Information About OHSAS 18001


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This presentation describes information about OHSAS 18001 standard and Occupational Health and Safety Management System. It is helpful to learn OHSAS requirements, advantages and benefits to the organization.

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Information About OHSAS 18001

  1. 1.
  2. 2. What is OHSMS? What is Occupational Health and Safety Management system (OHSMS)? - An Occupational Health and safety Management system could be a frame work that permits a corporation to systematically establish and management its health and safety risks, cut back the potential for accidents, facilitate come through compliance with health and safety legislation and regularly improve its performance.
  3. 3. What is OHSAS 18001? The OHSAS 18001 standard (may even be erroneously named as ISO 18001) is internationally accepted as a way of assessing and auditing occupational health and safety management systems. Developed by leading trade and international standards bodies, it provides a framework for organizations to instigate correct and effective management of health & safety in the workplace.
  4. 4. Structure of OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard
  5. 5. Requirements of OHSAS 18001 OHSAS 18001 System Manual Occupational Health and Policy Health and Safety Legal and other requirements procedure Health and Safety objectives and programs Adequate resources to maintain the Safety Management System Safety Legislation Compliance and Internal audit procedures Safety operational control and emergency procedures Health and Safety performance monitoring OHSAS 18001 Management Review
  6. 6. The Advantage of OHSAS 18001 A reduction in lost working days Fewer workplace accidents Fewer medical claims Recognition by insurers and regulators Improved employee motivation, retention and satisfaction Reduced legal costs Less time and money spent on accident-related investigation and paperwork
  7. 7. Key areas that will be assessed by OHSAS 18001 certification Management systems in place Planning and risk assessment Staff training and awareness Communication of safety management systems Response to emergency situations Monitoring and continual improvement
  8. 8. Advantages of implementing an OHSAS A safer workplace Morale for workers Reduced costs of maintenance Provides Training to workers Monitoring organization for safety circumstances Easily Integrated with Quality/Environmental Systems Increase Stakeholders’ confidence in your organization.
  9. 9. Elements of Successful OH&S Management Continues Improvement Management Review Policy Checking and Corrective Action Planning Implementation & Operation
  10. 10. How will OHSAS 18001 Helps Your Business? Improved performance and morale of your staff Improved efficiencies in health and safety budgeting for prices like coaching, making certain that cash is well spent and associated with real wants of the organization Greater support of stakeholders that you just area unit taking all cheap steps to guard the business against injury to your name and breach of legislation OHSAS 18001 is more and more a pre-requisite for corporations desire to tender for contracts among sure industries.
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