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Willieson Shamo, Head, Upstream & Ag. Director of Petroleum at Ministry of Energy - Investment opportunities in the petroleum sector-final
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Willieson Shamo, Head, Upstream & Ag. Director of Petroleum at Ministry of Energy - Investment opportunities in the petroleum sector-final


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Willieson Shamo, Head, Upstream & Ag. Director of Petroleum at Ministry of Energy spoke at the Oil & Gas Event June 2013

Willieson Shamo, Head, Upstream & Ag. Director of Petroleum at Ministry of Energy spoke at the Oil & Gas Event June 2013

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. MINISTRY OF ENERGY &PETROLEUMInvestment Opportunities In ThePetroleum Sector
  • 2. INTRODUCTION• The recent number of discoveries and thederegulation of the downstream sector opensavenues for investors in both upstream anddownstream sectors of the PetroleumIndustry.• The stability of the economy and the presenceof existing markets further complimentinvestment climate that exists in the country• This presentation gives a brief outline ofpossible investment opportunities in thePetroleum Sector of Ghana
  • 3. OUTLINE OF POSSIBLE INVESTMENTPROJECTS• Gas commercialization projects• Hydrocarbon exploration and development• Crude oil refining• Export-oriented refinery project• Bulk petroleum products pipelines and storage• Infrastructure development and service provisionin the petroleum downstream sector• LNG Deployment• Investment in the service industry
  • 4. Gas Commercialization Projects• The Gas infrastructural and utilisation project isaimed at harnessing the gas potentials in thecountry• The Project is expected to create a regional hubfor the development of petrochemical industriesAreas of Possible Investment•Power plants•Fertilizer projects•Other secondary use of the processed gas andproducts
  • 5. Hydrocarbon Exploration andDevelopment• Ghana has four distinct basins – 3 offshore and1 inland for exploitation• Government’s objective is to effectively exploitGhanas untapped hydrocarbon resourcesPossible Investment Areas•Acquisition of exploration blocks•Exploring, discovering and producinghydrocarbon
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  • 7. Crude Oil refining• Ghana has one oil refinery (Tema Oil Refinery)• The government aims at revamping the refineryto a world class refinery•The government seeks to expand the Refinery’sCrude Distillation Unit, Catalytic Reformer,Residue Fluid Catalytic Reformer Unit and LightCrude Oil Hydro-treating Unit, and to build astand alone bitumen plantPossible Investment Areas•Partnership in rehabilitation and expansion ofTema Oil Refinery•Partnership in refining crude and marketingpetroleum products to already existing markets
  • 8. Export-oriented Refinery ProjectThe government seeks private investors to buildand own export-oriented refineries in the country.Areas of investment include:•Build and operate export-oriented refineries (atleast 200,000 BPSD capacity)•Build the refinery in free-zone enclaves in thecountryInvestors Commitment•Sole project financing•Ensure at most 70% of refined products exportedand the rest for the local market
  • 9. BULK PETROLEUM PRODUCTS PIPELINES ANDSTORAGE• Government aims at ensuring availability ofpetroleum products for its ever increasing localconsumption.• This has resulted in an increasing pressure on thefew existing transportation and storage facilities• Government seeks investors to build storagefacilities and transportation infrastructurePossible Investment Areas•Construction of storage tanks for petroleumproducts•Transportation infrastructure such as barges andrailway lines•Pipelines expansion projects
  • 10. INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICEPROVISION IN THE PETROLEUM DOWNSTREAMSECTOR• The deregulation of the downstream sector hasopened avenues for investors to fully own andoperate services in the downstream sectorPossible Investment Areas• Provision of infrastructure and other services in thedownstream sector•Development of LPG plant•Provide services for distribution, trading and retailingof petroleum products
  • 11. LNG DEPLOYMENTGovernment vision is to:• Boost industrialisation and develop an energy economy• Increase its power export to neighbourhood countries• Meet the increasing demands for power, thus thermalpower plants and other power generating alternativesneeded to meet demandInvestors are needed in the provision of LNG as afeedstock for thermal plantsPossible Investment Areas•Development of LNG Infrastructure development such as;LNG receiver terminal, storage and transmission facilities,and marketing of LNG to power plants as feedstock
  • 12. INVESTMENT IN THE SERVICEINDUSTRYOther ancillary business opportunities available forinvestors include:•Shore base facilities with mini harbour and warehouses•Onshore support and logistic services•Offshore accommodation for oil service & supply chainservices•Helicopter and fixed wing aircrafts•Supply boats, anchor handling boats and driving vessels•Real estate and telecommunications, banking, insuranceand weather forecasting•Upgrading of Tema Dry Dock
  • 13. INVESTMENT PROPOSALS• The government welcomes any investmentproposals from the investment community.• Information and guidance could be obtainedfrom the Ministry• The doors of the Ministry are opened to anycompetent investors interested in pursuingany of these investment opportunities• Government looks forward to working withcapable and willing investors