully sustainable withoutgreat ideas and character as well.
  • Our Executive Summary.Other options to acquire assets and capital will include Business Consulting, Lender Finance, DirectPrivate Investment, Corporate and Institutional Loans, IPOs, Mortgages, Auto Loans, Lines ofCredit, Equipment Leasing, Corporate Office Leases and so much more.Please be advised, we will not be providing any past financial or inventory records. Our present andmost valuable assets are our wisdom and integrity, our professional contacts, business ideas and avariety of opportunities globally. Our liabilities are already great losses and sacrifices that are notquantifiable but were necessary to move us forward to succeed.
  • Our Executive Summary. Diamonds and other precious stones are very rare and valuable because of the variety of opportunities they create to boost our global economy, they are not easily retrievable because of their sense of worth and are usually attainable after huge sacrifices. Those we seek to participate in our goals are equally rare and valuable because they have mastered the art of being highly creative at any particular season in time with anything provided to create more opportunities. And because of their sense of worth, they can relate and easily understand that anything valuable is very often retrievable after huge and great sacrifices.
  • Our Executive Summary.Our vision for the group is to create a well respectable platform that promotes every idea, connectevery skill, gifts and talent, provide reputable humanitarian goals that provides a sense of value thattruly connect and determine the economic growth of our societies.Part of our goals is to have Proposed AAGC ranked among the world’s most reputable PrivateHolding Companies globally. We hope to have a diversified brand of investments than all thesecompanies put together but to have such an unequivocal impact in our global economy, we havechosen goals and challenges that many view as unimaginable but I believe through faith,determination and persistence I am confident our dreams are within our reach.
  • Contact Information.To those interesting in benefiting from our goals, all other information such as requirements, immediateboard or partner terms and agreement will be provided based on status, reputation and credibility. Youcan use the contact information below. Thank you and God bless.Olayiwola A. Alara Leidaira Souza BispoChairman and Chief Executive Officer Chief Operating OfficerAAGC | AllenalarA Group of Companies. AAGC | AllenalarA Group of CompaniesWebsite: about.me/oaalara Web Page: about.me/LeidairaBispoEmail: oaalara@about.me Email: leidairabispo@about.meSkype: oaalara Skype: leidaira.bispo