IAB "Silo Smashing" presentation


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My presentation on Silo Smashing from the #IABUK Mobile Integration event today, join the #SiloSmashing movement!

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IAB "Silo Smashing" presentation

  1. 1. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny SILO SMASHING! Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager, OpenMarket
  2. 2. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing
  3. 3. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing “An information silo is a management system incapable of reciprocal operation with other, related information systems.” wikipedia.com / http://www.andyjanning.com/of-silos-and-blinders/
  4. 4. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny SOCIAL MOBILE LOCAL http://superiorrotary.areavoices.com/2010/11/25/silos/
  5. 5. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny alerts MARKETING PAYMENT HR CS http://superiorrotary.areavoices.com/2010/11/25/silos/
  6. 6. @oisinlunny How did we get #SiloSmashing Here? CONSUMERS DEMAND MOBILITY! http://www.mobomo.com/2012/08/ken-fang-presents-at-the-howto-gov-mobile-first-webinar/
  7. 7. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing http://www.moroch.com/blog/2012/03/five-reasons-marketers-should-think-mobile-first/
  8. 8. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing
  9. 9. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing http://bit.ly/SiloSmashing
  10. 10. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny EXAMPLES
  11. 11. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny TV Peaking at 298k on 08/07/11 TV events / newspaper ads drove peak donations, in particular support from ITV TV
  12. 12. @oisinlunny 60% #SiloSmashing
  13. 13. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing Eurostar - using mobile engagement for CS
  14. 14. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing Use mobile to tell your brand story
  15. 15. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny build the opt-in
  16. 16. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing Keep It Simple at the Start!
  17. 17. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny Gimme Credit!
  18. 18. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing World’s largest media and entertainment company • Theme parks and resorts throughout North America, Europe and Asia • SMS notifications to guests for vacation reminders, itinerary changes, hotel room readiness, shopping coupons, and upcoming promotions http://bit.ly/silosmashing2
  19. 19. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny global consultancy http://collaborationforgood.org/2012/01/17/breaking-down-data-silos-in-the-cloud/
  20. 20. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny major global broadcaster 60m SMS in UK / year http://smashingpicture.com/our-amazing-planet-earth/
  21. 21. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny http://www.westoeelectronics.co.uk/shop/viewitem.php?productid=25
  22. 22. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulmonkeypaul/4865631231/
  23. 23. @oisinlunny #SiloSmashing OpenMarket provides mobile solutions for enterprises to engage and transact with customers, partners and employees via the mobile channel Our clients trust us to power their mobile business
  24. 24. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny Your Systems OpenMarket’s MEP 1 1 2 3 2 Your audience 3 Service editing via drag and drop or APIs The workflow engine processes services, simplifies data integrations to your preferred business systems (CRM, analytics, other web services) and generates reports Multi-channel support including SMS, MMS, Push, Email, Voice & IVR ensures the right message is sent via the preferred method
  25. 25. customers and partners
  26. 26. #SiloSmashing @oisinlunny @ gleonhard
  27. 27. STAY IN TOUCH, TEXT… oisin #SiloSmashing 
 TO 88600
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