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The myVR 3D Panorama viewer is perfect for showcasing real estate objects, destinations, products, restaurants and/or other businesses online etc. Furthermore, the 3D Panorama module is an integral module of our 3D FlashMap architecture, which allows for a seamless integration with our StreetView module to display "360 interior" imagery of local businesses.

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myVR 3D Panorama Technology

  1. 1. myVR 3D Panorama Technology<br />Maps Reinvented <br />3D Map – 3D StreetView – 3D Panorama<br />
  2. 2. 3D Panorama<br />Perfect for online interactive presentations of;<br />Local Businesses<br />Destination and resorts<br />Real Estate Properties<br />Tourism and more…<br />
  3. 3. 3D Panorama Client in FlashMap Architecture<br />Web Page<br />Javascript<br />Embeddable Flash Object<br />Script API<br />Flash Container<br />GUI Layer<br />GUI Layer<br />GUI Layer<br />GUI Layer<br />Flash API<br />Flash API<br />Flash API<br />Flash API<br />Ortho/<br />Oblique (*)<br />3D <br />StreetView<br />3D <br />Panorama<br />3D <br />Map<br />(*) Under Development<br />
  4. 4. 3D Panorama – Server Architecture<br />Web Server<br />3D Panorama Client<br />Internet<br />Use any Web Server<br />Apache, IIS, Lighthttpd, etc.<br />Use standard cache, accelerators<br />Squid, Varnish, etc.<br />Converted <br />360 Panorama images<br />stored as flat files in<br />myVR’s<br />SmartTile™ Format<br />
  5. 5. 3D Panorama Features<br />Platform/Browser Support<br />Any Platform/Browser supporting Adobe Flash version 9.106 or newer<br />Flash version 10.1 recommended for optimal performance <br />Image Resolution<br />Support high resolution (HDR) 360 by 180 degrees imagery with a resolution of up to 20.000 x 10.000 pixels<br />Both spherical and cylindrical images supported<br />Smart Tiling Technology<br />Optimized Smart Tiling processing with support for multiple Levels of Detail (LOD)<br />Offers instant 360 degree loading even over low bandwidth<br />
  6. 6. 3D Panorama Features<br />Customizable UI<br />Fully configurable UI for corporate branding with logos/banners, free placement of custom UI navigation controls, hyperlink buttons, and other UI elements<br />All custom UI Resources can be stored server side or embedded in viewer<br />Optional Inline Image Carousel Viewer<br />Display always or on mouse hover action<br />One click navigation to any panorama image<br />Map support<br />Support for overlay maps with hotspots<br />Or display pop up/embedded 2D maps from Google Maps or other map providers<br />
  7. 7. 3D Panorama Features<br />Hyperlinking<br />Link to any other 360 image(s) <br />Specify individual view settings for linked images such as field of view, max/min pitch etc.<br />Link to external URL’s such as Web sites etc.<br />Audio/Video/Image Support<br />Support for streaming audio and/or video in pop up window<br />View non panoramic jpeg/pngimages<br />Built In Social Sharing Capabilities<br />Share panoramas directly from the viewer on Facebook, Twitter, etc.<br />
  8. 8. 3D Panorama Features<br />Navigation Control<br />Zoom In/Out, Tilt Up/Down, and full 360 degree rotation<br />Supports UI buttons and/or slider controls<br />Use your own UI control graphics<br />Motion Models<br />Configurable motion models to control motion axis, rotation speed, spin acceleration, and more<br />Transitional Effects<br />Configurable blend/zoom transition effects allows for seamless switching/navigation in and between images. <br />Scripting API<br />XML Configuration Files on server sets all default values<br />Javascript interface allows full viewer control in web page<br />All user generated events triggers callbacks that can be trapped in JavaScript<br />
  9. 9. 3D Panorama Project Generator<br />Desktop and/or Server based panoramic image generator project tool<br />Import and convert panoramic imagery to the myVRSmartTile™ streaming format<br />Easily arrange image ordering and linking<br />Configure motion model, image tilt/zoom angles etc.<br />GeoTagged images will automatically show up in map<br />Create Project UI Templates and add custom UI elements such as buttons, hyperlinks, overlay maps, image carousel, video/audio streaming etc.<br />Add Social Sharing, RSS support, and much more…<br />
  10. 10. 3D Panorama and 3D StreetView<br />Both part of myVR 3D FlashMap Architecture <br />Integrate with 3D Panorama to;<br />Showcase the exterior of local businesses, restaurants, hotels, etc. with high resolution “StreetView” footage<br />Fully customizable UI and powerful scripting API<br />Seamless transition from Panorama to StreetView mode<br />Click for 3D Panorama/StreetView Concept Demo<br />
  11. 11. Destination/Tourism<br />Sample Customers<br />Local Businesses<br />360 Imagery courtesy of <br />
  12. 12. More Information<br />3D Panorama Technology <br />Product Page<br />3D StreetView Technology <br />Product Page<br />myVR Software AS<br />E-mail:<br />Web:<br />Follow us on:<br />