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What's all the the buzz about mosquitos and wetlands
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What's all the the buzz about mosquitos and wetlands


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Vernal Pool presentation given by Ray Stewart. 2011.

Vernal Pool presentation given by Ray Stewart. 2011.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Vernal Pool What’s all the BuzzMonitoring about MosquitoesWorkshop and WetlandsApril 9, 2011 Ray Stewart, Friends of Wetlands 1
  • 2. FOWL MissionEducation Public Policy Citizen Science 2
  • 3. Mosquito Myth BusterLet’s see what weknowand what webelieve to be trueabout mosquitoes.Are wetlandsat fault formosquito problems? 3
  • 4. Mosquito as vector for WNV 4
  • 5. Mosquitoes as VectorsPanama canal French efforts wereconstruction was halted by diseaseslowed by lack of 20,000 diedhealthy workersinfected with Under U.S. EffortsYellow Fever and 32,000 patients/yr.Malaria Thousands died 5
  • 6. The Most Dangerous PredatorBest known for Responsible for:spreading deadly An estimated 2-3malaria, also million fatalities aspread year.elephantiasis,yellow fever,dengue fever andWest Nile virus, 6
  • 7. Manitoba Mosquito Monument 7
  • 8. 1. Mosquitoes are worthless vile creatures•Mostly feed on nectar•Food source for wildlife•Protein rich 8
  • 9. 2. Wetlands breed tons of mosquitoesHealthy WetlandsDiverse ecology =fewer mosquitoesPredators include:frogs, snakes, fish, crayfish,dragonflies, damselflies, waterstriders, water spiders,backswimmers, predaceousdiving beetles and salamanders 9
  • 10. 3. Purple Martins will take care of the mosquito problem.Eat few mosquitoes10 minute opportunityAdvertising hype 10
  • 11. 4. Build a bat house in your yard and your mosquito problems are over.0.7% of dietOpportunisticPrefer moths,beetles,leafhoppers. 11
  • 12. 5. Bug Zappers will control mosquitoes in your yard6.4% mosquitoHalf are maleHarmless night flyinginsects electrocuted 12
  • 13. 6. Mosquitoes Carry West Nile virusSome Culex spp.100+ spp. In USdo notCulex spp. arecavity breeders 13
  • 14. 7. Aerial Pesticide Spray andFogging Are Effective Mosquito Control ProgramsAdulticides least effectiveIndiscriminateGenetic resistance 14
  • 15. 8. The Citrosa Plant repels mosquitoesCitronella GeraniumReleases on contactShort range 15
  • 16. How to control mosquitoes near your home:Dispose of unwanted tin cans and tires.Clean clogged roof gutters and drain flatroofs.Flush sump-pump pits weekly. sump-Stock ornamental pools with fish.Change water in birdbaths, fountains, andtroughs twice a week.Clean and chlorinate swimming pools; whennot regularly used, they should be emptied.Turn over unused wading pools and othercontainers that tend to collect rainwater.Cover containers tightly with window screenor plastic when storing rainwater for gardenuse during drought periods. 16
  • 17. - food webs- nutrient transformations- soil formation- biodiversity- habitat diversity