myVR 3D MapView Technology
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myVR 3D MapView Technology

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myVR 3D MapView Technology Overview for enabling high res 3D Maps in your browser on Windows or Mac OSX.

myVR 3D MapView Technology Overview for enabling high res 3D Maps in your browser on Windows or Mac OSX.

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  • 1.
  • 2. Height Data Ortho photography C3 - 3D Data myVR 3D Distribution Format Conversion Module Stored as flat files in myVR 3D Map Tile Format Standard Web Server Internet
  • 3.
    • myVR converts C3 and other map data into the myVR optimized 3D distribution format
    • Converted files are stored as a series of 3D map tiles
    • Any Web Server can be used for distribution
      • 3D Map Data tiles stored as flat data files
      • Viewer client install package stored on server
    • Server side manifest and configuration file in XML
      • Manifest file controls viewer module installation/upgrade
      • Configuration file controls:
        • Data Root directory for 3D map tiles
        • All default client side configuration values
  • 4.
    • Server side configuration of all client side default parameters through XML file
      • Set maximum and minimum viewing height
      • Set maximum and minimum allowed tilt or pitch
      • Set client side disk and ram cache size
      • Define Level of detail parameters
      • Define Overlay Graphics to be used
      • Set Initial Camera View and optional rotation
      • Option after load custom splash screen dialog
      • And much more…
  • 6.
    • Lightweight ActiveX / NPAPI client
      • Browsers: IE 6-8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari
      • Windows OS: 2000, XP and Vista
      • Mac OS: OSX 10.4 or newer
      • Linux OS version available Q2 2009
      • Total Install Size < 2MB
    • Automatic component update functionality
      • Does not trigger Browser Security Warning
      • Upgrade/downgrade individual modules silently
      • Server manifest file controls module versioning/size
      • Modules deployed as individual ZIP containers
  • 7.
    • Optional Client “System Test” Module
    • Inspect client system prior to install/launch
    • Detect HW/SW info to determine suitability
      • Collects OS, CPU, GPU, OpenGL Vendor/Driver Info
      • Determines Memory, Disk Space, bandwidth etc.
    • Trigger System Check Warning
      • OK, MAYBE, NO - Action States
      • Redirect user to help resources
    • Systemreport.XML
      • Result available for optional online submission to DB
  • 8.
    • Fully customizable UI and branding
      • Custom branding of Installer for Add/Remove programs
      • Create your own HTML based client deployment page
      • Create your own HTML based splash screens during install
      • Use your own UI navigation controls and preferred layout
  • 9.
    • Intuitive and fully configurable navigational controls
      • Custom UI control elements for
        • Zoom, Pan, Tilt and Fly operations
        • Configurable placement and offset for each element
      • Configurable movement speed and directional axis
    • Easy Mouse Control
        • Left button “Click and drag” for quick pan operations
        • Left/Right “Double Click” events for quick directional zoom in/out
        • Use “Track wheel” for gradual zoom in/out operation
        • Use “Middle button” click and hold to rotate/tile with mouse movement
    • Optional Configurable Keyboard Controls
        • Assign any key to movement controls or other supported functions
        • All assignments set in server based “Config.xml” file
  • 10.
    • Overlay API
      • Configuration, and script commands via XML
      • Supports 2D and 3D overlay graphics
      • Supports UTM/GPS coordinates and height placement
      • Easily create and display POI markers
        • Allows flat or flagpole position anchoring
        • Both 2D and 3D clipping supported
        • Optional click detection
      • Text Label Support
      • Pop up dialogs supported
        • Standard dialog with icon, text and URL link support
        • Custom dialog with full HTML support
  • 11.
    • 3D MapView is easily integrated with your web portal/solution
    • Use the scripting API to control
      • Receive Onload, Hide events for web integration
      • Set camera x, y, z position
      • Set camera rotation or flight path
      • Control the Overlay API
        • Display POI markers
        • Display Pop-ups, labels, etc.
      • Callback Support
        • Mouse click events and users current position
        • Camera viewport extent coordinates
  • 12.
  • 13.
    • Online incident support system for all requests
      • File request and view their status
    • Online Developer documentation
      • With sample code excerpts for quick integration
    • Dedicated Web Demo Portal for developers
      • Shows sample integration using 2D Google Maps
      • Javascript examples for address search and display
      • Camera manipulation
      • Several Overlay API samples
    • And much more …
  • 14.
    • Client Detection System Report Database
      • Submitted client reports automatically stored in online DB
      • Online Web Access for Clients
      • Search, Query, View and Sort all submitted reports/items
      • Proactively detects Issues and Trends
        • OS Versions and Service Packs
        • Browser Vendors/Versions
        • Graphic Drivers vendor/Version issues etc.
        • Bandwidth stats
        • And much more …
      • Report and Graphing Tools available
  • 15.
    • 3D Map View Flash Widget Generator
      • Auto generate embeddable Flash 3D Map widget
        • X,Y input coordinates and zoom level
        • Output pre generated or on demand flash files (SWF)
        • Widget supports zoom, rotate, scale and hyperlinking
        • Customize widget graphics; frame, POI marker etc.
        • Combine with flash ads
      • Useful for online media portals/news or listing services
      • Drive traffic to full blown map service
      • New ad placement real estate
      • Use as “3D Where to find us” widget
      • And much more…
    Note! Requires Flash 10 or newer
  • 16.