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A case study presented to the AIME Charities Forum detailing how an OpenMarket proprietary solution raised over £1.5m for the Disasters and Emergency Committee in less than a month, and doubled the charities Opt-In by using mobile.

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  • TIER ONE aggregator connected directly to the mobile operators Aggregate solutions and APIs and make it easy for our customers to reach everyone Messaging - Sky & ESPN customer updates Payment solutions - Digital Chocolate iPhone apps, Crediting for Coke-Cola (use for rewards?) Value Added Services - integrating Facebook and Spotify with Mobile Networks Partners - InstaGiv offer mobile donation solutions + SNS + online promotion tools #1 Market Share in UK & US - we can approach the operators with significant projects
  • Part of DEC Partner Network: Available at 24-48 hours notice to respond to emergencies with DEC BT look after web donation (with Telecom Express) British Banking Association - open up all of the different banks and make is easy and quick to make a donation OpenMarket - text to donate
  • Background, Emergency, Response
  • Will not stop people writing cheques or standing orders People with no CCs and cheques UNICEF - people happy to donate by SMS UNLIKE SOME we do not take a cut on donations
  • Not too many - off-putting for the consumer Variations to enable tracking of ROI on marketing spend and track the marketing sources that have had the biggest impact Increasingly important for corporate supporters to have accurate reporting
  • OM: worked across the industry to make sure: 70000 Shortcode - shared 45 days payout (used to be 6 months) Charity donations don’t attract VAT, operators systems didn’t work with this, OM worked with the operators to make this happen, VAT FREE contribution
  • We can facilitate recurring donations to ANY mobile giver This confirmation message can offer donors single click opt-in for subscription giving
  • Cross reference monthly interaction Empowering consumer: Details of why its needed (e.g. mosquito nets)
  • Tech automatically recognises “return” gift-aid participants - automatically gift aid all mobile donations Additional revenue stream from using mobile OpenMarket negotiated with all of the UK operators to not charge for the text and the donations that go through those, means that their donors are not out of pocket, all of the £5 goes back to charity. Various Biz models to support this, come by stand for more info
  • DEC understood how to promote the shortcode this timeOpenMarket process over $1bn of transactions per year so have a scalability that charities can be reassured about
  • Early August REVENUE UPLIFT - added 25% Over and above the impulse response it generates a significant uplift
  • Mobile will be an ever increasing part of the DEC campaigns, next stage how to utilise
  • If time demo the shortcode DONATE to 70000
  • OpenMarket case study - DEC

    1. 1. DEC Case Study - 15th September 2011 - AIMEOisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager, OpenMarket
    2. 2. About OpenMarket Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    3. 3. DEC• Founded 1963• Umbrella organisation• Collects donations on behalf of 13 charities (e.g. Oxfam & Save the Children)• Proceeds used to deliver effective and timely help to people affected by major disasters, such as floods, earthquakes or famine. 3 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    4. 4. DEC Partner Network4 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    5. 5. Background, Emergency andA Mobilised Response
    6. 6. Background• More internet access via mobile• Mobile addresses new market• Incremental revenues• Complete transparency• Greater accountability• Tracking for corporate support• Perception of mobile operators “skimming” off the top had been a block to donations Copyright MX Telecom Inc 2008 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    7. 7. The Emergency• Thousands fleeing Somalia to Kenya and Ethiopia to escape drought and conflict• Drought followed four years of poor rains• Chronic child malnutrition• Starvation of livestock• Soaring food prices• 10m lives at risk Copyright MX Telecom Inc 2008 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    8. 8. A Mobilised Response Outdoor, press and TV call to action Copyright MX Telecom Inc 2008 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    9. 9. A Mobilised Response• Keywords:• AID• AFRICA• CRISIS• DONATE• INDI Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    10. 10. A Mobilised Response• Mobilising the donation experience• Empowering the consumer• Convenient• Interactive• Instant• Familiar• Reliable• Effective Copyright MX Telecom Inc 2008 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    11. 11. Mobile donation experience Copyright MX Telecom Inc 2008 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    12. 12. Mobile gift aid Copyright MX Telecom Inc 2008 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    13. 13. Mobile CRM CMX2 Copyright MX Telecom Inc 2008 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    14. 14. The Results
    15. 15. The Results• 500% increase in SMS donations• 60% responded to gift aid request• Double the response from other channels• 25% added to these donations• £1,250,000 raised by SMS alone• OpenMarket processed over £10,000 /second*• Record donations by mobile for DEC• 100% of mobile donations go to DEC 15 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    16. 16. The Results Peaking at £298k on 08/07/11 TV TV events / newspaper ads drove peak donations, in particular TV support from ITV TV16 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket August 2011
    17. 17. Media coverage17 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    18. 18. DEC on the campaign“By giving people the ability to donate bysimply texting means that thousands ofpeople without credit cards or unable todonate in person can, with a single SMS,help us help others.” Polly Gilchrist Fundraising Manager, DEC18 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    19. 19. In Summary• Enhanced the fundraising drive• Additional value from new revenue streams• Did not cannibalise “traditional” channels• Clever platform to engage the consumer• Gift aid opt-in was maximised, generating significant donation uplift• Proves that SMS is an effective, responsive consumer engagement tool for charities 19 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
    20. 20. Contact twitter @openmarket facebook @openmarket