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Intro Talk Opco

  1. 1. Quick and affordableKnowledge Management for for Operating Companies Andrew Zolnai Copyright © 2009 Interactive Net Mapping LtdAll content is confidential to Interactive Net Mapping Ltd and should not be reproduced without written permission All images purchased from or released under WikiMedia
  2. 2. Then• Oil is found in the minds of men – Wallace E. Pratt• We usually find oil in new places with new ideas. When we go to a new area we can find oil with an old idea. Sometimes we also find oil in an old place with a new idea, but we seldom find much oil in an old place with an old idea – Parke A. Dickey
  3. 3. Now1. Embrace open standards2. Make it simple3. Design for cooperation4. Learn from users5. Lower the barrier to experimentation6. Make it a culture of measurement7. Open the doors to partners – Tim O’Reilly on Web 2.0
  4. 4. What do we have?• E&P records – paper logs – field tapes• Corporate records – internal financial – regulatory reporting• Shared records – farm-in / farm-outs
  5. 5. Where are they located?• In the office – technical / professional – managerial / administrative• At the warehouse – inactive files – with cores etc.• Or farther away – government data repositories
  6. 6. What do we want?• Efficiently organised records and data – digitally not on paper – in databases not spreadsheets• Quick and accurate input – intuitive tables and forms – drop-down menus and lists• Quick and easy access – tabbed menus in work sequence
  7. 7. What do we really want?• Dashboards – pertinent information – in synoptic views• Appropriate information – selective lists, less options – sequenced in work-flow order• Guidance and support – easy back-office maintenance
  8. 8. What do our Users want• Access data – anytime – anywhere• Write once, read many – input it once – output as needed• Share as share can – get web data free or for fee
  9. 9. What do we actually need?• Data Management R Us – augment existing work-flows – not replace with sand-boxes• Standard input templates – follow best practices – include all standard items• Intuitive reports and maps – accessible to all levels of staff
  10. 10. How do we achieve it now?• Simple and accessible desktop – web browser front-end – drop-down and tabbing• Leveraging data standards – PPDM for operational data – EPSG for projections & datums• And connectivity standards – OGC for web mapping services
  11. 11. oilelefant – who?• Seasoned DRM and GIS professionals• From oil company and service sectors• And web and geospatial programmers• Link to web data depots – UK DEAL, OneGeology etc.
  12. 12. oilelefant – what?• Records • X-sections • Forms and• Wells • Remote map query• Seismic Sensing • SharePoint • Reports access ...• Licenses• Blocks• Well Logs• Maps
  13. 13. oilelefant – where?• Desktop – professional staff – technical staff• Intranet / internet – location immaterial – sharing among staff• Laptop / wifi – remote operations
  14. 14. oilelefant – when?• Data loading – cataloguing – scanning – bar coding• Information management – security – retention – distribution
  15. 15. oilelefant – how?• Intuitive desktop interface – users see the desktop – and never the database• Workflow-driven menus – based on years of experience – what works in the day-to-day• Standard reports and maps – internal and external reporting
  16. 16. Why - value proposition• Simple license structure based on number of users• Easy to set up and use – web browser – online help – user manual• IT and end-user help – remote back-office support
  17. 17. Why - return on investment• Put your data-house in order now – from ad-hoc and unplanned... – ... to formalised and planned• Benefit from established standards – Industry, such as EPSG & PPDM – Internet, such as WMS & XML• Reduce Time-to-Knowledge Mgmt. – robust work-flows and best practices
  18. 18. Testimonial"GB Petroleum plc (GBP) purchased a license of oilelefant Version 1.0 in June2007. The software will form the basis of a fully electronic database system forGBPs expanding portfolio of licenses, wells and seismic data, greatly reducing theneed for hardcopy-based storage facilities. Following a straightforward installationprocess, with remote guidance from Interactive Net Mappings experts, thepackage has been both easy and intuitive to use, even for staff with no previousGIS system experience.The software has the flexibility to cater for various input coordinates andprojection systems and transforms these to a geo-spatially correct, standardisedWGS-84 global projection for consistency purposes. All input data is then displayedvisually on a fully interactive global map, with zoom and drag functionality, makingit easy to determine where and what types of data are available. The software isalso available remotely to travelling staff, assuming an internet connection isavailable.Future releases of the software will allow the data contained within the databaseto be queried and listed, simply by pointing and clicking on a map symbol. Helphas always been available when required, using the dedicated support email andphone contacts list provided by Interactive Net Mapping. Overall, GBP would fullyrecommend the oilelefant software to similar start-up or small independent E&Pcompanies wanting a well-priced and expandable GIS package."
  19. 19. Call to action• Web demo – online – self-paced• Needs assessment – on-site visit – user interviews• Order specification – tailored to your needs!
  20. 20. Thank you Andrew Zolnai Sales & Marketing Director sales@interactnetmap.comInteractive Net Mapping Ltd. PO Box 469 Exeter EX1 9AS United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1392 495 600 Fax: +44(0)1392 495 695